Better Than Expected <3

This Starts off when Sam & Rachelle are going to the believe tour and are really excited and something that Sam has always wanted to happen happens finally, and everything turns out Better Than Expected <3 Hope you guys enjoy.. My first FanFic. Oh and dont forget if you like this tan favorite and become a fan so you can see updates <3 thank you.



3. The Date.

When I woke up the next morning, I was so disappointed because I know last night was all just a dream, Justin giving me his number, hugging me, meeting him, HIM ASKING ME ON A DATE. Then I thought wait I’ll check my phone before I say that it was only a dream. So I unlock my phone and open my contacts and scroll through my contacts, scrolling, scrolling and scrolling until I came to a stop, the end of the list, of course I was looking for the name JUSTIN, I then go into my recent calls cause in my ‘dream’ we spoke on the phone and of course his name wasn’t under JUSTIN it was under Babe <3 typical me. I then realised it wasn’t a dream and that it was all real. HOLY SHIT, I’m going on a date with THE JUSTIN BIEBER!! Okay keep it together Sam. I have to figure out what to wear. Shit what to wear, what to wear. *phone starts ringing* FUCKKK that scared me. It’s Justin.

Justin: Hey there, how is my OLLG.

Sam: Really good speaking about that, I thought last night was all a dream.

Justin: Oh no babe last night wasn’t a dream all real and it’s just about to get better. No dreaming today.

Sam: Are we still going on that date?

Justin: Yeah remember I’m picking you up at 10. You better get ready.

Sam: Shit it’s 9:30 already okay ill see you in half an hour I’ve got to get ready, actually what do I have to wear.

Justin: Haha babe don’t worry you’ll look good in anything. Just wear something casual.

Sam:  Okay babe, I’ll see you soon.

Justin: Yes you will.

*Justin hangs up*

I then start to look through my wardrobe to see what I can wear, I find this casual dress not too short, I put that on, grab some lip gloss just to give me that natural glow, and just grab my flats and head down stairs. Mums in the kitchen.

Mum: Where are you going so early?

Sam: I thought I told you last night??

Mum: Oh that’s right you’re going out with Justin, that’s still hard to say ya know going to take some time to get used to. Kinda freaks me out this has all happened in one night.

Sam: Mum chill, Im still not used to it, I thought it was a dream I’m still nearly fainting every time I think about it don’t worry about me Justin is a really nice guy.

Mum: Okay. I’ll ‘chill’ as you say haha.

*knock on the door*

Sam: That must be Justin. Ill get the door.

*opens the door*

Justin: HOLY crap!

Sam: Hello to you too. What are you Holy crapping about?? *giggles*

Justin: You look amazing, told you, you would look good in anything.

Sam: Thanks. You look really good too. You look sexy in everything though. Like ANYTHING. Do you want to come in to meet my mum??

Justin: Yeah alright is she nice like you?? *cheeky smile*

Sam: Yes she’s very nice. That smile suits you..

Justin: It would suit me more if you were kissing me.

Sam: Later Justin *smiles*

I then take Justin into meet my mum and the whole time he was cuddling me, how do I even get a guy like this, it was a dream and now its reality, like really how?

Mum: Hello Mr Bieber.

Justin: Please call me Justin.

Mum: Okay, how are you?

Justin: Im good, I hope you don’t mind me taking your lovely daughter out today?

Mum: Nope I’m fine with it, have fun.

Justin: We will, thank you. Oh and nice to meet you….

Mum: Call me Stacey.

Justin: Nice to meet you Stacey.

Mum: It was also nice to meet you the guy of Sam’s dreams.

Sam: Mum stop embarrassing me..

Justin: Its fine babe its okay.

Sam: Okay. We can go now if you’d like?

Justin: Yeah okay baby.

Sam: bye mum I’ll see you when we get home.

Mum:  Yeah okay bye love you.

Sam: Love you too.

So Justin lead me out to the car and opened the door for me like a gentlemen. I sat there thinking what he was going to do with me, where he is taking me, I don’t really care where he is taking me I just care that Im with him. I take my phone out and text Rachelle.

-Heyy Rachelle Guess what-


Justin: What are you up to?

Sam: Oh just texting Rachelle *smiles*

Justin: Aww okay, I really hope you like where im taking you.

Sam: Take me anywhere babe I’ll love it.

Justin: Okay. Well we are nearly there.

Sam: Awesome I can’t wait.

Justin kept driving and then my phone vibrated. A message from Rachelle.

-Heey what?-

I then type out

-I’m out on a date with Justin-


Justin Looks at me and smiles, Gosh I love his smile, it hypnotises me as well as his eyes, just everything about him is perfect. He looks at me again and says.

Justin: We will be there in about 2 minutes babe, I want you to close your eyes and don’t look it will ruin the surprise.

Sam: Alright, babe your making me really excited now.

Justin: I know just don’t peek.

Justin keeps driving and now I have that massive urge to look but I told him I wouldn’t so I don’t, I really don’t know where we are going. I feel the car stop, and Justin’s door open and slam shut, my door then opened and I hear his voice.

Justin: Okaay babe Keep your eyes closed, and I’ll guide you okay, just step out of the car.

Justin guides me out of the car, Im even more excited now this must be really special. He keeps leading me, and then I start walking on grass.

Sam: Babe?

Justin: Yeah babe?

Sam: Can I open my eyes yet you’re leaving me hangin’ here.

Justin: wait, wait, wait, okay now you can open.

I open my eyes, I blink a couple of times, this can’t be real, this is just amazing, I don’t deserve this. All I see is this picnic blanket and then I see the picnic basket and non-alcoholic Champagne with strawberries and melted chocolate, the grass is green and the picnic basket is right in the shade under this really nice tree perfect for a picnic.

Sam: This is amazing

Tears start coming to my eyes.

Justin: Don’t cry babe, it’s not even that much, trust me in the future I’ll take you to better places than here. I just thought this would be a good first date for us.

Sam: This is just amazing though I really don’t care where you take me anywhere is perfect as long as I’m with you babe you mean everything to me.

Justin: No you deserve the best, ill give you everything I can, I care I want you to get everything I can possibly get you this is why I brought you this.

Justin pulls out a box and opens it and shows me, it’s a necklace its real silver with a massive diamond on the end.

Sam: I can’t accept this, it’s too good for me.

Justin: Don’t say that you’re perfect.

Justin turns me around and makes me hold my hair up so he can put it on me. This is just soo romantic.

Sam: Thank you babe.

Justin: No need to thank me, but anytime babe.

Justin and I sit down on the picnic blanket and he pops the Champagne and pours it into the glasses that are in the basket, and then brings out the bowl of melted chocolate and the bowl of strawberries. He gives me one of the glasses, I take a sip.

Justin: I hope you like chocolate covered strawberries babe?

Sam: I would kill for one, love them babe.

Justin: Don’t kill me you can kill me with kisses though after I give you this.

He dips one strawberry into the chocolate and feeds it too me, so calmly and gently. He is soo gentle I love it, he makes every moment so romantic, and his voice is just so calming.

Sam: Mm mm that’s yummy. You should have one.

Justin: Only If you feed it too me??

Sam: Okay babe.

I dip one of the strawberries in the chocolate and start feeding it too him, He takes a bite.

Justin: You’re right these are yum, aren’t they babe?

Sam: told you babe.

Justin comes closer to me. I take another sip of my Champagne, and when I put the glass down and look up Justin’s right there in my face, OMG his eyes are hypnotising me again, he leans in for a kiss and me connect lips his are over mine and OMG this is amazing, his lips are soo soft. It was like being in heaven well at least what I thought felt like heaven. If I could scale this kiss out of ten it would be 1000000 because he is the best kisser ever. Then he starts kissing me deeper his tongue wondering in my mouth massaging my tongue. He pulls away.

Justin: Babe, this Is the best date I have ever been on, may not be the most romantic date I could’ve given but still the best because I’m with you.

Sam: This is the best date I have ever had too babe, and like I said earlier I don’t care where we are as long as I’m with you I am on top of the world I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than with you.

Justin: The same with me If I was to be anywhere else at this moment I wouldn’t know what to do I would be lost without you in my arms.

Sam: Awww babe that is the most amazing thing I’ve heard.

Justin leans in and gives me another kiss, and my gosh I could kiss him all day.

Justin: I think I should take you home now it’s like 3.00, I don’t know how long your aloud out so I’ll take you home and if it’s okay with your mum I can stay a  little while, and if that’s okay with you. Before I have to get ready for tonight.

Sam: Yeah that’s sounds good babe, Of course I want you to stay and mum will probably say yes. Do you have another concert tonight??

Justin: Yeah, you should come babe.

Sam: I can’t afford it and there are no tickets left.

Justin: Um babe? Your with me? You’ll get in for free and you’ll be backstage you can help pick the OLLG tonight?

Sam: Oh yeah, I knew that, Yeah I’ll come with you tonight, does that mean I meet your mum?? And yeah sounds good I Help Allison Right?

Justin: Yeah you will meet my mum, and yeah Allison’s on it again tonight, and also I won’t fall for her like I did with you, I love my beliebers but there’s just something about you that just reels me in and I love that !! Cause your amazing. And I know this is probably a bit too early considering this is our first date but I have to say it because I mean it. I Love You Sam.

Sam: I know you love your beliebers babe it doesn’t bother me, I’m not the jealous type and we aren’t officially dating yet. And babe I Love You Too, More than I could ever love anyone.

Justin: I’ll make it official?

Sam: Huh? You will?

Justin: Yes, I will I love you and I want it to be official. Will you be my girl babe?

Sam: YESS!!!! OMB YESS I love you so much.

Justin: I love how you say OMB haha.

I lean in and give Justin a kiss on the cheek but instead he turns and makes sure I got him smack bang on the lips.

Sam: haha how’d I know you were going to do that. I love you, but if you want to come to mine and then go to your concert then we better pack up and head home babe.

Justin: Yeah good point babe.

Justin and I started to pack up the picnic basket. I put everything back in it and took everything off the blanket so Justin could fold it up.

I grab my phone out and see a text from Rachelle. It reads
-OMB really have a good time <3 ;)-

I reply
-I did heading home now to hang some more, it’s official he asked me to be his girl <3 ;)-


Justin: Telling Rachelle that we are together aren’t you babe??

Sam: Yeah. How’d you know babe?

Justin: Just a hunch that I had babe.

I go to open the car door to hop in.

Justin: NO don’t open the door babe..

Sam: What? Why?

Justin: Cause I want to open it for you babe.

Sam: Oh shit, you had me worried for a second there babe, don’t do that.

Justin: Sorry I didn’t mean to.

Sam: it’s okay babe.

Justin finishes putting the stuff in the boot then comes over to me kisses me then opens the door for me to get in, closes the door and walks around to the other side and gets in.

Sam: Hey babe?

Justin: Yeah?

Sam: How come the pap didn’t get us today??

Justin: Trust me they got us, they didn’t want to ruin our date, they were sneaky, go on the internet I bet we are all over that, Titles saying ‘Who is Justin’s new Girlfriend’ ‘Justin Bieber Goes on a date with Beautiful OLLG’.

Sam: The last one not so much, I’m not beautiful in my eyes not after what happened when I go to school. I get called fat and ugly.

Justin: And you believe them, seriously don’t believe them I’m telling the truth wait until, I turn up at your school to pick you up on Monday, they will be all over you, all I have to say is welcome to being a celebrity. You are now famous babe. You’re going to be popular.

Sam: I almost forgot you being famous I was too into the moment, holy shit I’m famous that was fast.

Justin: Are you okay with that?

Sam: yeah Im fine with it. Just as long as you’re with me for the first couple of days of being famous and it all starts tonight with the beliebers, wait are you bringing me on stage tonight? Oh and Im still a belieber babe, cause once a belieber always a belieber.

Justin: Okay that’s good, Yeah I’ll stay with you I don’t want to leave you, and yeah if you want to announce us public now yeah sure I’ll bring you out on stage tonight, only if you want me to, haha yeah I know that saying once a belieber always a belieber, love that saying cause then I know that they won’t leave me.

Sam: yeah I also love the lyric ‘if I was your boyfriend I’ll never let you go’ cause I know you’ll never leave me and trust me Ill never leave you either looks like we are stuck with each other.

Justin: Sounds like a plan to me together forever. So are you okay with me taking you on stage??

Sam: Yeah. Im fine with it. You’re okay with it right?

Justin: Yeah I want to make it public I don’t want to hide.

Sam: Yeah me either babe. Awesome I can’t wait.

Justin continued driving and of course we saw the pap on the way they took pictures doesn’t bother me and Justin’s used to it and just ignored it. We eventually made it to my house, and Justin lent over and gave me a kiss, and he got out of the car and come around and let me out.


Keep reading to find out what happens when they go inside and tell Sam’s mum that its official and what they do when they hang out.





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