The Crossbow Secret

Sorry about this being "Other" I didn't know what to put it as. This is a story of a pair of sisters, but they aren't very normal. For a living they go by the name, The Slitting Crane.


2. The Begining

I don't know how my life turned out this way. Going around with my sister, assassinating targets. Being hired by people who have issues with someone. I guess we even got into this when our parents left us. No they didn't die that would be cliche, but they really just left. We were always rambunctious little children, but our parents found us just incredibly stressful to deal with I guess. Once they left my sister and I were very sad. But what we loved to do most kept us from just giving up. My sister always folded paper cranes and I loved to shoot my crossbow from dad. We were running short on food, a target for my crossbow, and materials for my sister. I gave my sister a thin aluminum like sheet of metal to try folding while I just shot living creatures. My sister made an incredible paper (really metal) crane out of the metal. When I picked it up I realized it had an incredibly sharp beak. I wanted to try something. I took a bed sheet and  hung it over the clothes wire out back. When I shot the crane at it, it made a sharp clean slit through the sheet. That's when I discovered, this could probably slit more than just bedsheets. It would slit throats.

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