*Paused* The Girl Who Played With Fire (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

Jason, Piper and Leo are all at a boarding school in North Virginia looking for the half-bloods Grover described. It is very dangerous with all of them in the same place so they need to move fast. A few days earlier, Grover had sensed two half-bloods and and a girl who is something else. Something more. One Iris message and one day later, he was joined by the others. They hope to find the half-bloods at the up-coming prom. Will they find the identity of the girl Grover finds? Or will they get more than they expected? Find out in this (Hopefully) thrilling tale, full of deception, love and loss.

(All original characters belong to the great Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series. The title 'The Girl Who Played With Fire' belongs to the author of the book 'The Girl Who Played With Fire', Stieg Larsson. No Copyright Infringement Is Intended.)


2. Whoops

Grover's POV          *StoryDivine & IceCreamBoy*

I sat at the edge of the Gym watching the others take part in dodge ball. I focused on one girl in particular. Her hair was pure white and her eyes were black with flecks of brown. I could sense she wasn't human. In fact she had no human in her. I would have thought she was a monster, but she is half god. I looked at two other kids. Both with messy black hair and blue eyes. Twin demigods. After this last class, I will alert Chiron so he could send and extraction team. The coach blew his whistle.

"Alright you pansies, that's enough. Time to get changed and go to your dorms!" He boomed. Everyone sprinted to the locker rooms. I walked to the showers and waited until all of the guys had left. I dug out a drachma from my pocket. I chucked it into the water.

"O' Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, show my Chiron at Camp Half-blood." The image shimmered and changed into an image of Chiron in the middle of a game of Pinochle. "Chiron," I said. He jumped in surprise and dropped his cards. Whoops. I winced as I saw his winning hand. He looked at me frowning. I smiled weakly. Boy I had a lot of explaining to do.



****Authors' note****

Hope you like this Chapter. We know it's a bit short, but we're kinda short on time right now. Hopefully the next chapter will be longer and posted soon. :)

~StoryDivine and IceCreamBoy

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