Love Birds(Niall fanfiction)

Lucy is an ordinary girl . She lives with her best friend ,Renee , in London . Her other best friend is Harry Styles from One Direction . What will happen when she will fall for Harry's band mate , Niall , after not seeing him for a long time and a mysterious man , A , will start sending her strange messages ? Warning: Involves: Cutting, depression and sad parts.


4. I missed you part 1


Harry`s P.O.V.


The line goes dead.


I was still sitting on my bed before realizing that the house was in a huge mess


SHIT. I only have 20 minutes to clean it


Thanks God the boys are here too.


I run downstairs and I saw that they had made the living room more messy than it was.


"Guys what on Earth is going on here? Lucy is coming in less than 20 minutes and the living room looks like we had a war. Please stop playing for a minute and help me clean this huge mess" I sad and they nodded.


The strange thing was that we finished in 10 minutes and Niall cleaned up half of the house, alone. Niall? The most lazy mofo I have ever met. Never mind.


I have 10 minutes left so maybe I should unpack a little. The boys left downstairs I hope that they won`t make mess again  OMG I`m talking like Liam.


After some minutes I heard the doorbell. YAYYYY. I run quickly downstairs and I opened the door.


Lucy`s P.O.V.


I was walking less than 20 minutes but it seemed like hours. I was still thinking about the fact the boys may have changed but I don`t think that they will stop liking me, won`t they?


I Closed my eyes for a little and I was still walking. When I opened them I was finally in my destination. Harry`s house. I smiled to myself.


Sweet memories.


I helped Harry in picking the house and when he finally bought this one he had an huge party. I remember all these nights that I had spend with the boys and their girlfriends. Watching movies, playing video games, karaoke marathons playing silly games like  Hide and Seek  and Truth or Dare.


I hope these things won`t change.


I pressed the doorbell an in 10 seconds Harry opened the door smiled and hugged me tightly.


"I missed you LucyBoo" He whispered to me.


"Me too Haz. I missed you very much.


But if you wan`t me still alive can you please stop hugging me so tightly.


I can`t breath" I said 

"Ohh Sorry love but I`m just really happy that you are here."

"Aww.. Me too I couldn`t survived another month without you." I said kissed his cheek. He smiled proudly.


"SLUUSIEEEEE!!!!!"  Someone said in a really high pitched voice. That must have been..

"LOUISSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I missed you carrot man" I giggled as I saw he had 2 carrots in his hands and he was eating. The same old Louis. I hugged Louis, Zayn and Liam but there was no sigh of Niall.



"Hey guys were is Ni?" I asked them.


"Hmm.. Probably he`s upstairs. He was really tired. If you wan`t to go find him. But if he`s sleeping please don`t wake him up. He have to sleep." Liam said and I giggled.


"Of course Daddy. I won`t wake him up. I will leave your boyfriend alone." I said with a really big smile and the other boys started laughing.


"Heyyy" He said with a really strange and funny voice.


They hadn`t changed at all. They are still weirdos. Well i don`t know about Niall, but i don`t think he had changed


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