Keeping Calm

Imagine your dad becoming the body gaurd for your absolute favorite band. This is what happens to Maeve. Maeve's dream is to be a singer and when her dads new job is at a record label in London, her dream might just happen. But somethings get in the way. Talk about being the new girl, being love struck, keeping up with school and trying to make it as a singer, oh god.


3. Call Me Confused

Liam sat down in the chair next to me and I introduced myself blushing the whole time. His perfect brown eyes and smile did not settle the butterflies in my stomach and neither did Harry's glare. I felt my stomach doing backflips. Oh lord Liam Payne is sitting next to me! 
       "Its my turn to ask a question," he snapped,"Maeve, do you wanna go to dinner with me tonight?" Okay what? Harry Styles, THE HARRY STYLES, just asked me to dinner. I was so confused on what to say so I just said,
      "Yea! We should all go! It would be so fun!" Which I guess was the wrong thing to say to Harry but everyone else loved the idea. Now I had a date with everyone. Even Liam! Wait does that mean I have a date with Skylar? I don't even care! She would be flirting with Niall and I would be flirting with Liam. 
     I felt really bad about making such a fool of myself and making Harry mad. His anger mad him really cute but I couldn't help feeling bad about what I had done. 
       "Maeve! Maeve! Maeve!" Louis and Zayn were screaming at me. When I didn't answer I soon was visiously attacked by them with tickles and a fit of laughter. I do not think that made Harry very happy but out of the corner of my eye I could see Liam laughing along with everyone else including the two love birds in the corner, Skylar and Niall. Wow they really hit it off, I wish me and Liam were like that. I, of course, felt bad about his break up with Danielle but I mean he's so perfect but I would never do anything to guve the wrong impression 
     Allthough me and Liam weren't hitting it off like I hope I think that me, Zayn, and Louis had just become best friends after Louis grabbed my arm pulled me out in the hall with Zayn. They both acted all serious when louis and Zayn pull waterguns out of their pockets and start spraying me. I started screaming at play hitting them when this was over Louis said, "you are one cool chic!" Sarcastically at that.
      I bet it looked really suspisious when the three of us walked back into the room because I was soaking wet and their hair was all messed up. Liam, Skylar and Niall laughed but Harry was on his phone and didn't notice, I guess until he said,
        " Gotta go guys I have a date tonight sorry."
        "What about our plans?" Niall asked sounding a little too annoyed.
         "Sorry man, I have a date," when Harry said that he looked at me. Why would he do that? Well, I guess I was wrong about him liking me like that. 
         "That's great!" I said,"who is your date?"
          "Claire, shes a junior."
          "Oh." I responded. I knew what Harry was doing and I didn't like it at all. I had told everyone that there was this girl that I absolutely hated in my History class that really pissed me off because I was apparently sitting in "her seat". Yea, her seat my ass! So I nicely responed,
           "Oh sorry but I am not moving for you unless you are the queen but I doubt it." She then took it upon herself to walk to the back of the room and sit down and on the way knock over all my stuff. What a Bitch! I could not believe that Harry decided to bail on our plans to be with that girl! 
       "Bye guys." Harry said and walked out of the room. Then shit got serious. 
       "So Maeve, why did you reject Harry?" Louis asked me. He already knew my answer but I replyed anyway.
       "I have a crush on someone else. I mean Harry is I mean was great but now he's being a jerk to me! I didn't even formally reject him I just thought we could all go." 
      "Who do you have a crush on?" Skylar asked me. I know she was pushing me towards Liam.
      "No one." I said.
      "But you just said you had a crush on someone else and thats why you rejected Harry!" 
     "I didn't reject him! I just invited you guys! And its none of your buissiness who I like! You already know I've been talking about Liam all day!" Oh SHIT! I said his name and everything went quiet.
         I felt so stupid! Now Liam probably thought I was just some young fangirl whi was just using them! I was so embarresed! I felt like a total idiot and I knew everyone was staring at me in shock. I was mainly embarresed but waa so scared what Liam ANA Harry would say. I had to get out of there.
          "Um we gotta go get ready for tonight!" I said grabbing Skylars wrist and pulling her out the door while she screamed to meet us in the lobby at 7.
         * * *
We were now in my room in my flat above the studios. We had gotta ready. Skylar was wearing black skinny jeans, red pumps, and a white, sleeveless peplem top. I was wearing a short, tight, black cocktail dress with a sweethear neckline and a black collar covered in pearls with black ankle boots. Skylar had done my makeup and hair so I had a smokey eye and loose curls bouncing around me. 
       "Woah! You look hot!" Skylar said to me.
       "You don't look to bad yourself," I said with a cheeky wink.
       "Who you getting all fancy for? Liam?!?!" She said teasing me.
       "Well what about you Mrs. Horan!" I had just met Skylar today but it felt like we had been best friends for ever. "I think we should meet the boys now," I said," wait, why do you think Harry is going out with that Claire girl? And why was he acting so wierd?" 
       "Okay, let me explain. So if you couldn't tell that Harry likes you then you are crazy!" She started," he was asking YOU on a date! Not us and I don't kniw why you said no!"
     "I didn't say no! I just invited you guys too and then he ditched us!"
     "Whatever don't think about it!" Skylar said as we headed down to the lobby to meet the boys.

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