*Paused* The Girl Who Played With Fire (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

Jason, Piper and Leo are all at a boarding school in North Virginia looking for the half-bloods Grover described. It is very dangerous with all of them in the same place so they need to move fast. A few days earlier, Grover had sensed two half-bloods and and a girl who is something else. Something more. One Iris message and one day later, he was joined by the others. They hope to find the half-bloods at the up-coming prom. Will they find the identity of the girl Grover finds? Or will they get more than they expected? Find out in this (Hopefully) thrilling tale, full of deception, love and loss.

(All original characters belong to the great Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series. The title 'The Girl Who Played With Fire' belongs to the author of the book 'The Girl Who Played With Fire', Stieg Larsson. No Copyright Infringement Is Intended.)


1. What the...

Leo's POV  *StoryDivine*

Bang! Bang! Bang! I stood in the camp forge hammering a large sheet of celestial bronze into shape. My favourite hammer rung against the metal adding to the sound of sleepy campers struggling to get out of bed for breakfast. I smirked. It was the same every Saturday. All the campers wanted lie-ins. Not me, I thought. I had to finish repairing my beloved ship, Argo II. It had received damage from the large sea serpent when it had attacked yesterday. It's large tail had swung out of the sea by the dock and smashed a hole in the hull on the large boat. Lucky Percy got rid of it when he did, I thought. If he didn't I would have a hell of a lot more work to do. I put my hammer back in my tool belt and removed the belt from my waist, setting it down on my workbench. I lifted up the sheet of metal. I carried it outside towards the dock where my Greek trireme was waiting. The bronze cast off an orange glow as it reflected the rising sun. I set the metal down on the dock and turned when I heard my name being called. I saw Connor and Travis Stoll wave as they stumbled towards the dining pavalon. After smiling at them and waving, I  turned back to the boat. I heaved the hammered bronze over to the hole at the bow of the ship. "Hey, Festus. How you doing, buddy?" I asked the dragon figure-head. He turned to me and made a series of clicks and squeaks. I understood perfectly. "Good, good," I muttered. I lifted the metal sheet into place and nodded to Festus. A white hot stream of fire shot out of his mouth targeting the edges of the metal, welding it to the rest of the boat. Festus shut off the fire and I held the bronze in place until it had cooled. I step back to admire our handy work. "Sweet," I said. "Feel free to reward yourself with some sleep, Festus." Festus didn't argue and started to snore almost instantly. I chuckled and made my way to breakfast. I had just reached as far as the forge, when I heard rustling from behind me. I turned and looked into the forest that was dark, even in the sunlight. I breached the boundary of the forest as I walked on to discover the source of the noise. "Leo?" I turned sharply. In front of me stood Piper. Her chestnut hair was cropped and uneven as usual and today she had a white feather decorating her braid. She smiled at me. "Come on, we're gonna be late for breakfast," She said, ushering me to follow her. After a quick glance behind me I followed. This forest was full of monsters so I didn't fancy sticking around long without my tool belt. I sprinted out of the trees after Piper, who was racing towards the smell of food. The strange noise could wait 'till later, I thought. Right now, I have a bacon sandwich with my name on it.

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