Better Than Expected <3

This Starts off when Sam & Rachelle are going to the believe tour and are really excited and something that Sam has always wanted to happen happens finally, and everything turns out Better Than Expected <3 Hope you guys enjoy.. My first FanFic. Oh and dont forget if you like this tan favorite and become a fan so you can see updates <3 thank you.



1. Meeting Each Other.

So my name is Sam, and I finally have bought my tickets for Justin's believe tour and I was sooo excited that I was jumping around because I got the meet and greet tickets and I was in the second row. I had to tell my best friend Rachelle she is also a Belieber. One of her dreams is to go to the believe tour and meet Justin too. That's why i wanted to save enough to buy us both tickets t fulfill the first part of our dreams. 

*Telling Rachelle I'm taking her*

Sam: I have to tell you something Rachelle!! It's exciting news and probably the best new you could get.

Rachelle: Is it, you had one of those dreams where you get together with Justin again?  

Sam: well i did have one of those dreams last night but that's not it. I got meet and greet tickets for believe tour an they are second row!!!!  *showing my ticket*

Rachelle: Really that's amazing but how is that good news for me??? I'm just jealous.

Sam then splits the tickets to show that there are two tickets not just one.

Rachelle: OMFB are you serious !!!!! 

Sam: yes I am DEAD serious it's you and me !! 

Rachelle: I can't tell you how much I appreciate this! 

Sam: don't worry about it babe it's going to be the best time of our lives !! 

So Rachelle and Sam walked together and they kept chatting about how excited they are to go see this ! 

Two weeks later

The concert is tonight and I am getting my outfit ready and making sure I have everything ready I am  sooo excited that i cant wait any longer I have to call up Rachelle to see what shes up to.

Sam: Heyyyyy I can't wait for tonight like i can't even wait any longer, what are you doing at the moment babe?

Rachelle: Me either, I'm  soooooo  excited i just want to get there already, I'm getting my outfit ready going through my stuff to see what he can sign and writing on my shirt 'I love Justin Drew Bieber'!!

Sam: Good Idea, I was just getting my stuff ready before I called you. But anyway ill see you here in an hour? 

Rachelle: yeah you sure will cant wait babe!! I really hope that one of us are the OLLG's!! It'll be another dreams come true that would be a total of three dreams accomplished in one night !!  

Sam: Yeah that would be amazing but anyway i better go continue getting ready so im ready when you get here byeees.  

Rachelle: yeah  Okaay  babe  Byes

Soo they finished getting everything ready and then Rachelle knocked on Sam's door. She answered and they both screamed and then both said 'heyy sister' together then high fived and did the hand hug.

Rachelle: How come your not dressed yet??  You said you would be.

Sam: I know I was just about to, I've got my shirt my shorts and my supras ready to go I'm soooooo excited. 

Rachelle: Just put everything on so we can see if we can see Justin before the concert starts. 



Sam: Yeah I know I want to go so im Hurrying. Sam gets changed and they head off in the car on the way to the concert the start off by blasting Justin's believe album, singing at the top of their lungs, soo excited.

*arriving at the venue* 

Sam and Rachelle hop out of the car gasping at how many people are actually here already.

Rachelle: we are never going to see Justin before the concert with this many people here already.

Sam: I know right........ Wait RACHELLE LOOK OVER THERE!!!! It's  Justin  !! 

Sam waved at him like a  loony  then she calmed down because she  didn't  want to seem like a freak.  We got a hug and he said he had to go now. We made sure we didn't run over to him and crowd him knowing he is  Claustrophobic.  Justin then came over to Sam and Rachelle and said hello. We got a hug and he said he had to go now.

Rachelle: OMFB we just got a hug !!!!!

Sam: I think I'm going to faint! He gives the most amazing hugs, I made sure i stayed calm because i didn't want to seem freakishly weird.

Rachelle: Yeah I thought i was going to faint to, Yeah i kept my cool.

Sam and Rachelle kept fangirling over what they had just experienced, they just wanted to get inside and see him in action. Then the time came.  They started walking getting directed to the allocated seating. 

Sam: I'm soo glad we are so close to the stage. We can even move forward during the concert too touch his hands AHHH!!  

Rachelle: me to!! YES we have to go up to the front, also I have to thank you for doing this for me.

Sam: don't thank me thank  Justin  !! He's the one who is doing the concert haha. 

The opening to the concert was just amazing! Well the whole concert soo far was amazing, then one less  lonely  girl started playing and me and Rachelle screamed at each other saying 'yay this is our moment.' Justin looked straight at me. I froze. The music stopped and everyone went quite, and all i saw was Justin pointing straight at me. 

Justin: I want her Allison you get her for my one less lonely girl. *pointing at me* 

*the music started again and he started singing again*

Sam: me are you serious me!!!! I never thought this would actually happen!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Rachelle: Go for it girl ill tape it!!!

Sam: Thank you babe !

Allison walks over to me and took me backstage I was crying at this point because he chose me not Allison he chose me. Once in a life time experience and it was me who got to go up.

Justin: I'm gonna put ya first ill show you what your worth if you let me inside your world there's gonna be one less lonely girl. I can fix up your broken heart I can give you a brand new start I can make you believe I just  wanna  set one girl free to fall....... 

He placed the crown of flowers on my head I was covering my face with my hands because I was crying so much then he took my hands away ever so gently and placed them on my lap he came up to my face and looked me straight in the eyes, his eyes hypnotized me they were soo sexy! When the song finished  Justin  asked me what my name was and I said Sam and he said give it up for Sam everybody, everyone was screaming and cheering,  Justin  then hugged me then slipped his number in my back pocket but i felt it, but i pretended i didn't, he grabbed my hand and ran me off stage. 


Justin: I had to have you as my OLLG cause I can't keep my eyes off you have my number and call me tonight after the show please I think I love you. 

Sam: of course  Justin  I would do anything for you, I love you too. 

And that was it I had to go back to my seat but throughout the whole concert we couldn't stop making eye contact I remember at one point he looked at me and I was biting my lip and he just chuckled.

Rachelle: what did he just chuckle at you for?

Sam: I... ummmmm... was... biting... my...  lip... and he kinda saw..... 

Rachelle: What happened with you and him backstage?

Sam: Nothing, Nothing happened, nothing important. *winking*

Rachelle: Haha I saw that wink, tell me what happened, come on, you tell me everything. 

Sam: Okaay....... Ummmmm  *pulls out Justin's number* 

Rachelle: dafuq he gave you his Number !!! I'm soo jealous. 

Sam: he told me that he had to have me as his Ollg cause he can't keep his eyes off me and that he wants me to call after the show. But what he doesn't know is that we have m&g tickets.

After the show it was time to go to meet and greet....

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