Better Than Expected <3

This Starts off when Sam & Rachelle are going to the believe tour and are really excited and something that Sam has always wanted to happen happens finally, and everything turns out Better Than Expected <3 Hope you guys enjoy.. My first FanFic. Oh and dont forget if you like this tan favorite and become a fan so you can see updates <3 thank you.



7. Packing Up...

Me and Justin Woke up next to each other that was the best feeling ever, this is all I ever wanted just too wake up to the one I love. Its a dream come true and eveything has only just started. Justin leaned over me and gave me a good morning kiss.

Justin: Good Morning Babe. Last night was amazing.

Sam: Good morning Sexy. I agree thank you for making it special, I love you. 

Justin: Thats okay it was special for me too. I love you too. And I want to stay with you forever because you mean everything too me. And I can't believe you're actually coming on tour with me. Talking about that we have to get up and get changed and then we have to pack. I have to leave at 12:00pm.

Justin then checks the time. 

Justin: HOLY SHIT IT'S 9:00am already babe we have to hurry up. I want a shower. 

Sam: Wow babe calm down.. We have plenty of time. And speaking of shower i want to have one with you.

Justin: Okay well hurry up and get up baby. 

Justin and I get out of bed and grab our stuff for the shower and then head to the shower. When we got into the bathroom Justin started to undress me and i was doing the same thing to him. I stopped and let him do the rest and i walked away so i could turn on the shower. My shower was amazing because it had a lot of room. Justin and I were both ready for our shower i hopped in and he followed. He was so cute when he is wet. Even cuter then before, he closed his eyes and ran his hands through his hair. OMB so sexy. he grabbed the soap and started to wash himself. I turned to him and took the soap and started cleaning him.. he did the same too me. When we were finished in the shower we dried ourselves and got changed. TIME TO PACK...!!

I grabbed my biggest suit case. I know that everything that i want wont fit looks like im going to have to go shopping. 

Sam: Baby my clothes and everything i want won't fit in here. 

Justin: Baby when we get to our next destination i will buy you whatever you want. I love you

Sam: Really baby. I love you more. 

We continue packing and i take everything that i could. Clothes, hair products, pictures of family and friends, Lotions, condoms haha and a lot more i think this will be enough until we can go shopping.

Sam: I think im done packing everything i need for now baby. 

Justin: Thats good baby, we have to go now. And you have to say your final goodbyes to your mom. 

Sam: Yeah i know im going to miss her. But i really want to go with you its my dream. 

Justin: Im glad you're coming with me because i love you and i want to spend my life with you. 

Sam: Justin you're so sweet. I love you soo much.

Justin is soo sweet and he is adorable i never want to break up with him cause he is amazing and he is my dream guy sure he makes mistakes but everyone does. I just cant believe that this all started with me being a belieber. 

Justin and i head downstairs with my luggage and to say good bye too my mum.

Mum: OMG are you leaving already ?? 

Sam: Yeah mum im going to miss you. And i will come back and visit you... And i will call you all the time with updates. I LOVE YOU. 

Mum: I love you too and you better keep in contact. The one thing i dont want too happen is too loose you.

Sam: You wont loose me but mum i have to go to the airport we leave soon. I love you. 

*I give mum the biggest hug i have ever given her* 

Im going to miss her. 

When we get to the airport Justin and I had to purchase the tickets. And we board the plane with scooter and everyone outside still we are putting our bags up and something happens. The flight attendant walks out too scooter and has bad news...


Thank you for reading this Chapter.. Sorry for the long update. But what do you think is going to happen in the next chapter I LOVE YOU GUYS... 

~ Sammiebieber <3

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