Better Than Expected <3

This Starts off when Sam & Rachelle are going to the believe tour and are really excited and something that Sam has always wanted to happen happens finally, and everything turns out Better Than Expected <3 Hope you guys enjoy.. My first FanFic. Oh and dont forget if you like this tan favorite and become a fan so you can see updates <3 thank you.



8. Bad News.

The Flight attendant walks out to scooter and goes up to him.

Scooter: Whats wrong??

FA: Justin, There is something wrong with him.


FA: He has passed out and hit his head and it doesnt look too good. I dont think that he can do shows for a while he will have to go to the hospital we've called an ambulance already. They are on their way.

Scooter: ARE YOU FOR REAL. How did he fall and hit his head??

FA: He was hugging Sam and he was trying to walk while hugging her and then he tripped over her feet... She stood back and he fell. Sam is crying so much she blames herself.

Scooter: Its not her fault accidents happen. And this time it was an accident. 

The Flight attendant walked back into the plane with Scooter so he could see how bad it was. When Scooter saw him he was shocked. He called the ambulance and told them to hurry up. And before you know it the Ambulance was there. The man walked into the plane and took a look at Justin.

Man: Well we have to take him to the hospital because there is some damage and we need to do some tests. From what we can see he has got concussion and as soon as he wakes up we need to keep him awake.

Scooter: Is it that bad.. Also Sam don't worry about it he will be fine.

Sam: Scooter i can't tell you how sorry i am I didnt mean for this to happen. I wish it was me that fell instead of him then everything would be fine. 

Scooter: Don't be so silly?!?

Man: Well as soon as you are done i would like to get Justin to hospital. 

Sam: We are done. Get him there as fast as you can.  PLEASE.

Man: We will do what we can do. 

They lift up Justin and take him to the ambulance. He looks so hurt and its all my fault. Why him. Why Justin. Why not me. He is going to hate me. 

Once we get to the hospital Justin wakes up.

Justin: Sam? Sam? Sam where are you. 

Sam: Im here baby. 

Justin: I'm so sorry. Are you hurt?? 

Sam: No i'm not you are though baby and im sorry. 

Justin: Dont be sorry its not your fault. I love you. 

Sam: I love you too Baby.. You've got to stay awake. 

Justin: I know baby... Im trying my best too. Everything will be okay. 

The nurse walks in. 

Nurse: Justin you're awake. 

Justin: Yes i have been for about 5 minutes now. 

Nurse: Okay thats good. How are you feeling?

Justin: Actually to be honest i feel great. 

Nurse: Really? Well in that case we could probably let you go today.

Justin: Yes please do i need to get too my next show. And i have to fly so.... I need to leave right now. Can I?

Nurse: Uhm i would have to check with the doctor. I'll be right back.

The nurse walks out and walks to the doctor to ask him if Justin can leave. I can see them talking in the distance.

Sam: I hope they let you go because i want to start our life together already.

Justin: Awh baby you're so cute. I love you. And i hope they let me go too.

Sam: The nurse is coming back... So whats the answer??? please say yes.

Nurse: The answer is a yes because he is feeling normal.

Justin: Thank god. 

Sam: YAY. Thank you.

Justin and I get our things together and start heading out. We walked up to Justin's car because Scooter drove it here. Scooter and the crew have already headed back to the airport they are getting the flight ready. When we get to the airport we get our bags onto the plane and we take off. 

Justin: I love you baby.

Sam: I love you too. I want to be with you forever. 

Justin: Same.

5 Hours later.

Justin: Okay we are just about to land baby wake up.

Sam: Mmmm. I was dreaming.

Justin: Awwh sorry. 

When the plane landed we got off and then collected our bags and caught up with the crew. We drove to the hotel we were staying at. Justin had Booked the whole top floor like he does usually so we could play hide and seek with everyone but we had a concert tonight so we have to go there first. We unpacked our things and we had to leave straight away to get to the venue on time. When we got there, there was soo many girls waiting outside and then i remembered that was me only a couple of weeks ago. All these girls knew about me. I'm famous now and this is going to take a while to get used to. When we got out of the car we had to sneak inside. By this time everyone was getting inside and Justin was in the change rooms getting ready. He takes FOREVER. Once he was ready the countdown started and he was putting his wings on. the ones he goes out on. The concert was amazing so far. And i get to see as many as i want too. One Less Lonley girl came on and Allison and i had to go out to pick someone. I picked this really pretty girl she was wearing skinny jeans (black) a white top that she had written on saying I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER. ILL BE YOUR FAVOURITE GIRL. MARRY ME JUSTIN. CAN I BE YOUR OLLG, and she had blonde straight hair. Well nows her time to shine. she got the OLLG when we asked her she just bursted out crying. We took her backstage and leaded her out and she sat on the chair. Justin Came over to her and he was singing and touching her face and being all cutesie. Its like he forgot i was here.... It wasnt nice seeing the love of my life with another girl and i looked away for a second and when i looked back Justin and this Blonde chick were kissing..... HOW DARE HE DO THIS TOO ME. The song finished and she went back to her place. Once the concert finished we went back to the hotel and i wasnt speaking to Justin. I was so pissed at him.... 

Justin: Baby why arent you talking to me??? 





Thank you for reading this chapter i hope you liked it. 
What do you think is going to happen next what will Sam say to Justin. What will happen with there relationship. Find out with the chapters to come. LOVE YOU GUYS!! 

~Sammiebieber <3


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