Every cloud has a silver lining.

This story is about a girl named Ashley who is going to a one direction concert in a couple of weeks, and she wont stop babbling on about it! But when it finally comes ro the day she wishes she was back home. But then she meets someone outside...someone special...


2. Why me?

 Everyone began to push forward screaming for one direction, i got pushed against the silver bar in front of me, i vomited and then everything went black... W...Where am i? i asked the security guard in front of me? He told me what happened, you cant go back to the concert until you've stop vomiting which could be a while. *3hours later. Id finally stopped vomiting but then i realized everyone one was leaving i was to late the concert was over i began to cry i tried to stop but i couldn't there were to many bad things going on. i had lost my friends and i was ment to go home with them,i missed out on the concert.but the suddenly HARRY STYLES! walked out. i buried my face in my hands but it was to late there was a giant puddle of tears next to me and he could hear me whimpering.

Harry's POV: Are you OK i asked her,and then she burst into tears and showed me her face i sat down beside her and ran my hands down her beautiful silky golden hair, she told me what happened and that she had nowhere to go. i don't no what came over me but

Ashley's POV:

You can come home with me he said. I didn't know what to say HARRY STYLES had just asked me to go home with him i mean he is the flirt of the band but this is just to intense. Id love to , thank you Harry. i wrapped my arms around his body and then he showed me backstage of the concert, he introduced me to the other boys and then i saw Louis lure him to another room.

Harrys POV: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!  shouted Louis. i told him what happened and i think he had calmed down a little from then. OK but you solemnly swear you will have no relationship with this girl. Your just upset that our bromance might come to an end ,i gave Louis a face and walked off.



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