An impossible love between an angel and a vampire.
Sharon, a beautiful princess of angels will be helping her soldier as a doctor in the war zone between angels and demons. But she met Devin, the ruler of demons on her first day at the camp and he kidnapped her and tell her that he will take her back if she'll fall in love with him.
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4. "Fall in love with me"

   “Alright, but on one condition” said Devin.

   “Tell me” I said to him. I don’t like this but it’s my only ticket home.

   “Fall in love with me…” he said putting his finger on my lips. I was shocked at the words that came from his mouth, I looked to him trying to figure what he’s planning.

   “You’re crazy…” I don’t understand…

   “You don’t have too. I know that you hate war and so as I, but I fight for my people not for power” He turned back and sits on a chair near a big window with black certain.

   “Then give up the power to the angels and end everything” I said to him.

   “If I do that, will angels and demon stop fighting? No… We’re fighting for the power because we’re afraid that we can be killed by the people who have more power, that’s why we fight. To protect our self” He picked up the tea and sipped.

   “But how can falling in love with you be helped?” he peeked at me and smirked. I forgot that my dress is not very appropriated. I hurried cover myself and turn away.

   “If you fall in love with me then we can get married and mend the relationship between both worlds” Devin sounded serious.

   “How could you say that? You don’t even love me or know me” I angrily replied.

   “How do you know that I don’t know you, princess? And about love, I’ll show you how much I love you” he spoke to me in a low tone of voice but I can still hear everything he said like he whisper to me. And just in a short breath, he appeared in front of me. He looked at me with his burning eyes and tried to stop my hands from covering my body.

   “Stop!” I shouted to him but he ignored me. After that he picks me up like I’m a feather and put me down on his soft bed, and then he just stared at me. Even though my body is the first thing that a guy would look but he didn’t, he just stared into my eyes like he was trying to say something. And somehow, I saw sadness in those eyes.

   “You need to rest, this dark castle so it has the power to weaken an angel like you” he rushed to outside the room and close the door gently.

   I think he’s right, I kind of feel weak and sleepy all of the sudden. I close my eyes and immediately pass out to my dream world.

   +Devin talks+

   I watched the beautiful girl sleeping soundly on my bed, how long have I been doing this? I don’t know. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

   “Did you put a spell on me, Princess?” I spoke to the unconscious body. I lean to her and kiss her on the forehead and whisper, “Sleep tight, my princess…”

   *Knock, knock…*

   I answer the door with annoyance, and the face that I shouldn’t be seeing right now appeared right in front of me.

   “Devin!” the red head hugs me tightly.

   “Shh…” I push her outside and close the door after peeked on Sharon, she’s still sleeping, good.

   I turned around and saw Gwen looked at me angrily. Who is she? She’s my cousin, and I think she likes me but I’m not interested. It’s not because she’s not attractive, but I just don’t date family.

   “Oh, now you’re being rude!” said Gwen. She poked my chest with her needle finger and murmured, “It’s all because of her…”

   “*Sign* Gwen, you know it’s part of the plan”. Yes… The horrible plan.

   “But you’re not acting like she’s just a part of the PLAN!” Gwen frowned. “Don’t forget, you’re a devil and she’s an angel. Don’t try to change anything” Gwen walked off.

   “I can’t change anything… But I’ll do my best for my people…”

   +End of Devin talks+


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