Better Than Expected <3

This Starts off when Sam & Rachelle are going to the believe tour and are really excited and something that Sam has always wanted to happen happens finally, and everything turns out Better Than Expected <3 Hope you guys enjoy.. My first FanFic. Oh and dont forget if you like this tan favorite and become a fan so you can see updates <3 thank you.



9. Why!?!



Justin: Whats wrong what have I done please tell me...

Sam: You kissed the One Less Lonely Girl. !!! How can you do that!!?!

Justin: Baby!! I'm sorry she kissed me first i tried to pull away but she just kept pulling me back. 

Sam: I told you not to call me baby! I dont care what you say you've got to give me some time to think. Fuck off i dont want to speak to you right now ill text you when i want to... !

Justin: okay.

Justin walks out of the hotel room and goes into the next one. I seriously cant believe he kissed her how ignorant does he want to be. WOW i can't believe i ever fell for this asshole. Why did i ever think he was a nice guy. I get my phone out and i log into my twitter. I have so many tweets. I take some time to read them. They all no that we are fighting how?? I go and have a look at Justin's Profile, Justin just tweeted 'I can't believe i let this happen, how could i. I just wish she would accept my apology, i didn't mean to harm anyone, i didn't mean for this too happen, the girl knew i am in a relationship. I CAN'T believe i'm loosing the love of my life over this :'( </3 #heartbroken'  read the first couple of comments and the blonde girl had commented. she said 'Justin I love you and i always will i know you're in a relationship with Sam but i want you please ditch the bitch for me?' 

That's it im not putting up with this. Yeah he may have apologised but he still did it and its not right. I log out of twitter and chuck my phone across the room, and i fall to my knees and break into tears. Allison runs in. 

Allison: Sam !! are you okay honey?? 

Sam: No im not Ally, im broken, after what Justin did too me tonight i cant believe he did it. 

Allison: He didnt mean it sweetie, im sure you guys will sort it out soon. 

Sam: Yeah he may not of meant it but he still let it happen. And he kissed her back !!. I'm Sorry Ally can i please have some time. Thank you for your support though. 

Allison: Yeah Sam sure. and its okay.

Allison leaves the room. I sit there on the floor thinking and thinking. i think i was sitting there for about 1 hour. And i have come to a decision. I'm going to leave here and think some more aboout whats happened i cant be around him at the moment im too hurt. I walk over too my phone and pick it up, suprisingly its not broken. I unlock it and go into text messages and i text Justin 

'Justin come to my room now.'


i put my phone down. And Justin was at the door knocking already. i open the door for him. 

Justin grabs me and trys to hug me.
Justin: Oh baby, im so sorry. I cant live without you. 

Sam: Dont Justin please. This is hard enough as it is. 

Justin: What is hard enough?

Sam: leaving. Im going home for a bit. I need to think about what is going on. Im going to the airport in the morning. 

Justin: NO!!! please dont go your the love of my life.... please dont go!!! I cant live without you !! 

Sam: Justin, quit it. If i was the love of your life then you wouldnt have done what you did. Now stop with your shit. I know you dont love me enough to not cheat. I obviously dont give you what you need. 

Justin: Dont be stupid. You give me what i need and more. She kissed me first and i said im sorry please dont be like this dont leave.... I need you.

Sam: im leaving and you cant stop me. Its hard enough leaving as it is i dont need you trying to stop me its not going to happen. 

Justin: im going to try my hardest. 

Sam: Whatever. You can leave now. I need to pack.

Justin: You can pack but your not leaving. Ill see you later. I love you. 

Sam: Mhmm sure you do.

Justin leaves the room and i start to cry again. I dont want to leave but i have too to teach him a lesson. I cant deal with this shit right now. I pack everything i can for now. And i go to sleep. 

The next morning i get up have my shower, brush my teeth have breakfast and finish packing and head downstairs to a taxi. everyone is still asleep so noone can stop me. I head to the airport and when i get there i book my tickets for Brisbane, Australia. When the time comes to get onto the plane i do. I cant stop thinking about him. I cant even believe he didnt make an effort to even stop me. Well i did say dont. But he said he would. So much for that.  I take my seat and i rest my head on the window. My eyes start tearing up but i hold back. A teenage girl comes up to me and says "hey your Justin Biebers girlfriend. You're amazing!!!" and walks off. Then a message over the loudspeaker comes on..



Oh great whats this for. I need to get home..... 


What do you think is going to happen. Will Sam get to go home.?? 

Find out in Chapter 10. 

Thank you for reading this chapter i hope you're all enjoying reading. Love you guys 
Until next time 
~Sammiebieber <3

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