Baby, just say yes?

When five girls; Emily Pingel, Sarah Day, Havana Sekulic, Pixie Keller & Becky Grey, Sing for One Direction, they become famous. Emily has lived a tough life... her Mum dying, her twin brother leaving her, being physically & sexually abused by her stepdad, being heartbroken by Harry Styles and so much more. Will she fall for Harry Styles again?


9. Harreeeeeeehhh xoxoxox <3



Today the Sarah, Havana, Becky, Olive, Bethany, Pixie, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Jacko, Joseph, Dan, Tom, Matt and I are going over to London.. Yes all of us are going.. All 17. Yesterday we went to Sea World but Dan, Tom, and Matt couldn’t come. I was wearing- . We all went down in a big van... the boys had to dress up in jumpers, hats, sunglasses and so much more so they wouldn’t be mobbed by screaming girls. A couple of people stopped me and the girls to get photos. We went on all the roller coasters; we swam with the sharks and dolphins. We also went into the penguin enclosure. We had such a fun time. On the way out Harry said I could have as many thing’s I wanted from the gift shop so I got- A photo frame, A beautiful charm bracelet, 3 packets of Fairy Floss, Pringles, Matching t-shirts and Patrick Star backpacks (for him and I), A big dolphin and a snapback. We are now boarding our plane and I’m so excited… Harry ordered a private jet to fly us over to London. “Harry, why are you spending so much on me lately… I mean the all that money you sent over for clothes, Sea World and now a private jet… I’m starting to have suspicions…” I said to Harry when we sat down. “I am because you’re the most amazing girl I have ever had. I broke up with Taylor because I still loved you. I love you Emily and when I say it I mean it!” Harry replied. I kissed him sweetly then pulled away. I checked the time and it was around 9am so I put my earphones in and started listened to ‘Popular Song’ by MIKA and Ariana Grande. Then I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes my phone was playing ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ by Cody Simpson and the time was 11am. WOW! I slept a long time! I logged into twitter and I had 100000 new followers and a lot of mentions. I decided to change my name from @empingel13 to @emily_pingel. I composed a tweet saying: @emily_pingel: Going to London to meet with @SimonCowell to talk about my singing… hope it goes well :) xo On the plane right now with @Harry_Styles  xo #lovehimxox. I exited out of twitter then put my phone away. “Harry.. did you know I love you?” I asked him. “Really… I thought you hated me!” Harry said back sarcastically. “Haha funny! So how do you like my friends?” I asked him. "I really like them, they are so sweet and Jacko seems pretty cool! I can see him and I being good friends. Josef seems a bit weird though.. it's almost like he like's you. Ok back to you.. lets see these tattoos of yours!" Harry demanded. I showed him my tattoo and he said "Thats all!?". "yea.. OMFG WE SHOULD GET MATCHING TATTOOS!!" I screamed quite loud. "YES!!!" He screamed back. He wrapped his arm's around me and we fell asleep <3

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