The Crossbow Secret

Sorry about this being "Other" I didn't know what to put it as. This is a story of a pair of sisters, but they aren't very normal. For a living they go by the name, The Slitting Crane.


3. Chapter 1: Ishiyumi

I am scared out of my mind, it was just another commissioned assassination and then it all went wrong. If we get out of here alive I won't need a commission to assassinate Uso-tsuki, the one who claimed there was nothing "special" about this victim. What a liar, not only is this one, I think his name is Sentoki, a martial arts master, but his wife is also trained to kill. My sister folded the crane out of some of our cheaper foil, and handed it to me. I loaded the cross bow and started to take aim. Then I made my first mistake, I didn't just take the shot. I decided I wanted to get as precise as I could and try to not harm the innocent wife. As I aimed she noticed, she saw me about to shoot her beloved and threw a knife at us. I'm lucky the window was just a bit too closed for her to be able to get it to us, or else I would be dead. As she picked up the second knife I quickly told Kuren to start a second out of the most expensive material we brought with us. Sadly it was still rather flimsy, but she made a few of them. I took aim at the wife's heart while she aimed at me. We were a t a stalemate, if I shot she would kill me, if she threw I would kill her. I got ready to move out of the way right after I shot but it would never work, I knew that. So I got my sister to help me with a little scheme. First she would make yet another crane, second she would take out the spare crossbow. She would take aim then the riskiest part comes, on the count of three, I would move and she would shoot. It will take too much precision but it hopefully will spare our lives. She takes aim, then we almost successfully pull it off, my sister strikes her, but two things happen that aren't good. First Kuren doesn't get a fatal blow, just a possibly fatal blow, if they get to the hospital in time she won't die. The other problem is that she managed to throw the knife, she doesn't find her exact target but it does manage to cut half way through my thumb. I can't feel it yet, you know how this usually works, it's scary but you don't feel it for a while.

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