Better Than Expected <3

This Starts off when Sam & Rachelle are going to the believe tour and are really excited and something that Sam has always wanted to happen happens finally, and everything turns out Better Than Expected <3 Hope you guys enjoy.. My first FanFic. Oh and dont forget if you like this tan favorite and become a fan so you can see updates <3 thank you.



10. Flights Delayed What?!?!

Come on all i need is to get home. Seriously now! 

The flight attendant comes through the plane telling us we have to get off and grab our luggage. FOr real this is happening i was supposed to be heading home i cant put up staying here and putting up with Justin's excuses anymore. Im over his shit! So i grab my hand held bags from the carry station from above my head. and i start getting off the plane. After getting off the plane i walk over to get my luggage and its not there. WHAT THE HECK !!! This just keeps getting worse. I walk over to the waiting area and i sit down. Then i see this guy and he looks like he has my luggage. I get up and i go over to him It's Justin !! Fucking hell. 

Justin: Oh hey, i told you, you arent leaving. 

Sam: What so you're the one delaying the flights!!?

Justin: You could say that. Sam we need to sort things out. Please. Just talk to me about this. 

Sam: Fine, whatever it wont change my mind but not here though. Somewhere private.

Justin: Thank you.

Justin and I go to His car and we drive off and i don't even know where we are going im not sure but it sure doesnt look like we are going back to the hotel?? Maybe we are just going the back streets. I hope so.

*10 minutes later*

Sam: Seriously where are we going?!?

Justin: Somewhere stop worrying.

Sam: Justin seriously !

Justin: We are nearly there please be quite. 

Sam: Whatever.

Justin and I arrive at this place it looked so romantic, stop it sam dont fall for his shit again! Anyway it was a restaurant and this isnt one we have been to before. Justin has something planned.... I think. We get out of the car and we walk in. He tells me to stay at the door and he walked over to what looks like the manager, then whispers in her ear. And he waves me over. I walk over to him and the manager walks us into this private room. What the heck is going on. I actually think he planned stopping these planes and then bringing me here. He knew it would work. What the heck. he is so smart. Thats one of the things i love about him. But then theres what he did and it scratches out everything i love about him. I really gotta stop re thinking my decisions. We sit down at this table with rose petals and champagne and candles. Okay then. 

Sam: Ahhh Justin what's going on?

Justin: You said somewhere private, you never named where.

Sam: True but is this really a good place to talk.

Justin: Yes, i've asked everyone to stay out. 

Sam: Okay then. 

Justin: Okay so let me explain.

Sam: Okay explain Better be good.

Justin: It is i promise, okay so when the One Less Lonely Girl came up on stage and sat down i went up to her and I touched her face because you know shes a belieber and it's a dream come true you know.

Sam: Justin i dont need to know everything leading up to it.

Justin: Oh right okay, well yeah well when the song started to fade off like i do to all of my OLLG's i touch there face again and i lean in and let them look into my eyes. And i look back at them. Well yeah so i did that and next thing you know is shes holding my face pulling me in and shes moved my mic out from my face and i have proof that she did this, in the video. But anyway. Yeah she kissed me i never kissed her back i pulled away but she kept pulling me back. And when you looked it must've been when she was pulling me back. So after she kissed me i asked her for her name and then i said "give it up for cloe everyone" because i do the same every time. Then i took her backstage i was looking for you but i couldnt find you until after she left to go back to her seat. I played it cool when i saw you thinking that you didnt see. But you did. When i took cloe backstage and said bye she said 'I hope you and Sam break up over this, call me if you do, the numbers in your back pocket.' I then ripped up the number and chucked it. then i found you and played it cool. I went out and finished my concert and then when i finished and we went back to the hotel and you weren't talking to me i figured out that you saw cloe kissing me but i still played it cool. And asked you why you weren't speaking to me. Then you said dont call you baby and dont ask you that question and i knew. But i was still playing cool because im stupid and thinking that it still could be something else. I'm sorry baby, and i didnt mean any of this to happen please forgive me ???

Sam: Oh my god, im so sorry for not realizing that you wouldnt do that to me i had a feeling you wouldn't but i didnt know i kept second guessing myself. Im sorry babe i really am. Thank you for delaying the flights i wanted to stay but i thought that i would try and teach you a lesson but i now know that i dont have to. You're perfect and i want you forever. Never leave me please I love you. 

I start to tear up.

Sam: Sorry, i didnt mean to cry.

Justin: Its okay, its not our fault that she kissed me and its not your fault that i couldnt tell you the full story i shouldve stayed by your side no matter what. I love you. I will never leave you. EVER !

Sam: Thank you, i love you so much. 

Justin: I love you too. Now can we order food?

I laugh

Sam: Yes cutie!

Justin calls the waiter in and orders some food, and me being nearly starving i ordered alot of food. We wait about half an hour for our food and in that time we talk about what we've missed while we weren't together. The food was soo good ! 

Justin: Babe i have something i want to say to you.... 

Sam: Yeah what is it?

Justin: well.....


Thank you for reading Chapter 10!!! What is Justin going to say to Sam !? 

Is it good?

Or is it Bad?

Find out next time in chapter 11 :D thank you for reading !! 

~Sammiebieber <3 



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