Better Than Expected <3

This Starts off when Sam & Rachelle are going to the believe tour and are really excited and something that Sam has always wanted to happen happens finally, and everything turns out Better Than Expected <3 Hope you guys enjoy.. My first FanFic. Oh and dont forget if you like this tan favorite and become a fan so you can see updates <3 thank you.



4. 'Hanging Out'

Justin opened the door of the car and put his hand out to help me out. Man he is so sweet, the best I could ever have. We walk to the front door and knocked because the door was locked. Mum came to the door and let us in.

Mum: Soooo how was the date ??

Justin: Went pretty good for me.

Sam: Amazing mum. Also I have to tell you something.

Justin slides his hand down my arm and grabbed my hand and held it tightly, as if he was trying to say I never want to let you go. I held his hand tightly back.

Mum: What hunny?

Sam: Umm.

I bring our hands up showing her that we are holding hands.

Sam: It’s official.

Mum: Well, well, well. We are going to see you here more often I take it Justin.

Justin: Yes, ma’am. That’s if it’s okay with you.

Mum: Yes that would be fine, you seem like a nice guy, and I see that Sam really does like you, her eyes are sparkling.

Justin looks in my eyes and look down smiling like a freak, I know I’m blushing really badly.

Justin: Aww baby, your so cute.

I look up and smile at him.

Mum: Okay I’ll leave you guys alone now. Have fun and no funny business guys.

Sam: MUM! We won’t.  

I then thought in my head (well not yet).

Justin: We will respect your wishes Stacey.

Mum: Thank you Justin I’m starting to like you more and more.

Justin: I can stay till about 5 then I have to go. Oh and I was wondering if I could take Sam to my concert tonight with me?

Mum: Yeah, that’s sounds good.

Justin: Awesome. Thank you.

Justin and I walked away hand in hand, and walked up to my bedroom.

Sam: I’m pretty sure my mum approves us babe.

Justin: I really hope she does because I love you and I never want to leave you.

Sam: Me either. Do you want to watch a movie?

Justin: Yeah babe, sure. What movie you can pick.

Sam: Ummm, we can watch notebook?

Justin: Yeah, alright not like we will be watching the movie anyway. We will be kissing. *winking at me*

Sam: Will we be now. *smiling*

Justin: Well I hope so because Im missing your kisses already and I’m lying on your bed.

Sam: Aww, I’m missing yours too.

I put the movie on grab the remote and lie down on my bed, and then Justin signals me to lie in his arms. I get up and then crawl over to his arms and lie down. Justin starts whispering in my ear saying ‘I love you babe, I never want to lose you.’ I turn my head and look him in the eyes, oh no here we are again its happening, I’m hypnotised once again. And our lips lock, his lips are over mine then he puts his tongue in, searching through my mouth massaging my tongue. Gosh I wish I could do this all the time. Justin pulls away and looks me straight in the eyes.

Justin: You are amazing I don’t know what I would do if you had said no.

Sam: Of course I would have said yes. I love you too much to say no.

Justin: That’s what I was hoping to hear babe.

I turn my head and start watching the movie again and I start thinking about how great today was and how it was the best date I have ever been on, and trust me I have been on my share of dates.

Justin: What are you thinking about babe??

Sam: Oh nothing much really just how amazing that date was, you’re so romantic.

Justin: Me, Romantic Pfft. Hard to believe that, if you thought that was amazing I don’t know what you are going to think of our dates that I want to plan for the future.

Sam: Awww, now I’m excited even more because if this was amazing, the others are going to be indescribable.

Justin: Aw babe, you’re so sweet.

Sam: Thanks babe.

I start watching the movie again until I feel Justin’s hand rubbing my leg, it’s so relaxing, I like it. He pulls up my dress a little just under my underwear line, and he starts rubbing there, his other hand is running through my hair, I couldn’t think of anything more relaxing.

Justin: You like that babe?

Sam: Yeah I do its very relaxing.

Justin: That’s good, I want you to be relaxed, I don’t want to do anything that you don’t want me to do babe.

Sam: I’ll tell you to stop if I don’t like it babe don’t worry.

Justin: Okay I trust you babe.

Justin then moves his hand closer down there, slowly, he gets closer and closer and eventually he’s there and he starts rubbing and I moan slightly trying not to let me hear, but that was impossible he heard me.

Justin: Oh you like that very much don’t you babe.

Sam: Yes baby, I do, more please.

Justin: More already?? I want to take it slowly make it last babe.

Sam: Okay but you do know how badly I want you right now.

Justin: Yes, I can tell babe.

I close my eyes and I feel Justin’s lips on mine, begging for entrance of his tongue I give it to him, of course. This kiss is so passionate. I roll over and get on top of him, unbuttoning his shirt, Justin is looking at me with a massive grin on his face. One hand is unbuttoning his shirt and one rubbing Justin. Justin lets out a moan.

Sam: Oh so you like that, looks like it was easy to find what we both like.

When his shirt is unbuttoned I ran my hand down his abs and gave him a cheeky smile.

Justin: Yes I guess we did didn’t we, you like my abs baby?

Sam: Who wouldn’t baby, they are amazing, and they are all mine.

Justin: Yes they are baby, all for you enjoy them.

Sam: I plan to babe.

I lean in and kiss Justin again, I will never get sick of his kisses they are just amazing.  The best kisser too I must say.

Justin: Babe?

Sam: Yes baby?

Justin: I want our first time to be special not like this we are going against your mothers rules. I don’t want to be disapproved. I don’t want to lose you. So can we save this for another time when it’s heaps more special? Trust me if it was up to me we would, because you don’t know how much I want you right now right here, but I am fighting my urges because I want our first time to be as special as I can make it.

Sam: Okay babe, yeah I want you heaps right now and right here but I couldn’t fight my urges, sorry. Yeah we should make our first time as special as possible. I agree with you.

Justin: Okay good, and don’t be sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin the mood. How about just snuggling for now?

Sam: Yeah sounds good, you didn’t ruin the mood, I’m still in the mood, and I just gotta learn to control it.

We start snuggling again and we kiss and watch the movie and it was fun, I had a good time I hope Justin did.

Justin: Baby we got to start getting ready its 4:30 gotta go soon.

Sam: Shit it is too, help me find an outfit?

Justin: Yeah okay, but you’ll look good in anything.

Sam: If you say so babe.

Justin: Yeah I do say so.

I got dressed into another one of my favourite dresses, and put some natural makeup on and we started to head downstairs to tell mum that we have to go.

Sam: Mum we have to go.

Mum: Yeah okay, Justin don’t bring her home too late.

Justin: I won’t Stacey, I promise she’ll be home.

Sam: yeah mum, see you later, Love you.

I gave mum a kiss then we headed out the door and hopped into Justin’s car.


I hope you’re liking this, continue reading to find out what happens tonight at the concert, when Sam meets Pattie and the rest of the crew, also when everyone finds out that they are dating. Remember Sam helps tonight for the OLLG.

Thanks guys.
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