Baby, just say yes?

When five girls; Emily Pingel, Sarah Day, Havana Sekulic, Pixie Keller & Becky Grey, Sing for One Direction, they become famous. Emily has lived a tough life... her Mum dying, her twin brother leaving her, being physically & sexually abused by her stepdad, being heartbroken by Harry Styles and so much more. Will she fall for Harry Styles again?


17. EMILY!!!!!!


Lol guys, so I know I said I wouldn't update till I got 4 like but you guys took to long :') Here the next chapter <3



Emily’s POV

So I got my hair done and it looks amazing! Today Simon wants us to go and record our original sing seeing as though it wasn’t ready the other day. We all got dressed into these outfits;






We got into the car and drove to the studio. We stopped in for some McDonald’s because we hadn’t had breakfast. While we were driving out of the drive through, someone ran a red light and all I heard was screaming then a lot of metal crunching, then everything went black. It felt like forever but it was only a few minutes I was out. I was just able to hear someone say “SHIT! EMILY!! EMILY! WAKE UP! SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! SARAH, CALL HARRY NOW!!” I was out like a light after I think Becky said that.


Harry’s POV

Louis, Tayla, Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Niall, Bethany, Olive, Jacko, Joseph, Matt, Tom, Dan and I were sitting in the lounge room watching tv and talking about random stuff. “I’m going to make some food” Niall stated. “As usual” Perrie stated. We all started laughing because it’s true.

‘And in other news today, a crash has occurred outside of McDonalds, Stone Street. It’s believed the incident happened when a person ran a red light and collided with the Range Rover,’ The news lady spoke. “Guys shut up!” I screamed. “Whats up Hazz? Wait isn’t that your car?” Zayn Asked. ‘It’s believed 5 teenage girls were in the Range Rover. The driver is in a serious condition but the passengers only came out with minor cuts and bruises,’ “SHIT EMILY!!” I screamed. “I’ll call her!!” Tayla replied. She walked out of the room on her phone. ‘The driver is believed to be dating Harry Styles and part of the upcoming band 5Ever. We’ll have more on this story soon’ The news lady said.

I got a call from Sarah. “Harry, You’ve probably seen on the news cause we did too! But Emily is in the hospital... I think you need to come down… Right NOW!!!” Sarah said over the phone crying. “I’m getting in Louis’ car right now! Bye see you soon” I said hanging up.


At the hospital!

I ran into the hospital not caring if fans saw me! I ran up to the desk where an old looking lady around her 60’s was typing away. “Hey hi can you tell me where Emily Pingel is?” I asked. “She’s in surgery right now and who would you be?” She asked confused about my impatience. “I’m her boyfriend!! Harry Styles!” I half screamed. “Oh yes! As I said shes in surgery but I’ll call a nurse down to escort you to a waiting area” She said smiling. “Thank you. Thank you so much!” I said. Soon enough a nurse called Brittney Pedler came and escorted me into a private waiting area. “Hi” She said. “Look, if youre a fan, I’m sorry but I’m not in any mood to sign anything or take pictures” I replied. “Great you don’t remember me!” Brittney said. “Wait whats your name again?” I asked. “Brittney Pedler” She said. “OMG Brittney You look so different!” I said hugging her. “I’ve only dyed my hair blonde,  got braces a while ago and I’ve gotten taller” She said rolling her eyes. “Only! You look amazing.. Hows Emily?!?!” I asked. “Would you like me to go check?” She asked. “YES FUCKING PLEASE!” I half yelled. “OK” she said showing her amazingly straight teeth.


15 minutes later…

“Emily is out of surgery and ready for guests. The doctor will tell you whats wrong with her in the room” Brittney said smiling. “And hey Harry, You look after my best friend alright? Don’t ever hurt her!!” She said with a death stare! We walked in to Emily’s room and surprisingly she was awake. “Emily!” I said kissing her. “Harry, I ruined your car! I feel terrible!” She said after we kissed. “Oh Well! I don’t care about the car!! I’ll buy another one! I’m more worried about you” I said getting out from her side. “NO lie down with me. Please?” She said obviously tired. I did as she asked. After about 10 minutes I heard her lightly snoring. “Mr Styles, please come out into the corridor. I need to discuss something with you” Emily’s doctor said. I left Emily in her bed and shut the door. “When Emily arrived here this morning, She was very badly injured. She has a broken rib, leg and skull. She had internal bleeding and lost a lot of blood. In surgery we found bits of glass stabbed into her body especially her stomach. She has a slight chance of ever recovering” Her doctor informed me. “Thanks doctor” I said and walked back to the reception desk. “Hi again. Do you know where Sarah Day is?” I asked. “Room 512. Just go up in the lift and the 12th room” She said smiling. I did as she directed. I walked into Sarah’s room and I saw Sarah, Pixie, Havana and Becky sitting there talking and laughing. “Hey guys” I said standing in the doorway. “Hey Hazz” They all replied. “I want answers! What happened this morning? I asked. “Well we all left the house in your car. We didn’t have any breakfast so we stopped into Macca’s to get  some. As we were pullinig out of the drive though a car came and hit us. They were going really fast... about 100KM on a 60KM road” Sarah said. “If it helps I got the license plate number from the other car. It’s RED-RUM” Becky said. RED-RUM… wait turn it around…. MUR-DER!! “Guys backwards its spells murder! This person deliberately ran that red light and hit you guys. I’m calling Paul to follow him!!” I went out of the room and called Paul and told him to get some police and go under cover and catch him! “I just called Paul and he said he’ll do it! I’m going back to Emily. Bye” I said. I walked back into the lift and went down to Emily’s room. I jumped back in bed with her and fell asleep until I heard Beeps…

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