An impossible love between an angel and a vampire.
Sharon, a beautiful princess of angels will be helping her soldier as a doctor in the war zone between angels and demons. But she met Devin, the ruler of demons on her first day at the camp and he kidnapped her and tell her that he will take her back if she'll fall in love with him.
What happen next? Read to continue...


1. "The first impression"

One peaceful night that doesn't usually happen in all of the three cities that are, Upper Woods. the city of angels that is locate above the clouds, Haven Woods, the city of busy human that is sitting under Upper Woods, And Under Woods, the city of demons that is under the ground of Haven Woods.

   Even though the three cities are close by to each other, but there have been wars for thousands of years. Especially Upper Woods and Under Woods, the battles between angels and demons that can only be seen in a fantasy is still goes on and believe to have no ending. Both the ruler of the angels and demons want the power of the ruler of human. Finally, one day the ruler of human agreed to give both of them all of the human powers evenly so there won't be war anymore. But both of angels and demons want the power for their own so they keep fighting.

    All angel hate demons and demons hate angels, but there's one girl who feels different. She 's Sharon, the youngest princess of Upper Woods. She hates war because war destroy her people, family, and her life. Ever since she was a child, she was taught to hate demons, she learn how to heal people like all of her sisters, and watch the dead body of her brothers. It's all because of war...

   "Princess? May I come in" A calling from the door awake Sharon from her impossible dream, she turn and walk to the door

   "I want to rest right now" She reply and walk to the mirror. Starring at her self, she thought "Sharon, the princess of angels? I'm pathetic!" Her beautiful round deep ocean blue eyes started to get wet but she immiedietly force her self to stop crying. She walk to her window and watch the silent sky, her icy blond wavy hair and her fair skin show how royalty she look.

   "How long are they gonna keep fighting?" She talk to her self and gaze the starry sky with her sad eyes.

   The night pass by so fast just in a blink of an eye. Today is a big day at the royal palace in Upper Woods. Angels are all busy preparing for Sharon's first day at the battle zone. Don't get the wrong idea, she's not battling but she entering as a doctor. She's just turn 1800 years so she's old enough to go to war.

   "Princess? Are you ready? The queen is waiting for you" Sharon quickly change in to a white mini dress that have a sign of Angel. She rush to the queen and hug her tightly.

   "Sharon? What's wrong?" The queen pat her head softly.

   "It's just that... I'm not sure if I'll be able to see you again..." said Sharon

   "Hush... Sharon, you'll be okay. You've got your father and brothers to protect you. Don't worry." The queen tries to comfort Sharon, but she made it worse. Sharon began to cry but she couldn't stop it this time. The queen looks like she want to say something but the king is getting upset. Sharon follows her father to the carriage without any words.

   The carriage takes her far from her home to a place that she hates the most, The Stepping Stones. It's the only place the connect both Upper Woods and Under Woods and now, it's being used as a battle zone. A beautiful forest that used to be filled with deep green trees and beautiful dancing flowers are now gone. All it's left is the blood stain and dead bodies.

   The moment Sharon steps out of the carriage, a voice that she haven't heard from in ages call to her "Sharon!" Sharon turn and saw her dearest big brother, Edwin.

   "Big brother, is that you?" She runs to his arms without hesitate. She was shock to see how her brother has changed. "What happen? Haven't you eat well?" asked Sharon. Her brother was about to reply but another call separate them once again.

   "Sharon, leave your brother for now. You should get some rest" said the king. Sharon separate with Edwin to the shelter. A soldier shown her to her room and left. The room that she's staying is very small compare to her room in the palace but she satisfied just to have a room to stay.

   "Creak..." A sudden noise startle her. "It came out of the closet..." thought Sharon. She carefully walk to the closet and open the door but there weren't anything there.

   "Shh... don't move" A hand reached out to close her mouth from behind. "Who is this?" Sharon thought, "I'm no harm to you" He replied like he can read her mind. "Yes, I can read your mind" again he replied. "Then that's mean..." Sharon thought.

    "Yes, I'm a demon!"

To Be Continue...

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