Thunder Struck!

I wrote it to enter my school writing competition and I won!
All of my friends love it as well!


2. The Return

Tom awoke with a start. All around him were people, staring at him. His body ached and was sore all over. "Wh-wh-where am I, and who are you?" People in green clothes came to him and stuck pipes and pins into him and the stinging pain in his body began to numb.

"There you are son, we thought you were gone for good. You are one lucky kid."

"How am I lucky?" Tom asked.

"Can't you remember? " The man in green said.

"No, what did happen" Tom said curiously.

"Well, you were hit by lightning and you should have died. But you hung on and then was hit by lighning again and you should definately have been killed. We are going to take you to the hospital so they can check you properly and help you recover from your ordeal."

Tom was loaded onto a stretcher again and was loaded back into the ambulance. The paramedic got back into the ambulance and switched on the engine. Sirens wailed and Tom felt the ambulance lurch forward. Tom was very sleepy and began to fade out into unconciousness. Eventually he gave in and let the darkness sweep over him.

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