Keeping Calm

Imagine your dad becoming the body gaurd for your absolute favorite band. This is what happens to Maeve. Maeve's dream is to be a singer and when her dads new job is at a record label in London, her dream might just happen. But somethings get in the way. Talk about being the new girl, being love struck, keeping up with school and trying to make it as a singer, oh god.


1. No Way

Keeping Calm
"Shit!" I swore to myself. Where was my math notebook? Not having it for my first class would be like forgetting a bathing suit to your first swim class. Having people stare at you and whisper about you while you tried to find your seat was bad enough as it is. 
        I realized that if I didn't go now I would be late so I just grabbed my science notebook, slammed the ugly dark blue locker closed and ran straight into a girl walking towards my class. 
   "Oh my! I am so sorry!" I said.
    "Its fine!" She said and started laughing at me. Oh my god is there something wrong with my outfit or hair I thought? I had spent 2 hours getting ready. I wore red skinny jeans, a black and white striped peplon top, and black converse with white laces. My short brown hair was pulled up in a perfect messy bun. 
    I looked at her in confusion. 
    "You must be the new girl!" She said happily," We all thought you would be weird and ugly! But you are not!" I was so suprised that she thought I was normal!
     "Here let me help you." She said picked up my books and pulling me off the floor.
       "I'm Skylar by the way, and you are?"
         "I'm Maeve," I responded.
        "We are really late," she said laughing.
       "Oh my gosh what do we do?" I said sarcastically.
       "I thought you were a goody to shoes!" Skylar said.
       "Yea right!" I said and pulled her into the math room.
     "Miss Barnes you are late again what's your excuse this time?" I guess Skylar wasn't a goody goody either and I think she might even be my friend!
     "Well I was helping the new girl find the classroom, obviously." She said pointing to me.
     "Hi I'm Maeve." I said.
      "We aren't starting off on a good foot. Late to class on the first day, not a good impression Miss....."
    "O'Riley." I said.The math teacher who I soon found outs name is Ms. George (nobody wanted to marry this old bag). Skylar later told me rumors about her, which made me hate her even more.
          * * *
    The day went by really slow but luckily me and sky had most classes together and about four guys asked me out, I guess I didn't look so bad today.
      I invited Sky to come the studio after school so now we were getting off the bus and walking into the studio. 
      "Oh my god! Your dad works here!" Skylar said in awe.
      "Yea our flat is right above it." I said.
     "Do you know who your dad is a body gaurd for?" She asked eagerly.
    "No I think its just some band."
    " Maeve! Do you know who they are?" She asked me pointing to a picture.
   "Yes!!! One Direction!" 
   "I think your dad might be there new body gaurd!"
   "Sky, that is just crazy. My dad would have told me for sure, comeon let me show you my sound booth."
   "You have your own sound booth?" I nodded in reply. I loved to sing and so my dad pulled some strings and I was able to have my own sound booth to record myself.
     I opened the door and we stepped inside. I had decorated it yestraday with some paint and fun chairs, in neon green ,blue and pink but in the sound booth I had the whole thing covered with One Direction posters and all my 1D merch.
     "You lucky bitch!" Skylar said hitting my arm. 
     "I know! Do you sing?" I asked Skylar.
    "Yea I sing like a dying cow!" We both burst out laughing. 
   "I wanna hear you sing," she said to me. 
    " Okay, sit down and when I point to you, push the green button."
     I got into the booth, turned on the music, pointed to Sky and began to sing 'I Would' by 1D. I suddenly stopped and looked towards the doorway. 
     "No way!" Skylar screeched. This could not be happening.


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