My Fixation

“Tell me what you want,” he growled at me.
Shivering in delight, I looked up into his green eyes. His face was so close to mine, just an inch away and I’d be able to get a kiss that I oh-so badly wanted; needed. Pressing me harder into the wall, he leaned closer to me.
Closing my eyes, I waited for the kiss I needed. But it never came. Instead I felt his hot breath fanning over my neck and left ear.
“Tell me what you want. Beg for it,” he whispered huskily into my ear.
“Please, Gabriel,” I moaned, getting flustered that he wouldn’t give me what I wanted.
Pulling back from my ear, he crashed his lips on mine with such furry and passion. I groaned in pleasure, finally getting my high that I had so badly needed.


2. Chapter 1

             I yawned, stretching my arms over my head. After five minutes of my dad yelling at me to get my butt up, I finally decided to listen. I groaned as I threw my covers off of myself, swinging my legs over the side of the bed and placing my feet on the cool hardwood floors.
            “Evelyn Anne Miller! You better be awake and out of bed or else I won’t hesitate to come up there and throw cold water on you,” my dad yelled from the bottom of the stairs.
            I opened my door and walked to the stairs, “I’m up, I’m up,” I said. He looked up at me, grunted then stalked away. I rolled my eyes at his child-like behavior. He was such a baby sometimes.
            I walked to the hall closet, grabbing two towels and walked to the bathroom. Turning the shower on, I stripped out of my pajamas and hopped into the warm water. After washing my hair, body and shaving, I got out. I dried my hair with one of the fluffy white towels, than wrapped my hair in it. I dried my body with the other towel, wrapped it securely around my body and walked to the door. I opened it slowly and stuck my head out the door. I listened quietly to see where my dad was.
            “Ah! Shit,” I heard my dad yell from downstairs. I rolled my eyes, snickering because he was probably trying to make me breakfast like he usually does, and he ended up burning it again.
            I walked out of the bathroom and into my bedroom to get dressed. I changed into a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a white tank top, a blue, red and white checkered shirt and grey converse. Looking over at the time, my clock read 7:45 a.m. I quickly brushed my hair and teeth, grabbed my school bag and ran down the stairs.
            “Morning daddy,” I said, walking over to the fruit bowl.
            I moved the bananas out of the way to see what other fruit we had, looking for my favourite. After searching for not even a second, my eyes zeroed in on the shine of the green skin. A slow grin crept onto my face as I reached for the delicious green apple. Licking my lips, I turned around to go wash the apple only to bump into something. Narrowing my eyes, I looked up and saw my dad smirking down at me.
            “What?” I asked.
            He just continued to smirk down at me with his eyebrows raised and his arms crossed.
            “What?” I whined, throwing my hands in the air.
            His smirk grew as he uncrossed his arms. Turning his head to the right, he tapped his cheek expectantly.
            “You are such a child,” I groaned. I stood on my tippy toes and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Happy?”
            “Very,” he said, grinning at me.
            I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arms around him. Resting my head on his chest, I sighed. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.
            “I heard you trying to make me breakfast this morning,” I giggled.
            “I was not, I was making my breakfast,” he scoffed.
            I pulled away from him and gave him a look. He rolled his eyes and nudged me in the shoulder. I gasped in mock outrage and stalked to the sink to wash my apple. As I was washing my apple, I felt my dad kick my butt with the side of his foot as he passed me.
            “Dad! What the heck?” I laughed.
            “No pouting,” he chuckled.
            I shook my head at him, grinning and went to dry my apple. Taking a bite, I began to think about my dad.

            You see, my dad and I have a very close relationship. When my dad was sixteen, in grade 11, he was the player of the high school he went to. One night, he accidently got my mother pregnant. My dad had to step up to the plate when my mother’s parents disowned her. She ended up having to live with my dad and grandparents. Nine months later when my dad was seventeen, they had me on October 18th, 1995. When I was only two months old, she left us and we haven’t seen her since.
            My grandma said my dad wasn’t that upset because he didn’t love my mother, she was just another one of his flings.
            For the first year and a half of my life, my grandma took care of me a lot because my dad had to finish high school. Once he was finished high school, he went to the community college to study criminal law. Between juggling me, college and his job at the police station, he had to grow up fast. Three years later, he graduated. Right from there, he went into the police academy for another year and a half. When I was six, he had a full time job as a police officer at our local police station.
            Since then, he hasn’t looked back and he continues to climb up the police chain. He is now the deputy of our small town.

            “Ev, you’re going to be late! It’s eight o’clock, get you butt to school,” my dad scolded me, handing me my bag and leather jacket and pushing me towards the door.
            “I didn’t get a chance to make my lunch,” I groaned, taking my bag from him after I pulled my coat on.
            He rolled his eyes at me and reached into his back pocket. Pulling out his wallet and opening it, he produced a twenty dollar bill and handed it to me.
            “You don’t have to give me money dad,” I said guiltily.
            “Evelyn, take the money. If you stand here and fight with me you will end up being late for your first day of school,” he insisted, thrusting the money into my hand and shoving me towards the door once again.
            “Fine, thank you,” I said quickly pecking his cheek before running out the door.
            I stopped running when the school came into view. Breathing heavily, I walked through the gates of the school and up the front steps. Yanking open the front door, I stepped into the humid air of the hallways. The school was already filling up with people and the temperature was slowly rising with all the bodies.
            Walking to the same locker I’ve had for the last three years, I spun the combo into the lock and pried open the metal door. Looking around the small space, I inhaled the stale, dusty air smell and sneezed.
            “Bless you,” someone said from behind me.
            Spinning around I saw my two best friends grinning at me. Their grin was contagious so the next thing I knew, I had a grin on my face too.
            “Evy,” Callie and Micky said, leaning in to give me a huge hug.
            I laughed, hugging them back.  Both Callie and Micky had been away all summer and got back late Saturday night. They did call me yesterday but, were too exhausted to come and see me. I wasn’t upset though, I understood.
            “How were your summers?” I asked them. Pulling back from our hug, I looked them over. Not in a creepy way though.
            Callie went to San Francisco for the summer with her parents to go to her cousins wedding and then stayed there the rest of the summer to spend time with her family. Mickys’ parents went on a second honeymoon and didn’t trust her so they shipped her off to her grandparents in Florida for the summer. Both of them were sporting amazing tans. Me on the other hand, I stayed here in, not-as-much-sun-as-California-or-Florida, Port Vale, Virginia with my dad for the summer. Micky and Callie had both invited to go with them but, I declined because I didn’t want to leave my dad alone for two months.
            “Awesome, my cousin Megan looked amazing at her wedding. Then my parents and I just relaxed the rest of the time,” Callie said.
            “My summer was surprisingly good. Spending time with my grandparents made me realize how much I missed them since they live all the way down in Florida,” Micky said.
            “Good, sounds fun,” I said, nodding my head. I turn back around to my locker and put my jacket in and shut the door. Turning back to them, they linked their arms through mine and we walked to our first class.
            The two morning classes passed quickly, and soon it was lunch. Walking back to my locker, I shoved my books in and grabbed my jacket. I had told Micky and Callie that I would meet them outside before we head off to lunch. Walking down the hall weaving in and out of the crowded hallways, I finally made it outside and saw Callie and Micky leaning on Mrs. Moore’s, Callie’s moms, black Acura MDX.
            “You have your mom’s car today?” I asked Callie.
            She grinned and nodded before walking around to the driver’s door and getting in.
            “Front or back?” Micky asked me.
            “You can take the front now, I’ll take it on the way back,” I said and climbed into the back seat.
            “Oh, did you hear about two of The Furies?” Micky asked spinning around to face me as Callie started driving.
            “No, what happened?” I asked excited.
            You see, The Furies are the bad boy group of our school. All the girls want to get with them, all the guys want to be them or be friends with them. Most of the time the only gossip you hear about them is that one of them got arrested or one of them got into a fight. But this time, the way Micky was building up to the story, it sounded different. Don’t get me wrong, I really dislike the group as a whole. They are all self-centered jerks, I personally think that their motto is ‘Wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ because they’re always making girls fall for them, sleep with them and then dump the dumb girl flat on her ass.
            The girls in my school, aside from us three, all try to get their attention and are too blind to see what will end up happening to all of them in the end.
            “Well apparently, Blaine and Asher are transferring out of the school and there is supposed to be a new transfer,” she said excitedly.
            “Are you serious?” I asked my eyes wide.
            Now, I know what you’re thinking ‘so they’re switching schools and you’re getting a new student, whoop-de-do, who cares!’ But the thing is our town is so small that the only way you leave is by going to a college or university in another city/town or state. And we rarely get new people. Which is why this is such a big thing.
            “As serious as a heart-attack! When I was picking up my schedule in the office this morning, I overheard the principal talking to them and they were explaining that they were leaving and one of their other friends was coming,” she informed Callie and I.
            We continued talking about Blaine and Asher leaving and the new transfer student coming to our school all the way to and from Subway.
            “So, when is the transfer coming?” I asked sitting down in the cafeteria with my sub.
            “I heard possibly as early as tomorrow or as late as next week,” Micky said shrugging and taking a bite out of her sub.
            I nodded my head thinking. Taking a bite out of my chicken and bacon ranch melt, I zoned out. I wonder if dad knows… I mean wouldn’t he know, he is the deputy of the town. He pretty much knows everything that happens in the town, but then again, so does everyone else. Damn, this sub is so good... I thought to myself as I continued to eat.
            “Evy! Evy! Evelyn!” Callie called, shaking my shoulder.
            I shook my head turning to face her and narrowed my eyes. “What?”
            “Haven’t you heard a thing we’ve been saying the past five minutes?” she asked.
            Smiling guiltily, I shook my head. Both Callie and Micky sighed at me, clearly annoyed. They went back to talking while I ate my sub and continued to think.
            Once we finished, we threw out our garbage and walked to my locker. Callie and Micky always had their binders with them because they carried their backpacks around with them. I, on the other hand, couldn’t be bothered so I always returned my binders and book to my locker before and after lunch.
            After grabbing my English binder and pencil case, I closed my locker and the three of us set off to the third floor, where our class was. Only once we got the class, a scrowl broke onto my face. Their sitting in my favourite seat, was my first thought.
            All eight of The Furies were sitting at the back of the class, taking up every seat. They were deep in conversation, not even passing a glance as Callie, Micky and I entered the class. Grumbling to myself, I trudged as close to my corner as I could without getting too close to them. You see, my favourite seat I always aim for is the very back right corner, where windows occupied both walls behind me and to my right. But, I couldn’t have that seat anymore because stupid Beau Miles was occupying it, total piss off.
            “What’s with the pouting, Evelyn?” I heard a male voice ask from behind me. Callie turned from her place beside me and Micky in her place in front of me, to look behind me with their eyes wide in shock. My eyes widened, debating on whether I should turn around or ignore the person, knowing it was one of The Furies.
            Oh god! I really wish I could fly, I'd be able to fly away from the awkward moment, I thought cringing.

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