Keeping Calm

Imagine your dad becoming the body gaurd for your absolute favorite band. This is what happens to Maeve. Maeve's dream is to be a singer and when her dads new job is at a record label in London, her dream might just happen. But somethings get in the way. Talk about being the new girl, being love struck, keeping up with school and trying to make it as a singer, oh god.


2. Why me?

 I could not believe what was happening. I was so excited and really really embaressed because 
I was standing in a sound booth covered in One Direction posters and was singing a One Direction song while they stood in the doorway and watched me! 
      I could feel my whole face turn as red as a tomato. 
     "Your, your, your....." I stuttered.
     "One Direction!" Skylar finished for me.
     "Yup. I'm guessing you are fans?" Niall said with a little giggle.  I looked over at Skylar when he said that. I looked at her eyes and I could tell she was melting for him without her even telling me I knew she wanted him. 
      "So wheres Liam?" Skylar asked. Omg! I hadn't even realized  that Liam wasn't there and I felt my heart drop when Zayn said,
   "He's out with Danielle. But we never got your names?"
     "Oh!" Skylar said," I'm Skylar and this is Maeve."
     "Hello loves!" Harry said and then gave a cheeky wink. Wait was that at me? Holy shit yes he did! I had no idea what to do so I said, " Why are you here?" 
       "Well, this is the record label we are signed to and our studio is right next door so we came to see who was singing," Zayn said.
       "It wasn't me because I sing like I'm being tortured to death!" Skylar said and her and Niall started laughing. They werereally hitting it off. I wish Liam were here, I thought. 
      "So you get signed here too?" Louis asked me.
      "No, I wish but my dad got a new job as a body guard so.."
       Louis inputted," Wait a sec we just got a new body guard, is your dad Martin?"
       "Yes!" I said now coming out of the sound booth, I thoughtit was wierd still being in there," so my dad is your body guard, how cool!"
      Louis was just about to respond but Harry cut him off and said,"Very cool love," and gave me a cute little grin. I blushed again. Curse my fair skin and freckles, I was half Irish. 
      "You guys wanna stay and hang out?" Skykar asked the boys. 
     "Yea" "sure" "Okay"
The boys all sat down the the small neon sitting area in the corner of the room.
     " So can we ask you some questions?" I asked. I really wanted to know what its like to be famous.
     "Only if we can ask you some." Harry said.
     "Cheeky," I said to Harry.
     "Okay me first!" Skylar said,"Niall, are you single?" 
      "Yes I am!" He said shyly.
      "Oh same." She said. It became akwardly quiet until Harry asked me," Are you single?"
     "Yea, I just moved here so I haven't really met any guys," I said
     "Oh that's cool!" Harry said," Well since you guys are fans you must have a favorite."
     "I do. Mines Niall," Skylar said, I don't think she's to shy about her feelings. 
    "Who's yours Maeve?" Harry asked me with a grin.
   " I like you all!" I said, I didn't want to tell thrm my favorite was Liam, I would feel so bad. 
   "Com'on just tell us!" Louis begged.
     "Okay,okay. My favorite is..." I was interupted when the door was opened and a familiar face stepped in and said," Hey I thought you guys might be in here because you weren'tin our room!" He said. 
      I stood up and fixed my shirt,"Hey Liam, I'm Maeve and this is, is, is, is...." My mind went blank.
       "I'm Skylar." 
       "I think we know who your favorite is now!" Zayn whispered into my ear.
       "Mind if I hang around loves?" Liam asked me and Skylar.
       "No! Please stay!!!!" I said and I think everyone was happy except Harry he looked angry. He wouldn't look at me or Liam. I don't know what I did or what Liam did. Was he mad that my favorite was Liam? Wait did Harry like me and was mad that I liked Liam? But Liam has a girlfriend so why would he even be mad.
        "Hows Danielle?" Skylar asked.
        "I just broke up with her." Liam said.
        Oh shit. My jaw dropped and I had to hide my smile so Liam and Harry wouldn't see it. This day just got way better then it already was! Well, sort of.

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