Baby, just say yes?

When five girls; Emily Pingel, Sarah Day, Havana Sekulic, Pixie Keller & Becky Grey, Sing for One Direction, they become famous. Emily has lived a tough life... her Mum dying, her twin brother leaving her, being physically & sexually abused by her stepdad, being heartbroken by Harry Styles and so much more. Will she fall for Harry Styles again?


20. Plane trips <3




1 month later…

After if I was released from hospital, Harry surprised me by taking me to a completely random house we now call home. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Sadly, Jacko and Becky broke up and the boys all went home. Bethany and Olive weren’t needed at this point so they went home with the boys. Anyways… We finally got a chance to record our original song the other day and it sounded amazing!! We also did more covers. They were;



Acapella by Karmin


Really Don’t Care by Demi Lovato


I Hate You, Don’t leave Me by Demi Lovato


Burn by Ellie Goulding


Unconditional by Harrison Craig

Simon also told us that we are opening for One Direction and we couldn’t be more excited. They go on tour in 1 month and it goes for about 2 years. After the tour is when Harry and I are planning to get married. My birthday is in three days and I’m turning 18!! I’m so excited!! Harry said he has a lot of surprises for me. He told me it will be a birthday I’ll never forget! Right now we are packing for part one of the surprises. It’s now 8:30 am and we have to be at the airport by 6pm“Babe, How long are we going?” I asked Harry. “At least a week” he replied. “If we stay longer than a week then that’ll mean I’ll have to buy more clothes!!” I said excited. He came up and wrapped his arms around my waist. “You already have enough clothes! You are taking up 3 cupboards already!!” he said while kissing my neck. “Damn it!” I said turning around so that we were facing each other. I kissed him sweetly then walked away. “Tease” he said just loud enough for me to hear. He walked back to his packing. “Is it hot or cold there?” I asked. Harry looked up from he was doing. “Hot. And why do you want to know?” He said then went back again to what looked like packing. “Well, I wanna know if I have to pack jumpers or anything” I said back. I packed 2 big suitcases with;

5 crop tops

3 t-shirts

2 singlets

5 dresses

15 pairs of shoes which were – 4 pairs of heels, 3 pairs of wedges, 3 pairs of vans, 3 pairs of flats, my combat boots and my One Direction Converses.

5 bras

6 pairs of underwear

An extra handbag

My travel bag

My Chanel perfume

My deodorant

My laptop and its charger


Then in my handbag I put my;


iPhone 5 and its charger

iPad 3 and its charger

One Direction earphones.We reached the airport and Harry put



I went and got dressed in- . We got in the limo Harry hired out to take everyone to the airport. Tayla, Kassidy, Brittney, Louis, Zayn, Perrie, Niall, Liam, Sarah, Becky, Havana, Pixie, Josh and Paul were in there already. In the car we were listening to songs on the radio like;

Best Song Ever by One Direction


One Way or Another by One Direction


Burn by Ellie Goulding


Classic by MKTO


Royals by Lorde


Firestarter by Samantha Jade


Change Your Life by Little Mix


Let Me Down Easy by Sheppard


Heard It On The Radio by Ross Lynch

When we reached the airport and Harry put a blindfold on me. He directed me to a place. “Ok babe. We have a private jet and I’ve told the captain and air hostesses to keep it a secret to where we are going. So suck on it” Harry said. “How hard?” I asked being a sarcastic bitch! I hate surprises... I always have. “Very” Harry whispered into my ear then kissing my neck. “Alright. I’ll put that on my ‘To-Do’ list” I sad back. “You better not forget girl” He whispered yet again. We sat down in what I was guessed was our seats and Harry said I could take of the blindfold. “Why now?” I asked him. “Well, I wanna see you and you see me. Isn’t that what love is about?” He asked then sweetly kissed me. “You’re an idiot” I said to him. I looked around the jet. It was the biggest one I have ever been on. It even had singular rooms and seats I the rooms to sit in when we land. The room plan was;

First room- Zayn and Perrie

Second room- Tayla and Louis

Third room- Kassidy, and Brittney

Forth room- Sarah, Becky, Havana and Pixie

Fifth room- Niall, Josh and Liam

Sixth room- Paul

Seventh room- Harry and I


All of us spent a good 2 hours in our rooms before coming out and playing some songs. We all went back to our rooms after because it was 10pm. I got dressed in one of Harry’s shirts and my underwear and got under the blankets. I felt the bed go down and I turned around to see Harry. He is so amazing <3 “I love you” I said to him. “I love you too Emily” He said back kissing my head. “Can I be honest for a second here Harry?” I asked. “Sure Emmy” He replied obviously confused. “I seriously thought you forgot about me. When we broke up that is” I said. “I know but, with Taylor and all the other girls, I broke up with them because of you” He replied. “I ruined all those relationships?” I asked starting to cry from all the people I’ve hurt. “Emily, please don’t cry. I decided to break up with them. You didn’t do anything! I have loved you since that moment I first saw you in year 8. You are my best friend Emmy. If anything happened to you I would never, ever be the same. Every time I look at you seem to become more gorgeous and every time you say something, it’s like the voice of an angel! And I become even happier knowing you’re my angel. God sent me you to love and to care for. You are the brightest star in the sky and don’t ever burn out! I love you Emily, and see that ring on your left hand? That just goes to show how much I love you! Alright? If you ever feel down or sick or tired or unwanted, just look at the ring and know I’m there for you 100%, 24/7, 365 days!!” Harry said. By this point I was balling my eyes out. Harry wrapped his arms around me and gave me comfort. I love him so much and he is my everything <3



Next Day….!!

Niall’s POV

I woke up at around 5 this morning because I smelt food outside of our rooms. I walked out and I saw Kassidy eating breakfast. She looked over at me then bit her lip. Man she looked hot! She was wearing- . I looked down and realised I was half naked.. I decided to have some fun and tease her, “Like what you see potato?” She asked. Even though she has lived in London for 2 ½ years she still has a full Australian accent. “Yep sure do. You look smokin’!!” I replied. “Well Mr Horan. This is all you are going to see” She said winking. I walked up behind her at the counter and wrapped my arms around her waist. “You sure it’s all I’m gonna see?” I ask. “M-M-Mayb-be” She replied. I turned her around and kissed her. Sweetly, at first but then more deeply. I cupped her butt signalling for her to jump up. I pushed her against the wall then broke away. “Shall we continue this in the safety room?” I ask. “Why there?” She asked. “So then people won’t be able to hear you’re extremely loud moans, because trust me, after this you will have trouble walking, talking and even breathing!” I replied. “Bit cocky much but alright!” She said winking.



Emily’s POV

I woke up in Harry’s arms. He is so cute when he sleeps. “Hello passengers. I know I took a long time but I thought you guys would enjoy being with each other. We will be landing in 2 hours. Thank You” The pilot said. “So what should we do for those 2 hours?” Harry asked winking. “Play Truth or Dirty Truth!!” I said. “Why, I wanted to have sex!” Harry said whining. “Too bad Mr Small Dick!” I said laughing. “So now I have a small dick?” Harry said upset. “Yep! You need to use water balloons for protection” I said kissing him. “Well love you too!” He said defeated. “Can we please play the game now?” I asked. “alright” Harry said sighing. (H-Harry & E- Emily)

E- Truth or dirty truth?

H- Truth

E- If you were gay, who would you date?

H- Louis Tomlinson <3 Truth or Dirty Truth?

E- Truth

H- If I died, who would you date?

E- Liam.

H- Why?

E- Because he would help me through my grieving and wouldn’t force me into anything

H- Alright

E- Truth or Dirty Truth?

H- Dirty Truth

E- Have you had a wet dream in the past week?

H- Of course! When I dream about you in bed!!

E- You’re a freak!

H- Truth or Dirty Truth?

E- Dirty Truth

H- Can we have sex now?

E- Yes!

H- YAY!!!!!


He started to kiss me and very well may I add. After we both got undressed, I got up and put some music on. After I returned to the bed we had some fun.

1 Hour Later…

We both got re-dressed after having a shower. We got everything re packed then walked out to the main lounge room to see everyone with their suitcases, talking. “hey Em, did you know, you’re the youngest out of everyone on this plane?” Louis said. “Are you serious?” I asked. “Yep! Everyone’s already 18 or over” He replied. “Alright” I said shrugging my shoulders. “Don’t steal my move!” Brittney screamed out. The plane soon arrived at the airport and it was quite stranded. We got into the van and went to the hotel.


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