Baby, just say yes?

When five girls; Emily Pingel, Sarah Day, Havana Sekulic, Pixie Keller & Becky Grey, Sing for One Direction, they become famous. Emily has lived a tough life... her Mum dying, her twin brother leaving her, being physically & sexually abused by her stepdad, being heartbroken by Harry Styles and so much more. Will she fall for Harry Styles again?


21. Brisbane <3




When we arrived at the hotel it was around 9am but then I realized something… I realised it was the Stamford Plaza which means we were in my home town, Brisbane!! “HOLY SHIT HARRY!! I love you so much!!” I screamed then kissed him. “Anything for the birthday girl” Harry said hugging me. “let’s go see our room!” I yelled. We all walked into the hotel and we were directed to the top level. Turns out Harry reserved the whole top level for all of us. Could this boy get any cuter? We were unpacking our stuff when I saw the view and holy crap! I was amazing! From the penthouse you could see over the Brisbane River and Southbank. “Did you know, tonight that Ferris wheel is all ours?” Harry asked. “Are you serious?” I asked. “yep” Harry said. We got everything unpacked and we walked out into the living area. “I wanna go shopping!!!” I said to Harry. “Do you wanna go with the girls?” He asked. “I guess. I’ll chuck em’ a call” I said smiling. I called Sarah, Pixie, Havana, Becky, Brit, Kass and Tay. I told them to meet me in the hallway in 1 hour. I went and had a shower and got dressed in- .

We said bye to the boys and left. We went out into the cool air of Brisbane walked to the bus stop because we wanted to go Garden City. Even though most of us are famous we don’t wanna ever be stuck up, EVER! We waited for the 150 to come then got on the bus. We got the back of the bus and took heaps of selfies. “I’ve missed this place so much” I said to the girls. “Wait, its Thursday isn’t it?” I asked. “Yea” Tay said smiling. “YES! That means… late night!!” I screamed. We all went silent for a while as we all went our phones. I went on Instagram, now that’s something I haven’t done in ages. I had over 400k followers! I posted the photo of all of us on the bus. The photo posted and I looked at the picture. The caption was @emilypingel - Time with my girls at Garden City <3 @sarahday @pixiekeller @havanasekulic @beckygrey @tayladoyle94 @brittneyshae16 @kassidyteeney95. I heard the girls phone go off and they looked at the picture and liked it. I went on Facebook and started talking to Jacko. (E- Emily, J- Jacko)


E- Hey nom nom <3

J- Nom Nom!! <3

E- I miss you :’(

J- I miss you too. Xx

E- Guess what!!

J- Yeah, I already know you are in Brisbane and performing at the Clairvaux MacKillop College fete!

E- I’m performing?

J- Yes! Harry rang up the school and 5ever is performing and so is One Direction! Wait.. You don’t know?

E- NO!

J- Whoops. It was supposed to be a surprise :3

E- lawl you’re adorable. Well I got to go get off the bus. I’m at Garbo if you wanna come see me xx <3

J- OK bye baby <3 xx

We got off the bus and walked into the shopping centre. It was around lunch time so we went and got food. This is what we got;

Me- 2 rolls of Sushi and Strawberry Moochi with Gummi bears = $6.70

Sarah- Big Mac with Fanta and a subway cookie = $9.30

Pixie- Cheeseburger happy meal (child :P) and Chocolate Moochi with tim-tams = $8.45

Becky- 2 rolls of sushi, Coke and Bubblegum McFlurry = $12.70

Havana- Subway and Red bull = $7.95

Brittney- Hanichi, iced tea and soft serve = $10.90

Kassidy- KFC and water = $7.00

Tayla- Subway, coke and Strawberry Moochi with Gummi bears = $11.75


We sat down and ate our food. Once we finished we chucked our rubbish away then set of to do some serious shopping. We walked pass the store that sold suitcases. “Um guys can we stop here?” I ask as we stopped out the front of store. “Why?” Brittney asked. “I’llkindaneedmoresuitcases” I mumbled loud enough for her to hear. “Alright” She said shrugging her shoulders, smiling. “I’ll be two seconds” I said running in. I found 2 large suitcases and bought them because it was either 1 for $150 or 2 for $200. I ran out and put them in my trolley. These are the stores we went to and how much I spent;

City Beach - $350 Ally - $200 Supre - $150 Candy Time - $15 Spend-less shoes - $59.95


We went back to the food court to get some food because we all got a little hungry. When we got there we saw heaps of school kids. I checked the time on my phone and it was 3:00. I saw Clairvaux kids everywhere and it felt like I was home again <3 we went and sat down at a table and Sarah and Havana went to buy us food. These 4 boys from St Laurence’s were sitting at the table near us. I knew they were talking about us because they were always staring at us. Sarah and Havana came back with 14 soft serves. That means two each except for Brittney and I, we got a drink. "Those boys keep looking at me" I said pouting and looking down. “They are pretty hot, especially the one walking over” Brittney said. “Hey, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Harry Sidoti and you are very attractive” He said looking at Brittney. Brittney did a spit take and spat all over Sarah. “Thank you” Sarah said fake smiling at Brittney. Brittney excused herself and ran to the bathroom. “Harry, do you remember me?” I asked him. “Yes, you are Emily from that girl band my sister listens to YouTube” He replied. “Yes, but do you know my last name?” I said. “Nope” He said laughing. “Well then, I am the one and only, Emily Pingel” I said staring at him. He made me stand up then he hugged me so tightly, and surprisingly he was now taller than me. “Emily, I missed you” Harry said. “I missed you too” I said back. “So who are your friends?” He asked. “This is Sarah Day, Pixie Keller, Havana Sekulic, Becky Grey, Tayla Doyle, Kassidy Teeney and Brittney Pedler” I said pointing to everyone as I said their name. “Brittney? Where?” He asked. “She’s the one you called hot” I said laughing. “Wow! That’s a little awkward!” He said laughing as well. “So who are your friends?” I asked. “Lukey, Pat and him..” He said pointing to the last one. “Who is ‘him’?” I asked. “Bayley” he mumbled. “Who, sorry?” I said. “Bayley” He said. “Cool” I said. I went up to them and gave them hugs. We talked until it was 5:00. “Well we better get going” I said hugging them, and then the girls hugged them as well. We walked down to the bus stop and caught the bus back to the city.

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