An impossible love between an angel and a vampire.
Sharon, a beautiful princess of angels will be helping her soldier as a doctor in the war zone between angels and demons. But she met Devin, the ruler of demons on her first day at the camp and he kidnapped her and tell her that he will take her back if she'll fall in love with him.
What happen next? Read to continue...


3. "Far from home"

   “Prince Edwin, the camp is under attack!”

   “What!” Edwin and I rushed back to the camp and the first thing we saw was the familiar handsome face of Devin. He’s flying up in the air looking at the camp that were being destroy by the flame.

   “Devin?”I said to myself quietly. What is going on?

   “You despicable demon! How dare you enter our camp!” shouted Edwin, I’ve never seen him angry like this before.

   The people in the camp were panicking and trying to put out the fire, but no matter how much water they poured on the fire, it just wouldn’t go out. Maybe the fire is made of magic? Could Devin be the one who is controlling it?

   “Hmm… That was a warm welcome” Devin grinned. He suddenly disappears and reappears in front of me.

    “Hello again, Princess” he kneel down and kiss my hands that even I don’t know when he took my hands.

   “Get away from her! *Slash!*” Edwin shouted and end with a scary sound of his blade. Edwin was trying to attack Devin but Devin took out his hand and catches the blade. The blood from his wound flows to the ground.

   “Brother no!” shockingly I shouted. I don’t know why I shouted at Edwin because he hurt Devin, but I just don’t want to see anyone get hurt in front of me. Yes, that’s right. I just don’t want to see blood… right?

   “Sharon, get away from him now!” again Edwin shouted. I want to follow Edwin’s order but I couldn’t move my legs, and I think Devin has something to do with this…

   “I couldn’t move my legs” I said to Edwin while trying to move.”You’re the one who’s doing this to me!” I pointed to Devin that was still holding the blade.

   “Princess, hold on to me tightly okay?” Devin suddenly let go of the blade and held on to my waist and everything was gone. I tried to open my eyes and see what’s happening, but all I saw was darkness.

   “Princess?” a calling woke me up from my sleep. I opened my sleepy eyes and looked around, this isn’t my room! I’m wide awake now especially when seeing a shirtless man laying beside me on the bed.

   “Ahh! Get away from me!” using every energy I had, I shouted. I jumped out of the bed and grab anything I can to protect myself from the handsome devil.

   “Did anyone ever tell you that you’re cute when you’re asleep?” said Devin. He keeps on smiling and starring at me like I’m an entertainer.

   “Why… why are you starring at me like that?” I carefully asked him

   “Because you look beautiful in that night dress” Devin grinned and replied. Night dress? I looked down to my body and all I saw covering my body was a mini dress that couldn’t cover up my thighs and it’s a see through fabric. I blushed and turned back but then Devin jumped out of the bed and hugs me from behind.

   “No, I’m wrong. You’re even cuter when you’re embarrassed” he whispers in to my ears and licks it with his tongue.

   “Stop! You have no right to touch me!” I struggled to get away from him, but he’s just like a quicksand, the more you struggle, the more you sink.

   “I don’t need to have the rights to touch you, after all last night…” he sounded angry with the first sentence but he calm down. Last night?

   “What did you do to me?” I cried. My body started to feel weak and shaking. I’m… scared.

   “Don’t be scared…” again, he read my thoughts. “Last night is something that I couldn’t forget, it’s a shame that you forgotten, princess. He turns me around and wiped my tears for me.

   “Why did you bring me here?” I asked. What do you want from me, Devin?

      “*laugh* Actually, I came to visit you, princess. But I just couldn’t help myself to destroy your camp, and I’m very sorry. But I was touch when you were worry about me when your brother attacked me, so I decided to take you here, my castle”

   “Take me back!” I shouted at his face but somehow, he still has that smile.

   “Alright, but on one condition.”

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