Thunder Struck!

I wrote it to enter my school writing competition and I won!
All of my friends love it as well!


1. The Lightning Strike

Karash!!! The pain was unbearable. Tom’s hand released the dog lead as the energy coursed through his body. As he hit the ground the world began to blur, the lights dimmed and then, just blackness.

Tom could hear a voice calling urgently. His vision began to clear and he found himself laid on the pavement with a pillow under his head. The smell of burnt meat filled his nostrils and he gagged. A woman with flaming red hair whispered, “Don’t worry sonny, there’s an ambulance coming.”

Tom turned his head and looked at an old man who muttered “I don’t think he’ll make it until the ambulance comes.”

“That’s funny,” Tom thought “that man said that without moving his lips.” He heard another voice murmuring, “I sure hope that ambulance hurries up he’s fading fast.”

“Who said that?” Tom wondered.

Something licked his face “Lucky, you came back!” Tom slurred, as talking was becoming difficult.

Sirens wailed and an ambulance roared up the street. Everyone scrambled out of the way as paramedics leapt out and raced round to the back doors. They pulled out a stretcher loaded with medical equipment and approached Tom.

The paramedics checked his pulse, blood pressure and attached ECG leads to him. “I don’t know why we’re bothering coz this kids as good as dead.”

“Why can I hear his voice again when he isn’t speaking. Surely I can’t read his thoughts... No don’t be silly I can’t!”

“Did I lock the house?”, “What happened here?”, “Is he dead?”, “Mustn’t forget to buy milk.” Voices surrounded him and filled his head as the paramedics continued their work.

Thunder rumbled ominously overhead as gentle hands lifted Tom onto the stretcher. Lightning flashed, Tom thought “Surely it can’t hit me twi...”

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