An impossible love between an angel and a vampire.
Sharon, a beautiful princess of angels will be helping her soldier as a doctor in the war zone between angels and demons. But she met Devin, the ruler of demons on her first day at the camp and he kidnapped her and tell her that he will take her back if she'll fall in love with him.
What happen next? Read to continue...


5. "Princess Sharon"

   "Princess?" A deep voice of the person that's sleeping next to me woke me up from my dream.

   I open my eyes and see the same room I was in and I immediately turned to face the person that was calling me. "You?" I was shocked at Devin who's lying on the bed next to me.

   "Good morning, my princess" He smiled and get up."Have some breakfast" he sat down and look at me.

   "I'm not your princess" I said angrily and got up.

   "I know you must be hungry so I order my head chef to cook you some food" he ignored me and smirked. I hate it when you're smirking.

   "Hate? Or maybe it's because you afraid that you might love me?" he said without warning. "Of course not! That's nonsense" I replied angrily.

   "Come and have something to eat, princess. I told you already that this castle can weaken you"he got up and walked to the door.

   "And how do I know that you won't poison me?" I asked.

   "You know very well that I won't" He smiled and left. I stared at the table full of delicious looking food and move my feet to it. I don't know why I believe him but all I know is that I have to survive.

   +A few hour later...

   The sound of the door open made me immediately stood up. Devin has ordered some maid to bring me some new clothes an hour ago and said that he'll come to my room in an hour and now he's here...

   "Hmmm... I see my choice in dress fit you very well, my princess" He looked at my from top to toe and smirked.

   "What do you want?" I asked.

   "Well... I just thought you might get bored in this room all the time. So how about a tour around my world?" he walked to me. To tell the truth it's pretty boring here but I don't think it's safe to leave here.

   "Don't worry my princess, I'm here to protect you" he looked at me sincerely. But that doesn't fool me, I know that you're doing this for a reason.

   "I think I'm more comfortable in here" I said.

   "I see... I didn't know that the princess of Upper Wood was like this *Sigh*" he turn to the door.

   "Like what? What were you gonna say Prince Devin?" I angrily asked.

   "Well... Just that you're scare, that's all" he replied calmly.

   "Me? Princess Sharon is scare?" I said.

   "If you're not scare than come with me, my princess" he said and giving his hands out to me.

   "Fine! I'm not a coward" I took his hands and walk out of the room with him.

   What are you doing, Sharon? Why are you exciting over something as silly as this? I know that it's not good for me to stay in an enemy territory but I always want to know about the dark side. I want to know more about things that I don't know...

Where will Devin take Sharon?

What will happen?

Find out in the next chapter...

I'll update soon!!!

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