Baby, just say yes?

When five girls; Emily Pingel, Sarah Day, Havana Sekulic, Pixie Keller & Becky Grey, Sing for One Direction, they become famous. Emily has lived a tough life... her Mum dying, her twin brother leaving her, being physically & sexually abused by her stepdad, being heartbroken by Harry Styles and so much more. Will she fall for Harry Styles again?


24. Rehersals







Emily’s POV

Yesterday was my birthday and I had so much fun but today, 5Ever and One Direction both have to go down to Clairvaux MacKillop and rehearse for our performances tomorrow. I went and got dressed in my Future Mrs Styles shirt, my ripped tights and my ugg boots. I put on some makeup and tied my hair up in a messy ponytail. I walked downstairs and everyone was ready so we got into the van and left. It was about 30 minutes later when we were pulling into the front gates of my old school. It was a Sunday so no one was there except for a few of my favourite teachers; Mr Moon, Mr Schloss, Miss Kirk, Mrs Beattie and Mrs Cunningham. Also the principal, Mrs Keating, was there as well. “Hello Emily. Long-time no see. I missed my favourite music student!!” Mrs Cunningham said to me. “Hey!” I said going through and hugging them all. “Ok, so girls, the stage is all set up, so when you are ready go down and do your stuff!” Mrs Beattie said. We walked up to the top oval to see the stage set up near the end. We walked over and got ready for a sound check. We decided on singing;

Acapella by Karmin We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus Heart Attack by One Direction Really Don’t Care by Demi Lovato You’re Not Innocent by Codi Kaye (Solo by Emily) Well Done by 5Ever


We sang through all our songs and it sounded pretty good. One Direction was up next for their sound check. They sang through;

Best Song Ever What Makes You Beautiful Live While We’re Young Kiss You Gotta Be You One Way Or Another Don’t Let Me Go (Solo by Harry)


They sound fantastic. They walked off the stage and Harry came up and kissed me. Tayla, Brittney and Kassidy all went off to help the Home Ec teacher make food for tomorrow. Samantha Jade and the Collective were next up to rehearse. When they finished they walked off and came and hugged me. One Direction, The Collective and Samantha Jade had to go do something, so the rest of 5Ever and I went over to Night Owl and bought so much food! We bought- 40 red bulls, 20 slushies, 15 packets of chips and 15 packets of lollies. We paid for our stuff and walked back to Clairvaux to see everyone sitting in the grade 8 area. We gave them their stuff and we all started eating. I mixed by red bull with my slushie and it tasted really good. We soon had to go help do some other stuff and then we went home.

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