For the love of Brooklyn

I was only 5 years old when I met my best friend Niall. I was swinging on the swing and my abusive dad pushed me off the swing and runaway like he didn't do it and left me there. That night I knew I was going to have to sleep at the park. Until a small boy with piercing blue eyes come over to me and helped me stand up. "Are you okay?" He asked. His Irish accent made me feel comfortable around him. He gave me a hug and spoke. " I saw what that man did to you. " I looked up at him, tears were slowly falling from my eyes as I thought about my father. "Please don't cry" he whispered as he tightened his grip. "I'm Niall by the way." He said "Brooklyn, but you can call me Brooke." I replied.


2. Surprise!

Brooke's pov
It was 3 in the morning and I was awake from a loud bang from downstairs. I grabbed my dance trophy and got ready to protect myself and attack the person in my house. I tip-toed down the stairs an heard a like squeak from the kitchen. I quietly walked over to find Liam unloading grocery bags. "Liam!" I yelled as he jumped and turned around with soup cans aimed towards me. "Really, soup cans to protect you." I looked at him and rolled my eyes. "Gosh Brooke you scared me!"Liam yelled at me. "Sorry" was all I replied. "Is Dani home yet?" Liam asked. "No, she will be home at like noon." He gave me a smile ad with that I went upsides to go to bed. I was almost asleep, before Dani and Liam walked in and screamed "SURPRISE!" "AHHH!" I screamed as I run to give Dani a hug but tripped over my own feet. As soon as I got up I embraced Dani into a hug. She had been gone of 3 weeks at a dance camp in New York. I missed her so much but Liam came everyday and hang out with me so I wouldn't be lonely. "How are you lovey, I missed you!" She squealed out as I was still hugging her. "I'm great. I missed you so much!" I yelled. I finally released her and Liam took her hand. "Okay lovebirds get out of my room." I said all serious. Dani and Liam started to laugh and I gave them the death glare ad they stopped. "Alright goodnight lovey dovey!" Dani screamed. It was 4:45 in the morning. I decided I could just sleep in till tomorrow.


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