*Paused* The Girl Who Played With Fire (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

Jason, Piper and Leo are all at a boarding school in North Virginia looking for the half-bloods Grover described. It is very dangerous with all of them in the same place so they need to move fast. A few days earlier, Grover had sensed two half-bloods and and a girl who is something else. Something more. One Iris message and one day later, he was joined by the others. They hope to find the half-bloods at the up-coming prom. Will they find the identity of the girl Grover finds? Or will they get more than they expected? Find out in this (Hopefully) thrilling tale, full of deception, love and loss.

(All original characters belong to the great Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series. The title 'The Girl Who Played With Fire' belongs to the author of the book 'The Girl Who Played With Fire', Stieg Larsson. No Copyright Infringement Is Intended.)


3. The perfect moment

Piper's POV                *StoryDivine*

We dropped our bags behind a pillar. I looked at Jason. He looked really good in a tuxedo. Yesterday, Grover messaged Chiron about two demigods and a monster. Chiron sent me, Jason, Leo, the good old team, to get the demigods back to camp. A figure emerges from a doorway and we tense. I sigh when I realize it's Grover.

"Hey, Grover!" Jason says and we walk forward to greet him.

"Hey," Says Grover smiling. He looks at me. "Nice dress." I huff. I was forced to wear this blue monstrosity against my will. I hate dresses, but I had no choice if I wanted to come. Leo smirks at me and I punch his shoulder.

"Jeez, Beauty Queen. When will you stop doing that?" He says still smiling. I roll my eyes.

"Let's just get this over with."

"Follow me," Says Grover. We follow him to the end of the hall. "Just to let you know there are two monsters. One of them is the girl in the red, sparkly dress and the other... I'm not sure. I know there are two, but I only know one for sure." Jason nods.

"Let's do this," He says as we slip inside. From the door we observe our surroundings. To our surprise almost everyone is dancing. From personal experiences of dances, almost no-one actually dances.

"Shall we split up?" Asks Leo. Jason nods and turns to me.

"Care for a dance?" He asks. I smile and take his hand, before joining the group of teens dancing to the slow music. I put my hand on Jason's should and he puts his and on my waist and, at that moment, I couldn't care less that I was wearing a dress. 

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