An impossible love between an angel and a vampire.
Sharon, a beautiful princess of angels will be helping her soldier as a doctor in the war zone between angels and demons. But she met Devin, the ruler of demons on her first day at the camp and he kidnapped her and tell her that he will take her back if she'll fall in love with him.
What happen next? Read to continue...


2. "A kiss on my forehead"

   "I'm a demon" the reply of the unknown man made me scared. I've been hearing words from every angels in Upper Woods that demons are dangerous, evil, and scary. But I've never met a demon before, especially this close.

   "What's wrong princess? You seems to be shaking." The man whispered in to my ears. He loosen his arms and let me go, And the moment I discover his face, I can't seems to move.

   "You're..." said Sharon. The man that made me frozen...

   "Hello princess, I'm Devin the ruler of demons" said Devin. His bloody red eyes starring to me like I'm an ant, his beautiful red lips show a smile, a dangerous one. His pale skin made him more and more attractive, he is so tall that made me look so small but no matter what, he's a demon and I shouldn't stay close to him.

   "I thank you for the compliment, but why would you think that I'm dangerous?" Ahh... I forgot! Demons can read mind! I shouldn't be thinking.

   "I didn't think that you're dangerous but I just think that you're not very safe to stay near" I reply truthfully. He raise his eyebrow and come closer to me, I tried to back up but the room is too small so I ended up backing up to a wall. He stops in front of me and put out his long arms beside me. Okay, now I'm stuck!

   "I've already told you, I'm not here to harm you, my princess" said Devin. He lean toward me and gave me a kiss on my forehead, he disappear as soon as I blink. "What do you want from me?"I said to my self.

   *knock knock*

   "Who is it?" I answer to the door without taking my mind off of Devin, but the sweet voice of my brother, Edwin woke my up.

   "It's me, can I come in?" I walked to the door and open for him. The handsome face of Edwin relaxed me, his calm blue eyes made me forget he's my brother sometime. But for angels, it's okay to marry your brother or sister. My mother and Father are also brother and sister, I've heard that it's a way to keep the pure blood of angel. But it's just a thought, I didn't say that I like Edwin... Well maybe just a little.

   "Brother, is something wrong?"I asked him after seeing his trouble face.

   "I sense a demon presence, a strong one..."said Edwin. A sense? Devin? Oh no, I can't let him know that Devin's here, I have to do something.

   "A demon? But I didn't see anything fishy or out of ordinary. Maybe you're mistaken?"I tried to convince him, but he didn't listen.

   "The sense is gone now..."said Devin. He still look worry, maybe I should do something to change the mood. "So brother! I was thinking... I'll be working tomorrow and I still don't know about this place yet. Could you show me around?"this time, I seems to get his attention.

   "Alright, but there aren't much to see. I'll show you the place that is safe and the place that is not. Follow me." Phew... I did it!

   I followed Edwin to the war zone. He's right, there aren't much to see. There are a few buildings for resting, eating, washing, and a healing zone for the injured soldier. Edwin shown me a map of the battle zone, angel's territory and demon's territory. He kept on telling me not to go near the dead trees that are placing around the camp, he said they're traps for the demons that try to attack the camp.

   "Oh, Sharon. If you meet a demon... Don't panic and blow this whistle."said Edwin. He handed me a beautiful gold whistle. It looks like it's been well kept.

   "Thank you brother! I will" Edwin looked worry again so I smile to him brightly and said,"I'm not scared because I knew I had you, father, and other brothers that will protect me"

   Edwin patted my head and said,"No matter what, I will protect you, Sharon"

   "Prince Edwin! The camp is under attack!"

To Be Continue...

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