Better Than Expected <3

This Starts off when Sam & Rachelle are going to the believe tour and are really excited and something that Sam has always wanted to happen happens finally, and everything turns out Better Than Expected <3 Hope you guys enjoy.. My first FanFic. Oh and dont forget if you like this tan favorite and become a fan so you can see updates <3 thank you.



6. Her Answer ! <3

Justin has just asked me to go on tour with him, I want to but I have no idea what my mum would think, I do have a life and friends here. I guess I can start again but I will have to think about it I mean Justin is leaving tomorrow I have 1 night to decide and discuss with mum to try and convince her. Sam: Babe I don’t know about this I want to and all but I’m not sure what mum will think about it, and I do have school and life here, like I know I can start over with you and I’m willing to do that, I’ll just have to discuss with mum and I will talk to you about It soon. Justin: It’s okay babe take your time I know it’ll take some convincing and I’m glad that you want to come with me, I just have to know by tomorrow morning. I love you. Sam: I love you too babe. Justin: Okay it’s like 11:30 I have to take you home baby. Sam: Yeah baby you should stay at mine tonight if mum will let you. Justin: Okay babe, only if your mom says. You also have to talk to her about us going on tour together. Sam: Yes, I do and you will be there by my side. Justin: Okay babe. Justin took me home and came over and let me out of the car, he loves letting me out of the car I swear he is such a gentleman, he is so cute its indescribable. I don’t know how this happened how I fell so in love with him, but I have to admit I am very lucky that this has happened. About half way to the front door Justin ran his hand down my arm and linked hands with me. HE IS SO CUTE. Sam: You don’t know how much I love you do you? Justin: I have a feeling. Sam: Nah I don’t think you do babe. Justin: Trust me I do because I know how I feel and you can’t beat how much I love you. Sam: I don’t believe you babe. Justin then looked at me with so much passion in his eyes, I knew then that this relationship was for real it wasn’t just another one of those flings. I looked into his eyes and I swear I saw the future I saw him at the end of the aisle in that nice suit waiting for me as I walk in, I saw us playing together with a baby, I saw my dreams all of a sudden flash before my eyes and come true. Then all of a sudden i felt Justin’s lips on mine and we were in a deep and passionate kiss, I didn’t think I could fall more in love but I think I just did. Justin pulled away. Justin: Now do you believe me, I do love you more than anything on this planet. Sam: All I believe is that I want more of that babe. Justin looked at me again and we kept walking to the door hand in hand. When we got to the door I knocked and mum answered like straight away. Mum: I didn’t expect you home until like 12. Sam: I told you Justin would get me home mum. Mum: I know I trusted you too. Come inside please. Sam: Can Justin come in too? Mum: Yes darling. Justin: Thank you Stacey. Mum: That’s okay Justin your Sam’s Dream guy, I’m not going to take that away from her. Sam: Stop embarrassing me mum. Mum: Love you Sammie. Justin and I walked upstairs holding hands, and into my room. I picked a movie out and put it on and I know from what I said just before we wouldn’t be watching this movie but I put it on anyway, I will get what I want this time. But before we did I remembered what Justin said, we have to talk to my mum about me going with him on tour. Sam: Babe, I love you and my answer to come with you on tour is yes, its just up to my mum now so before we watch this can we go and talk to her so we don’t forget. Justin: Yeah sure babe, anything for you. Justin stands up and takes my hand and he walks me out of my room and back downstairs to where my mum was, she was in the lounge room watching TMZ and Justin and I were on it walking into the show tonight, and they were saying stuff like, ‘who is this new girl of Justin’s?’. Sam: Mum? Mum: Yes darling I thought you were upstairs. Sam: Yeah we were but we have to talk to you about something. Mum’s face just dropped she looked like she was going to faint. Mum: You aren’t pregnant are you???? Sam: Gosh mum no, not at this age I’m still a virgin, it’s about me and Justin, Justin asked me earlier tonight to go on tour with him and I said yes, I also told him that I need your permission before I can go. Please mum can I go. Mum: Sam, you do have a life here and I would like you to stay but if you would like to go and start again with him then I am happy if you are I don’t want to crush your dreams and it looks like they are coming true so I want you to follow what your heart says. Sam: OMB mum are you serious you’re letting me. I love you mum like forever I will always come back and see you, and I’ll call you every night. I’ll miss you but I think this is right, and I know Justin’s the ‘one’. Justin: Stacey I will do everything in my will to take as much care of her as I can, she will be protected very much and I promise you she won’t get hurt. Mum: I know Justin I trust you that’s why I don’t really have a problem with it. I know she will be in good hands and she won’t get hurt when she is with you. Justin: Thank you that means a lot to me. Justin turns to me and kissed me. Justin: Looks like we have to pack for you, to come with me we leave tomorrow. Sam: Yeah looks like we have to but after we watch the movie you must be worn out babe. I took Justin’s hand and we walked back upstairs to ‘watch’ the movie. I was so happy that mum said yes, if she didn’t I don’t know what I would have done. This means so much to me, I can restart with my dream guy. I can have the life I have always wanted. When we got into the bedroom I finished putting the movie on and Justin made himself comfortable, I turned the light off and I lay down next to him. He put his arm around me and I cuddled up to him thinking it’s time to get what I want, but I wanted to do it when he least expected it. So we laid there watching the movie, he was so warm. About half an hour into the movie I decided now was the time. Sam: Babe I love you, you know that right. Justin: Yeah babe I know that, I love you too, and I always will. Sam: Awww that’s sweet babe. We continued watching the movie but I wasn’t watching I was slowly making my move, I slid my hand up through his hair and slowly moved closer to him and kissed him how we were kissing before outside. I pulled away. Sam: I told you I wanted more of this babe. Justin: I do too bu-. Sam: Shh, it’s my last night here I will get what I want this time babe, you told me you love me now trust me. Justin: I do trust you babe. Sam: Good. I leaned in and kissed him again making sure I was leaving him hanging and wanting more, I loved teasing him. Every time I pulled away he would try pull me back in, nope not happening I get what I want. I hopped on top of him and I started dry humping him, I kissed him again, hard and passionate, the way he was kissing me I could tell he wanted more but I wasn’t going to let him get it that fast. Justin: Babe, arhh, babe please babe stop teasing me babe. Sam: I like teasing you babe, I’ll do it at my own pace trust me you’ll thank me at the end. Justin was moaning and I kissed him, the feeling of him moaning while we were kissing was turning me on really bad, I wanted him now, I have to hold back though, I can’t give him what he wants now he has to wait. I moved away from his mouth and started leaving trails of kisses from his mouth to his neck, I stopped. Sam: Babe, take your shirt off I want to see these sexy abs again. Justin took off his shirt and oh my god there they were his sexy abs, they looked sexier than ever. I could feel him getter hard under me, it turned me on more. I started kissing down from him neck and down to the edge of his pants. Okay I can’t do this anymore I have to have him. Sam: Babe I want you right now. Justin: Nah babe, it’s my turn to tease you to make it fair. Sam: Ba- Justin puts his finger over my lips and flips me over and he straddles me, he leans down and whispers in my ear. Justin: My turn Baby. He kisses me deeply, now I know how he felt, I liked it but I wanted him now, this was so hot. If I had a choice to roll him back over and make love to him I would, but no he has me held down in the sexiest way possible, he did the same thing that I did he started kissing my neck and he took my shirt and my bra off, I covered myself I was embarrassed. Justin: Don’t babe you’re beautiful. Sam: No I’m not. Justin: Yes you are babe. Trust me. Sam: Okay I trust you. I uncovered myself and he kissed me to reassure me. He kissed in-between my breasts and going down further to where my pants begin. He pulls my pants down leaving my panties on he looked up at me with so much love in his eyes. He started rubbing me through my panties. Sam: Oh god babe, that feels amazing. Justin: I know babe. I kept moaning and Justin just giggled at me, god I love his giggle. Justin pulled my panties of looking at me, I just laid there staring into his eyes. He then slid one of his fingers into me looking at my reaction, I just moaned and closed my eyes in pleasure. It hurt but I knew it would go away, I ignored the pain and focused on the pleasure and the pain disappeared. He started getting faster, it felt so good I have never had so much pleasure in my life I kept my eyes closed and I started moaning louder. Justin: Shh, babe your mom’s downstairs remember. I’m going to put two in it’ll hurt but it’ll go away. Sam: Oh yeah shit. Yeah that’s okay bab--- ahh. He just did it before I finished speaking, it felt really good but like he said it would hurt it kind of burned, but it went away pretty much straight away. Justin: Babe you’re so wet now. I think you are ready. Come here. Sam: I think I am too. I sat up and crawled over to Justin, he giggled at me for some reason. He stood up and looked at me while I sat on the edge of my bed, I looked up at him and gave him a cheeky smile and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. And then I took off his underwear, I looked at him thinking im the only belieber that has seen the real jerry. Justin: What do you think babe. Sam: Well all I can say is you’re big and I don’t know how you’re going to fit, other than that I was just thinking about how I am the only belieber that has seen the real jerry. Justin and I giggled, I grabbed him and started giving him a handy. He moaned and I just giggled again, I pulled him on top of me and he kissed me deep and hardly. This turned me on he was such a tease to me. Justin: Babe are you ready. It’s going to hurt. Sam: Yes I’m ready, I know it will just do it I want you now. Justin pushed into me slowly to make me less nervous. I think it was less painful this way. I moaned it felt so good, I could do this all day once I got used to it. He got faster and we moaned together, when we were finished he rolled off me and lay next to me. Sam: Babe that was amazing. I love you. Justin: I agree that was amazing. I love you too babe. We have to pack now but maybe we can wait until the morning for that, im tired and comfortable I just want to cuddle. Sam: Yeah babe, I agree I just want to cuddle wait until the morning to pack. So we cuddled and eventually fell asleep. So that was Chapter 6 what did you think….. Sorry I took so long to update have been so busy with dance camp and other assessments. Thank you for the kind words and tells me what you think about his chapter. What do you think will happen? You guys can also give me ideas if you would like. -Sammiebieber &lt;3
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