17 year old Cassy Grahams lives a normal teenage life, she has best friends, a boy friend and a too normal family. Cassy and her best friend, Nikki Peters are enormous fans of One Direction a world wide famous british/irish boy band, one day Cassy's mum buys Cassy and Nikki backstage passes to the bands concert, excitment fills them as they see the five boys walk toward them, but they didn't know that a step into that one direction would change their fate forever.


1. That Date Of Hers

Cassy's P.O.V

I woke up to the smell of Bacon, Eggs and Orange juice, I swear my mum's cooking was so good I could smell it from miles away, not that I wanted that. I'd hate to be able to smell like that, I mean, imagine it, there you are walking down the street then BAM! you walk past some dog poo and it hits you like a truck like it always does but ten times worse. God, I'd hate that. I yawned loudly, I didn't care if anyone heard me I was home and happy. I turned to my bedside table, picked my phone up and checked the date, Saturday. Yes! Finally Saturday! I was so excited because I could finally see my boyfriend Jackson today. We've been dating for three years and today was our aniversary, yesterday I went out with Nikki my best friend, I've known her forever. We went shopping after school from four till eight, for dresses for today. I found a beautiful short dress, it was snow white at the top and then it blended into a sky blue at the bottom, it was strapless and tight at the top then thrilly and loose at the bottom, it was love at first sight. I swear. Okay, enough of that. It's about today not yesterday remember that saying from Kung-Fu Panda. Yesterday's History, Tomorrow's a mystery and today's a gift, that's why it's called a present. I can't wait till 7:00 tonight, I checked the time on my phone 9:00, plenty of time to have a shower, chill then get ready. "Cassy! Breakfast's ready. Get out of bed!" Mum was almost screaming, I giggled. She always thinks I can't hear her, it's not my fault I ignore her half the time. She never shuts up. "Mum, I'm up! Can I at least shower before I eat?" I groaned, I hadn't showered since yesterday morning and to be honest. I stunk. "No! You can shower before your date tonight and eat now." She replied and I groaned loud enough for her to hear. I got up, stretched, left my P.Js on and ran downstairs, I swear to godzilla I thought I was going to fall down and break something but instead I stayed on my feet and glided onto the chair, soon a plate of food was placed infront of me and I grinned and stuffed it down my throat as if I'd never eaten before.


Sarah's P.O.V

"No! You can shower before your date tonight and eat now." I replied to her, gosh that child always thought about what's not even there yet. I knew why she wanted a shower but she needed to eat first, I know for a fact she didn't have dinner last night. Suddenly I heard loud thumping down the stairs and within seconds a 17 year old, cough more like a five year old within personality was sitting on a chair infront of the kitchen table, I slid her food infront of her and once again, within seconds that was gone along with her. "I hope you enjoyed your food!" I called after her.


Cassy's P.O.V

"Sure did" I mumbled to myself, I was too excited about tonight to think about mum's cooking. I looked at the clock on my wall, 9:12. Ugghh. Today was going too slowly, okay yeah I woke up what, 12/13 minutes ago but for some reason seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours and hours felt like days. Today was going to be a long, slow day. I soon felt myself drift off into deep thought, so many things ran through my mind, Jackson, Tonight, My dress, then suddenly I started to think about all of Jackson and mine's past, what we went through, what we did, how he always bit my lips slightly when we kissed, our first kiss.. Suddenly I felt my phone vibrate next to me on my bed, I jumped out of my skin and fell on my bum, I felt my cheeks warm and soon turn a crimson colour in embarressment, I look at my phone as I got up from my soft white carpet, I knew by the way my phone vibrated that it was a text. From Jackson? I turned on and to my suprise it was Nikki, I sighed and read the text, From Nikster: Heyyyy CassyBoo! I just wanted to c if you wanted to do anything b4 ur date tonight?? I smiled, I thought she was busy today with her cousins but I guess I was wrong. To Nikster: Heeeeey Nikster, id luv 2 hand wiff you but not till 10, i lyk, just woke up kinda. I hit send and gently placed my fragile iPhone 4S into- ah who am I kidding? I threw my phone into my ipod player and found a One Direction song and hit play. I love One Direction, I have ever since they were in the X factor not 2 years ago, and yeah, judge me if you wanna like the others but, I truely am a Directioner. Just like Nikki.


Nikki's P.O.V

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, I kind of hoped it wasn't Jackson again telling me how excited he is for his date tonight with Cassy, he hasn't shut up about since wednesday. To my relief, it was Cassy herself. I unlocked my phone and looked at the text. From CassyBoo:  Heeeeey Nikster, id luv 2 hand wiff you but not till 10, i lyk, just woke up kinda.  Yeah well. It is kinda early for us to be up, being our lazy selves and all. I smiled to myself and hit reply. To CassyBoo: Ok lemme just ask dad 1st.  I hit send without any hesitation, like I always did. She knew how strict dad is with time and all that. I threw my phone on my bed and walked out of my room, hoping to find that dad hasn't gone on a job today, I looked in the first place I thought he'd be and of course, he was there. In the dining room at the table with a coffee mug in one hand and a newspaper in the other, with a plate of bacon and eggs to top the Saturday morning routine off. "Hey dad?" I asked for his attention quietly. "Hm?" I heard him murmer, obviously deep in the, well whatever he'd been reading. He looked up at me with his sleepy dark blue eyes and then glanced back at his newspaper. "I was wondering if I could go to Cassy's at around ten, maybe in half an hour?" I pleaded and walked a bit closer to him. He looked up again, but this time his now lighter blue eyes stared deeply into my green ones, oh god, not the serious look he gives me everytime I've done something wrong or he needed me home early. God I hoped it was the home early one. "Sure, but you have Ballet at 1:30 so I expect you home either before 1 or at 1, not a minute later." I nodded and hugged him, kissed his cheek then ran to my room yelling "Thanks dad!" behind me.



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