Baby, just say yes?

When five girls; Emily Pingel, Sarah Day, Havana Sekulic, Pixie Keller & Becky Grey, Sing for One Direction, they become famous. Emily has lived a tough life... her Mum dying, her twin brother leaving her, being physically & sexually abused by her stepdad, being heartbroken by Harry Styles and so much more. Will she fall for Harry Styles again?


10. Meeting Simon x




Today is our meeting with Simon and I’m so scared. I hope he signs us! We’ve been here, in London for 2 days already and I’m absolutely in love with it! Louis said after the meeting today we are going to meet his girlfriend... She sounds so nice :) Any way’s this morning I woke up with Harry’s arms wrapped around me. “Hey babe” I said to him giving a kiss. “Hey gorgeous” He replied. “I’m gonna go have a shower” I told him. “Could I come?” Harry asked pulling a puppy dog face. I couldn’t say no but I kinda wanted to. “Harry….. Fine!” I said. “YAY!” Harry screamed. When we got out of the shower I checked the time.. it was 5:30! I got dressed into tights, sweater and tied my hair in a messy bun. I went downstairs and pulled out the flour, sugar, milk, butter, vanilla, banana, blueberries, strawberries, apples and pears. I took out a big mixing bowl and 5 little bowls. “Harry could you please grate the strawberries, apples and pears for me them mash the banana for me?” I asked Harry. “Sure babe” he replied then got the grater out. I put all the flour, sugar, milk, butter and vanilla in the big bowl then put a little bit in each of the little bowls but left some in the big bowl as well. After about 1 and a 1/2 hours and 70 pancakes later I put some smelly candles on and turned on the radio. I put nutella, peanut butter, jams; strawberry, raspberry, marmalade, apricot and blueberry, Orange juice, sugar, coffee, milk, butter and water on the table then I went upstairs with a pot in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other then starting banging around screaming “BREAKFAST IS READY WHEN YOU ARE!”. I came back down and in about 2 minutes the whole table was full with hungry people eating. “OMG Emily, where have you been all my life?” Niall asked. “haha is it really that good?” I asked. I wasn’t eating it... I was just drinking my lemon detox and eating an apple. “Yes... You healthy little bitch… Sitting there eat an apple?”  Niall replied. “Hey don’t call my girlfriend a bitch you dic-“ I cut of Harry before he finished.  I walked up to Niall and said “Actually Harry, Niall can call me a bitch because I know I’m one and I’m proud” I turned around on my heel and smacked my butt them walked back into the kitchen. “ooooooo” I heard Becky, Havana, Olive, Bethany, Pixie, Jacko, Josef, Dan, Matt, Tom, Liam, Zayn and Louis say. “Mmm dat ass!” I heard Harry say then everyone laugh. I turned around and shot him a look then did a wink Jacko tought me. “Oi Jacko come here.. Thumb wars?” I asked. “Sure” he answered. “1, 2, 3, 4 I declare a thumb war. 5, 6, 7, 8 I use this hand to masturbate” We said in unison then started laughing so hard. “Holy shit guys it’s 8:30 already. We need to go get ready” Bethany said. We went and got changed into-








We all got into the limo Simon hired for us and it took us to the building where in a couple of hours we found out our future.



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