They Don't Know About Us

When Eva Moves To London England With Her Friends Zoe and Jennifer . They Move Into Their Dream House . They Meet Five Boys That They Fall Inlove With . WARNING;Scenes May Be Graphic 15+ To Read . Very Dramatic FanFic You are About To Read !


1. Chapter One

Well It Was The Day I Left To London To Move Into My New Home. I Already Have a Home In Ireland But i Decided To Buy My Dream House with The Money My Dad Left Me When He Died, Because He knew how Much I Wanted This House. 

The house Had 10 Huge Rooms . My Room Was The Best and The Biggest. Zoe And Jennifer Had Awesome Rooms Too. Our Kitchen Had Three Refrigerators and A Huge Stove. Our Backyard Was Its Best Feature; It Had a Giant Back Yard with a Enormous Pool With a Underground Room . Where You Can Actually Sleep In. The Yard Had A Bar and the Pool Had a Water Slide .  The Living Room Was Huge With a Giant In-Wall Tv . A Giant Super Comfy Couches . 

When We Got To The Flat And We Unpacked . As Soon As We Finished We Went To The Grocery Store To Buy Food Because We Had None . We Went To The Grocery Store and Bought Tones Of Food . Because i Have a Huge Appetite . When We Loaded Our Croceries Into the Car I Bumbed Into Two Cuties . 

A Blonde One and A Black Haired One . Their Names Were Zayn and Niall . They Were So Cute . Before We Said Our Goodbyes They Asked For My Number So i Gave It To Them . When We Got Home Zoe and I Unloaded The Food  Whilst Jennifer Was On Facetime With Some Friends . Then Niall Texted Me Niall;"Hey Love Can Me and Some Friends Chill At Your Flat?" 

Me;"Yah Sure Come Through" 

Niall;"Thnx Love We'll Be There Soon" 


Zayn Txted Me Later ;"We're Almost There Beautiful" 

me;"Great ! ^-^"

Zayn;"We're Here ." 
I Told Zoe and Jennifer That They Were Here And They Were Excited . When Niall Knocked He Said "Hey Love Id Like For You To Meet Harry Louis and Liam ." We Introduced Ourselves and Let Them In The House. Niall, Zayn, and I Went To The Kitchen To Fix Something Up To Eat for Everyone It Was Fun Zayn ended Up with Peanut Butter On His Neck Niall Had Jelly On His Collar Bone and I Had Jelly On My Lips . Zayn Said "Ill Get That Love " and He Kissed Me to Get The Jelly Off Then Niall Said "I Can Get The Rest" 

Niall Kissed Me and Sucked My Lips . They Were Both Ok Being My Boyfriends At The Same Time It Was Awesome . So I Had 2 Boufriends Cool . Harry Saw Jennifer And Immediately Fell Inlove With Her They Were Flirting With Eachother And Got To Know Eachother and So Did Me and Niall and Zayn He Found Out I Had a House In Ireland . And i Found Out alot Of Things About Them . 

Lou and Liam Caught Onto Zoe So She Had Two boyfriends Too . We All Layed On The Couch Cuddling And Kissing and Watching Twilight Movies . We All Fell Asleep and In 

The middle Of The Night Harry Woke Up To Get Us All Blankets . When I WokeUp In The Morning I Saw Zayn and Niall And They Said "Goodmorning Beautiful" i Said 

"Goodmorning " and Kissed Them Both . 

Harry Had Already Made BreakFast . I Said "Awww Thanks Haz . " we Were all Already So Close That We Seemed Like We knew Eachother since Forever . Harry Said "Welcome Love " lou and Liam and Zoe Still Havent woken Up . 

Later The Boys Left The Hours Went By Fast We Started Getting Ready For The Party At 6;00 pm (Cali Time) . 

We finished Getting Ready At 7;55 . Perfect Timing . The Boys Came and We Got To The Party Pretty Quickly . When We Got There we Had a Pretty Good Time Me Niall and Zayn Went Outside For a While To get To Know Eachother a Little Better . 

I Found Out That I Love them Yes iknow its crazy Because We Barely Met But i Feel As If ive Known For a Looong Time. Well After The Party The Boys Spent The Night . Nothing Sexual Happened . 

We Had A Peaceful Night Me and Zayn and Niall Were In My Room Txting Eachother like Idiots Haha . Zayn Texted Me A Sweet Paragraph/Essay That Read

 "Hey Love Look i Know We Only Met Yesterday But It Seems As if Ive Known You Since i Was A Kid. Eva I Love You and I Dont Ever Want To Lose You . You Are My Heart . I Love you and I Swear Ill Sail The sea To Find Ill Fly Across The Earth To See Your Face For Just a Second . Ill Do Anything For You <3" 

Niall Sent Me a Paragraph/Essay Too That Read
"Hey Babe I Cant Define How Beautiful You are ,I Cant Describe How much I Love You . I Love your Kisses <3 . If Im Not feeling Well Kiss Me Ill Wake right up . There is No Words To Describe You . Maybe These Words Can Help . Beautiful . Gorgeous. Vein. Outstanding. Etc etc I Love You" i Was In love With Both Zayn and Niall So Much . I Don't Ever Want To Lose Them . *Three Weeks Later * 
I Love Zayn and Niall So Much . Its Almost To An Extent Where I Have To Write There Names On My Wrist To Be Happy . But Zayn Has Been Hiding Something From Me . He Keeps Getting Phone Calls And i Think One Time He Called a Girl Love,Babe,And Baby On The Phone. 
Today he Was In The Shower and He left His Phone On The Counter . Me and Niall Were Playing Mankala When We Get Interrupted By a Phone Ringing It Was Zayns The Contact Name Was "My Babe;Perri <3" 

I Looked and I Fell To The Floor Niall Came Quickly To Pick Me . 

He Said "Babe Dont Cry ... " 

"did You Know About This ?? " I shrieked.  He shook his head and Said, "No ! I Promise You i Didnt " 

I wiped some tears and said, "Whatever Niall I Need Time Alone,"
I Kissed Him For a Quick Two Minutes Than When I Was About To Leave A Text Comes In To Zayn's Phone Saying 

"Hey Babe I cant Wait To See You ! Love u Bye <3 Xx" 

just When I Saw That i Cried More Than Zayn Walked Out Of The Shower He Saw Me Looking At His phone and Said "Babe! Dont ! " 

i Ran As Fast As i Could Out Of The Flat He Was Already Dressed So He Tried To Chase After Me . He Soon Caught Me and Said "Babe -" i Cut Him Off And Said 

"Zayn What The Hell Were You Thinking? I Was Your Toy!? Did You Just Use Me This Entire Time??" he pulled his hair then said, "No Babe Im Sorry It Wont Happend Again!! " 

"Your Right ! It Wont Happend ..Because ...Its Over," i scoffed

Zayn Said "No Babe ! You Cant Leave Me ! Please No!?? " 

i Said "Have Fun with Perrie ! " 

Zayn Grabbed My Arm And Looked Me In The Eyes and Said, "Babe Dont Leave Me!" 

I Said "Let Go Of Me! " i Shoved Him off Of Me . "Zayn You Obviously Don't Think Im Enough For You To Cheat On Me Well Go Have Fun With Perrie Hopefully Shes Enough ! Goodbye Zayn! " i Started Running Again As Fast As My Legs Could Go. "Babe Please Dont Go!!! " I heard him say. He Ran After Me But i Ran Faster He Gave Up After Half a Mile . 

I Looked Back And He Was On The Floor Crying . I Kept Running Away . On My Way In The Streets I Bumbed Into The Most Unexpected Person ! It Was My Bestfriend Jonathan . He looked. at Me  "Why Are You Crying? Whats Wrong?? " he asked "Its Zayn.." I murmured 

"What Did He Do!!!!!? I'll Fuck Him Up! " he shouted

i Said "No Dont Lets Go ." He Walked Me Around Town and We Talked . He Was In London Because He Was Training Here For a MMA Fight . 

Zayn Texted Me While We Were Walked Zayn;"Baby Please Come Back!? Im Nothing Without You! You Have To Come Back Atleast For Niall ! Please i Know i Made a Mistake ! But Please Dont Leave Me ! " i Texted Back;"Goodbye Zayn " . He Said Zayn;"Babe Ill Find You ;'cc <|3" i Said;"I Hope You Never Find Me ! I hope you Find Perrie ! Bye Zayn !!" Then Jonathan Decided To Call Zayn "Hey This Is Eva's Bestfriend Jonathan ." "yah Hey Can U Tell Her That I Wond Do It Again!? Please I Need Her !" "No You Hurt My Bestfriend There Is no Way Im Letting You Near Her !" "Im Going To Find Her No Matter What Shes My Love ! " "If She Was Your Love You Wouldn't Of Done That" i Grabbed The Phone And Said "What Do you Want Zayn?" "for You Too Come Back!" "Zayn Im Not Coming Back...Not For a Long Time .." "You Have To This Is Your House! " "Its Ok . Zayn I Can Already See You Getting Married To Perrie Goodbye !" "but Bab-" i Cut Him Off and Hung Up .

 Jonathan Told me "Dont Worry ,Its All Going To Better . " 
I Hugged Him and Said "Thanks ,I Really Love Him Though I Cant Live Without Him Either But When i Saw That Hes Cheating On Me ..My Heart Broke Apart Into a Million Pieces," Jonathan Said "Iknow Its Hard But Ill Be Here With You Through Out The Entire Way," i hugged him tighter and said,  "Thanks," He Hugged Me and Said "Just Give me A Call And Ill Run Over To Wherever You Are ,Now i Know You Dont Want To Go Home Because Zayn Is There Bit Your Are Going To Have To " 

i Said "...Fine Aslong As You Go With Me" 
he Said "Ok I Will " 

we Walked Back Home and Zayn Was Still There i Could Tell Because His car Was There . I Walked In And Zayn Ran To Me But Jonathan Held Him Back Before Zayn Even Touched Me . Zayn Pushed Him Away And Ran After Me . Once He Got To Me He Kissed Me .

I Slapped Him. "Im Not Your Girlfriend Anymore ! You Have Perrie!!"  I Said 

"Not anymore ...I Broke Up With Her For You .." He wisperes. I Looked At Him and Said "Thats Not Going To Change The Fact That I Loved You While You Were Loving Someone Else " 

Than Niall Came Out and I Kissed Niall Right Infront Of Zayn . And Then I Grabbed Nialls Hand And Left To Our Room . Zayn Cried . 

Zayn Screamed "I wanna Die ! I Wanna Die!!" I Looked At Him And We Looked Into Eachothers Puffy Red Eyes From Crying and I Looked Away . I Just Walked Into My Room With Niall . I See Zayns Phone Broken On The Floor .

 I Asked niall "What Happend In Here" 

he Said "After You Left He Went Nuts " 

i Asked "What Did He Say Or Do?" 

Niall said "He Came Home And Tried Cutting Himself But We Stopped Him ,Than He Wrote On His Arm 'Eva Malik Please Be Mine ,I Dont Want To Lose You' and Than He Cried Alot " 

i Said "Niall ...i Dont Know What To Do ...But i Know One Things For Sure im Sleeping With You Only Tonight . "

 Niall Said "Im Okay With That ". Me and Niall Locked The Door So He wouldnt Come in . But Occasionaly zayn Would Try To Get In . 

He Would Say "Babe Let Me Talk To You Please ? " i Texted Jonathan To Come Through The Window so He Did and Since i Have a Mini Fridge In My Room We Were All Good and i Have a Bathroom . The Next Day something Tragic Happend ,I Couldnt Believe It !!

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