They Don't Know About Us

When Eva Moves To London England With Her Friends Zoe and Jennifer . They Move Into Their Dream House . They Meet Five Boys That They Fall Inlove With . WARNING;Scenes May Be Graphic 15+ To Read . Very Dramatic FanFic You are About To Read !


2. Chapter Two

Chapter 2;Hospital.


I Couldnt Believe It!!
I Woke Up Next To Niall . I Didnt Know Where Jonathan Was ,But I Hear Ambulances In The Street . They Were Here For ... Zayn ? 
What Happend To zayn ?

Turns Out Zayn Faught With Jonathan And ,Jonathan Through Him Into a Brick Wall And His Head Is Bleeding Very Badly ! 
All i saw Was Zayn Being Carried Onto a Gernie . When He Got Lifted Into The Ambulance He Reached Out For Me . I Looked at Him And Started Crying i Went Into The Ambulance With Him Then We Left . 

He Said To Me Thinking i Was Perrie "Babe .. Eva's Mad .. I Dont Know What To Do .. I Love You Perrie " i Just Sat There crying Because He Still Had Feelings for Her . I Couldnt Hold In One Single Tear Knowing He Still Loves Perrie . When He Got His Vision Straight He Looked Into My Eyes and Said "Hey Babe " . I Ignored Him . They Unloaded Him Onto The Hospital Bed . He Only Had a Fractured Bone . He Looked at Me Crying And Said "Why Are You Crying i Only Have a Fractured Bone ?" I Said "Im Not Crying Because Of That ... " he Than Noticed What He Said And Said To Me "Babe Was It What i Said !?" I Said "Whatever ." He Said "No Tell Me !" I Said " Just Stop" .  He Said "Babe ?" I Said "No Im Not Your Girlfriend Anymore " a Tear Flushed Down My Cheeck . He Said "You werent Kidding !!!??!?" I Said "Noo ... we're Done Here ... " he Started Crying and Saying "IDidnt Realize What I Lost Until i Actually Lost It " i Said " You Gained and Lost .. Gained Perrie Lost Me .. But Hey Fresh Start ?" He Said "No .. I Want You Back Thats All i Want You Make Me Happy!" I said "Zayn I didnt Make you Happy .. You Wouldve Never Cheated If i Didnt Make You Happy .. Its My Fault..i Didnt Make you Happy ..." He Said "Shhh " he Grabbed my Neck and Kissed Me . We Kissed For Ten Seconds But I Pushed Away And said "You Think Kissing Me Solves Your Problem With Me ? Well It Doesnt . Im Still Not Your Girlfriend " i Walked Out And He Said "Noo Babe Come Back !" I Just Started Running . Jonathan Caught Me On The Way He Said "Did You Go See Zayn ?" I Said "..Yeah.." He Said "I Dont want You With Him !" I Said "Dont Worry !" . I Walked Away . As i Walked away I Heard Zayn Scream "Eva! Babe ! " i Didnt Look Once . I Didnt Want To See His Face . I Didnt Ant To Be With Him Right Now . He Layed on The Hospital Bed Crying and Wheeping and Begging . Begging For Forgiveness . -Two Weeks Later -  I Was In The Kitchen Making Breakfast . The Boys Have Already To Their Flat . I Hear A Car Pass By My House . Didnt Mind It . Zayn Was Still Trying To Get Me Back. Everyday He Would Text Me Or Call Me I Never Answered . Until Today . I Was In My Sweats and Comfy Shirt That Was Nialls . It Smelled Like Niall Infact The Warm Fuzzy Feeling Makes Me Feel Like Im With Niall . Gosh! I Love That Boy . But Half My Heart Is Still Missing . One Half Is Niall The Other Is Empty Ever since i Left Zayn . I Was Watching The Movie "LOL" with Miley Cyrus. Its My Favorite Movie .

As i Was Watching The Movie It Was Towards The End . My Phone Rang . I Picked It Up it Said Private Number . 
Me; Hello ?
Zayn ; Eva ?
Me ;Yeah,Who is This ?
Zayn ; Babe Its Zayn . I Cant Live Without You ! Ok ? I Just Cant I Cry Myself To Sleep Every Single Night . I Write Your Name In Sharpie Everyday On My Wrist . 
Me; *Cries and Sniffles* Zayn I-I Dont Know What To Say ...
Zayn ;How About A Yes ? 
Me ;Huh?
Zayn ;Will You Go Out With Me ? 
Me ;Zayn Im Not Ready Yet. You Really Hurt Me . You Thought i Was Perrie ! You Said You Loved Her .
Zayn ; i Broke Up With Her For You !
Me;Bye Zayn
Zayn ;No Please Baby Dont Lea-
I Cut Him Off . 
Zoe Liam And Louis Wen To The Beach Later That Day When Louis Came To Pick Zoe Up He Left Me a Letter From Zayn and Another From Niall . Louis Said "Here Ya Go Love ,Love Letters From Your Lovers !" I Said" Well One Of Them" louis Said "Oh ..Yah ..Zayn isnt ..hope you Guys Can Work Things Out " i Said "Idont Know .." They Left . 

~~~~~~ZOE'S POV~~~~~~~~
Well Me and Liam Were In The Backseat With Louis As The Chofer Was Driving. Me and Louis Were Talking About Our Future as Liam Was Asleep . Louis Kissed Me Passionionately . He Loved Me and i Loved Him Back . We Got To The Beach Pretty Quick . When We Got There We Ran Into The Water and Played like Little Kids . It Was Awesome i Couldnt Believe that Liam Bulged On My Ass . Kinda Sexy If You Ask Me But Ya'Know . 
----EndOf Zoes POV----

So Me and Zayn Havent Been Talking . Well More Like I Havent Been Talking To Him . It Was A Fresh Airy Night . I was Asleep in Niall's Warm Muscular Arms . When I Hear a Window Break. Niall Woke Up and i Saw His Beautiful Blue Eyes Sparkle he Said "Babe Wait Here Ill Check It Out" . He Came Back with a Letter . Niall Said "Babe Its a Letter ... To Me " i Said "Well Read It " He Read It OutLoud it Read "Hey Niall Its Been A While Huh ? I Heard Your With a New Girl ? Names Eva Right . Eva ...  I Wonder .. Well Niall Im Angry .. At The Fact You Left Me For Someone Like Her ! Did You Know She Slept Around and Gave a Guy a BlowJob when She Was 11 ? Well You Know Now . Byee xx" Niall Looks at Me And Asks "You Slept Around ? You Gave a Guy a Blowjob at ELEVEN !???? " i Said "What !? Noo . Whoevee That Was, Was Lying !" Niall Looked At Me On Disgust . "Niall I Promise I Didnt Do Anything That She Said !" He Looked At Me and Bent Over To Kiss Me And Said "Okay Angel I Believe You ,Now Lets Get To Bed " i Said "But Wait !  I Heard Something Else When You Left It Came From ... The Pool ! It Sounded Like Oh My God ! Your Kidding Me ! 


A/N: Sorry it's crappy. I didn't edit it.. 

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