Baby, just say yes?

When five girls; Emily Pingel, Sarah Day, Havana Sekulic, Pixie Keller & Becky Grey, Sing for One Direction, they become famous. Emily has lived a tough life... her Mum dying, her twin brother leaving her, being physically & sexually abused by her stepdad, being heartbroken by Harry Styles and so much more. Will she fall for Harry Styles again?


14. Clothes :3



Jacko's POV

I'm sick of Becky never being around anymore! We used to be so close but now it's all work, work and work! So tonight is a night I'm gonna make her forget about EVERYTHING! except what's in my pants ;) after tonight she's not gonna be able to walk for the next week! I'll ask Emily to take everyone out tonight so I can get this 69ers club up and running!!


Emily's POV

Simon wanted us to sing our original song the other day but they hadn't finished writing it. The boys are going back to the studio today to finish off their music video for 'Best Song Ever'. "Emmy, do you wanna come to the studio with us?" Harry asked. "Sure babe. I'll just go have a shower and get dressed" I answered. "Can I join you in the shower?" Harry asked coming closer to me and bitting his lips in a very sexy way. I grabbed his face in my hands, kissed and said "nope!" then ran upstairs. I washed my hair and body then stepped out. I've always had bad pimples so I put heaps of makeup on (Harry hates makeup but too bad!!!). I walked out into Harry's and my bedroom to find the one and only Harry Styles sitting on the bed waiting for me. "What?" I asked just noticing I was completely naked! "You look really hot" harry said hugging me. I felt something poking my leg and I could help but blush because I knew what it was. "I need to get dressed bubba" I said breaking the hug. I went over to the closet and pulled out- . and then we were off.



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