Better Than Expected <3

This Starts off when Sam & Rachelle are going to the believe tour and are really excited and something that Sam has always wanted to happen happens finally, and everything turns out Better Than Expected <3 Hope you guys enjoy.. My first FanFic. Oh and dont forget if you like this tan favorite and become a fan so you can see updates <3 thank you.



5. Concert.

Justin sat down in his car, and shut the door.

Justin: You excited for tonight Babe?

Sam: Yeah of course I am Why wouldn't I be i get to meet Pattie and I get to help Allison Pick the OLLG. 

Justin: I thought you would like the idea of helping because I know i'm not going to be doing anything like what happened with me and you when you were the OLLG.

Sam: Yeah i know babe. I love you.

Justin: Naw I love you too babe.

Sam: I really hope Pattie likes me.

Justin: Yeah she will why wouldn't she you're amazing just like her, you two will get along very well.

Justin continues driving, and i think about meeting Pattie, what if she doesn't like me and she just thinks that im just some girl that Justin will just get over in a couple of weeks or months, i don't want to be that girl. I really do hope she likes me cause if she doesn't i don't know what i will do. I love Justin and if she doesn't like me than it will be over.

Justin: We are nearly here babe, Keep an eye out for the beliebers because they will scream, and they will want to meet you because your with me. Like i said you are now Famous, also girls will come running after me so yeah just be careful, and try not to get  hurt. 

Sam: Trust me, i know what beliebers think, remember babe i was just one a couple of days ago, They want you babe, they also know you are claustrophobic and care for you  so they don't want to hurt you or anything like that they just want a hug from their Idol babe, like when i asked for a hug when i was waving at you like a loony, and i got to say that was embarrassing, also remember that beliebers will never leave you, i remember when i read that letter, when you said one day we will have forgotten about you, that's not true we Will never leave. 

Justin: Don't you mean they will never leave considering you are now mine babe. I just got told so many times that they were going to leave i started to believe it, then i got all your tweets and then i started to believe again.

Sam: That's good, and yes i mean 'they' But i will always be a belieber no matter what the circumstance is, yours or not yours. Cause ONCE A BELIEBER ALWAYS A BELIEBER babe. 

Justin: okay babe, we are here. Just be careful, the pap are here to so our relationship is going to be known by everyone, just hold my hand and let me lead the way. When i get out of the car stay here i'll come get you. 

Sam: Okay babe, ready when you are.

Justin gets out of the car after kissing me on the forehead. walks around and opens my door, when he opens my door all i can hear is screaming, i thought about how that was me. Justin grabbed my hand and our fingers intertwined and the screaming got louder, then justin kissed my cheek and started walking.

Justin: You okay babe.

Sam: Yeah just getting used to being on the other side of all the screaming, i remember when i was them. 

Justin: Yeah you'll get used to it, wont take long. 

Sam: Yeah i hope it wont take long considering i'll be hearing it wherever i go, it's okay though as long as im with you babe,  love you. 

Justin: love you too babe. 

Justin and I kept walking until we saw Scooter and Alfredo. Scooter looked at Justin and I as in to say, What happened man i never knew you had a girl, and Alfredo was looking at me as if to say,DAYYUMM. i thought to myself, lol. 

Justin: Heyy my mans. *hugged scooter and knuckled Alfredo* 

Scooter: Hey Buddy i never knew you had a girl, when did this happen. 

Justin: Last night we met and today, we went on a date and made it official, sounds fast but i'm in love man.

Alfredo: Nice job man.. 

Scooter: Awesome i hope you had a good time on the date.\

Justin: Yeah we did. I shall introduce you. This is Sam. And Sam this is Scoo.....

Sam: Scooter and Alfredo, I know babe i am a belieber. Nice to meet you. *smirking at justin* 

Justin: True, True babe. So you know my whole crew just havent met them yet.

Sam: Yeah, but I have wanted to meet them for ages babe, and tonight i get to. 

Justin: Yeah you do, and i know that they will all like you, i can see that you don't think that what are you worried about babe?

Sam: Just, I dont know, What if your mum doesn't like me then what will happen we wont be able to see each other anymore babe but i love you and i can't do that. 

Justin: Dont say that i know for a fact that my mum will love you. And even if she didn't she would have to put up with it I'm 19 now and noone can tell me who i can and can't see. I love you babe. 

Sam: I hope you're right babe. 

Justin and I aswell as Scooter and Alfredo, walk into the entertainment center and i begin to meet more of his crew. Until it came to his mum, i was so nervous. But then it just went away when Pattie walked up to Justin and I.

Pattie: Well Justin are you going to introduce me to this Beautiful Young lady you have here. 

Justin: Don't embarrass me in front of my GirlFriend mum. 

Justin just introduced me as his girlfriend omb how sweet. He was soo sweet. 

Pattie: Your Girlfriend! *she smiled with the biggest smile* WOW she;'s beautiful, Introduce me please. 

Justin: I know mum I don't know how she loves me. This is Sam. 

Pattie: Hello Sam nice too meet you, How are you. 

Sam: Hey Pattie, Im Really good, it's a pleasure to finally meet you, I have wanted to meet you for ages, and i have to say you are such an inspiration to me. 

Pattie: Justin i like this one she's a keeper. And Sam it's a pleasure to meet you too and thank you, You seem like a very nice young lady and i really like you, i think we will be good friends. 

Sam: Thank you. 

Justin: I know mum she's amazing i know she's a keeper, wasn't going to let her go anyway, and she knows that. 

Sam: Yes, I do, Love you babe 

I gave him a kiss on the cheek. 

Justin: I've got to run through a couple of things talk to mum i'll be back in a minute babe okay?

Sam: Yeah, okay babe.

Justin walked off and Pattie and I started talking. 

Pattie: He really likes you, you know that right, he loves you i can see it in his eyes and the way he acts around you.

Sam: Really? I love him too, I feel like a different person around him like i can open up to him more than i can to anyone else i dont feel insecure around him either, i just feel like me. 

Pattie: Thats good, He is a really good guy.

Sam: Yeah i know, thats one of the reasons i love him. 

Pattie: So how did you guys meet?

So i told Pattie how we met and her reaction was priceless she was like WOW i never thought that justin would fall in love that fast and with someone he saw in the crowd, she didnt mean it in a bad way either she made sure i understood that. Pattie was just amazing, i  would love to call her mum. One day. Justin came over when he was done he took more than a few minutes but it was okay because i had a good chat with Pattie, By the time he came back over it was 6:30pm and the show was going to start in half an hour. Justin was getting changed and making sure he was ready to go out on stage. He was in his Black leather suit for when he comes out in the angel wings, the opening. Time went fast watching Justin get ready, i could hear everyone screaming as the clock counted down for when Justin comes out there was like 5 mins left on the clock.

Justin: I love you babe i'll see you when i come back to get changed again.

Sam: Yeah, i look forward to seeing you all sweaty and hot, your so sexy babe.

Justin: Not as sexy as you babe, Okay i got to go babe love you.

He kissed me and then i had to go because we had to give him room to fly off, dayum how come he is so perfectly sexy. I watched him fly off and then watched on the screens backstage on what he was doing, he landed then starting singing 'all around the world'. i couldnt wait to go out there and pick the OLLG, so Allison and I watched the screens then we got the queue to go out and start looking it was one song before so we had a little time to look around. 

Allison: Who do you think we should pick tonight. This girl, this girl, this girl so many girls to pick from. 

Sam: Hmmmmm i'm thinking maybe someone further back a little bit, someone that never expected it to come there way. 

One Less Lonely Girl started to play we have to hurry up. Then i pointed out this one girl she looked pretty happy to be here well they all do but i saw something in her. 

Sam: Allison that girl *i pointed at her* 

Allison: Yeah you can ask her if you want, you do the honors?

Sam: OMB yes please. 

I walk up to the girl and tap her on the shoulder, she turns around. 

Sam: Do you want to be the One Less Lonely Girl tonight??

Girl: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I would love to be 

Allison: Come with us then. 

The girl turns around to her friend and tells her and her friend screamed and said go. 

Girl: Thank you so much you dont know how much this means to me. 

Sam: trust me i know exactly how you feel, i was the OLLG last night. I am a belieber just like you.

Girl: wait you are? How are you out here picking then?

Sam: Lets just say i got lucky, i dont want to spoil anything that you guys dont know yet. 

So we took her back stage and out onto the stage and the girl was in tears and she was soo happy that she got this opportunity, she sat down on the seat while Justin did his thing. The song finished and he walked her off the stage and we took her back to her seat. And then Allison and i went backstage again and waited for the show to finish, When the show finished Justin came over to me.

Justin: That was a good show babe, dont you think?

Sam: Yeah babe every show you do is Perfect. 

And i kiss him, he is sweating so bad but i like it he is so sexy when he is sweating, well he is sexy anyways.

Justin: Babe? 

Sam: Yes babe?

Justin: I need to ask you something  very important.

Sam: Yeah anything babe ask away?

Justin: I want to know if you want to come with me on the rest of my tour so we dont get split......


.......Continues next chapter........


Thank you guys for reading everything so far i really appreciate it....... What will Sam say to Justin's offer? Will she Say Yes, and if she does what will her mother think of her decision? Well keep reading to find out. Make sure to like and favorite this so you can see when i update, also comment tell me what you think. And you can become a fan?? 

~ Sammiebieber. <3 Love you guys.


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