Younger Love

Ah young love so sweet an innocent but....this is no ordinary young love. What if i told you the girl was 13 and the boy was 18. That could complicate things. Can Harry and Camille work this out or not?


2. The Studio


Harry’s POV – She just looked at me and nodded slightly. So we got up from the chairs from what seemed to belong to a pizza place and we walked to her house. She looked at me and I looked back and she smiled at the ground and blushed. She was so pretty why couldn’t she see that and I knew I was devolving feelings for her but she was only 13 and I was 18. I think we should be friends for the time being and then we would become best friends then I would tell her when she’s 14 or 15 how feel. “Here it is” she spoke. We arrived at some yellow apartment buildings and walked up to the second floor and she said “Just be quiet when we get in my mom is sleeping” I nodded remembering her mom is a night nurse. I walked in and it was a warm and cozy little place. She put down her bag and went into the back and minutes later she came back out in UCLA sweat pants and black tank top with a nap-sack on her back and her hair was down with a thin black head band on. “Ready to go?” she asked. I nodded and we left with that. We walked back into town but crossed the street and went through the gas station and walked into the driveway of what seemed to be her dance studio. It was 5:15 and her class started at 5:30 and today was jazz as she had told me before. No one was there except the earlier class we sat in the back room. “You might want to put this on” she handed me a pair of sunglasses, a black beanie, and a sweatshirt. I nodded knowing the other people in her dance class would start to show up and recognize me. I put them on and she nodded in approval. Soon the other girls started to show up and Camille introduced me to the as her cousin Harry. The girl’s names were Megan, Haley, Kelly, Maddie and Anna. They were nice and then the other class ended and Camille's  other 2 friends came up to her their names were Allison and Blair, they came off to me as rude and disrespectful. Then we walked into the studio and Camille introduced me to her teacher Kendall, she was a little older than me and she was pretty but she just didn’t compare to Camille. I sat on the raised stage and watched them stretch. Camille was pretty flexible she could do the splits one way. Then they did their “wall stretch” and they listened to “Little Things”. I smirked at Camille and she did the same. Then they did 25 jumping jacks and then started practicing their dance. The song they danced to was “C’mon C’mon” by well me, I guess. Camille was a really good dancer she moved so perfectly in sync with music that just made me think of another thing I liked about her. I was falling for this girl and I couldn’t help it but I just didn’t know how she felt about me. Then I thought I just met this girl about 3 and half hours ago and I know a lot about her and im falling for her. “Wow” I mumbled to myself not realizing Camille was right next to me. “Wow what?” she laughed. “Oh well you’re a really good dancer” it was true but that wasn’t why I said wow. She blushed as she said “Thanks”.  “Harry?” “Yeah” I said. “I trust Kendall so I want to introduce her to you as Harry Styles” I nodded and I took off the sunglasses and sweatshirt.

Camille’s POV – I came up to her and said, “Hey Kendall?” “Yeah” she said. “Harry isn’t my cousin in fact” before I could finish Kendall said “I knew that was Harry Styles when I first laid my eyes on him but I knew you didn’t want the other girls knowing so I just played along” she said with a smirk. All Harry and I could do was nod in thanks because we were both stunned from what she had to say. “Well it was nice having you here, umm could I get a pic” he laughed and he said sure. I took the pic and said “hey I’ll be right back I have to go to the bathroom” they both smiled and nodded.

Harry’s POV – After Camille left Kendall turned to me and said “Harry I know you have feelings in fact strong feelings for Camille.” I was shocked. This woman could tell the truth about everything. “How’d you know?” I questioned. “Harry, I’ve been in love before. I saw the look you gave her and you never, not even once took your eyes off of her the entire time you were here.” I looked to the floor and shuffled my foot on the floor back and forth. “I just met her today and im in love already” I mumbled. “Yeah, I know but Harry?” I looked up at her and paid attention. “Just please don’t hurt her she’s only 13 just be really good or even best friends first wait  till she’s 14 or 15 till you confess your love for her or whatever to her, Ok?” I nodded and said “That’s what I was planning on doing actually” she looked kind of shocked but she replied with “You’re a good guy you know what you’re doing” I thanked her. I had been told by another person to wait and I told myself to wait this was sign to wait for her and it would be all good but I knew it was going to kill me. The thing was I had only met her 4 hours ago and as I told myself before I was falling for this girl, hard. Camille had returned from the bathroom and we left she hugged me goodbye. “Camille!” I yelled as I ran back to her. “Yeah?” she replied. “Can I have your number?” I asked. “Yeah of course I thought you were going to forget” she said teasingly. She gave me her phone and I put my number in and she did the same with my phone. “I text you later ok?” I told her. “Ok!” she said as her eyes gleamed and with that I walked back to my car and drove back to the hotel. I parked and looked at my phone 4 missed calls and 27 text messages. Wow I thought to myself then I realized it was 6:45 at night and I had left at 2:15 in the afternoon and hadn’t told any of the lads where I was. I was going to be in a lot of trouble now. I walked up to the hotel room preparing myself for what I was in for. I opened the door and saw the lads all with worried faces then they looked at me with relief and anger. “Where the hell have you been for the past 5 hours?!” Zayn yelled at me. “We’ve been worried sick about you!” Liam said less harsh but with just as much anger as Zayn. “You guys wouldn’t believe it” I said with joy as Camille’s face popped in my head. “What?” they all said simultaneously. “I met someone that’s why I didn’t respond or anything”. A look of happiness and worry spread across their faces. “Why do you guys look so worried?” I asked so confused by their looks. “Well…..” Lou said looking at the floor. “How much older is she and when are you guys going on your first date” he said so quickly he ran out of breathe. I froze, I couldn’t tell them she was 13 they would yell at me that she was way too young but I had to tell them. “Well… you see she’s not older” I said looking at the ground. “Well that’s great mate that she’s your age” Niall said with joy. “No she’s younger than that she’s um…..” I stuttered I just couldn’t say it. “Just spit it out mate” Lou said. I sighed “She’s 13” I couldn’t look them in the eyes at all. “Well there’s a bit of a problem with that Haz she’s too young.” Liam said with a bit of sadness to his tone. Then I just told them my plan and how we met and told them everything about her. “Harry she sounds lovely and mate that’s a great idea, for a second I thought you were going try something on her.” Liam said. “Why would I try something on her I have more common sense then that you know” I said teasingly. We all laughed and Niall asked “Do you have a picture of her?” I remembered I took a picture of her in front of her dance studio to remember that day. “Yes, I actually do have one” I handed my phone over to them and they looked at the pic and gave back the phone with a look of confusion. “What?” I asked totally confused. “Mate, are you sure she’s 13 she looks like she’s your age” Louis said. I looked at the picture and thought wow she does look a lot older but in person she looked her age. “Yes trust me it’s just the picture” I told them. “Harry you should invite her over Saturday” Zayn said with excitement and the other lads shook their heads in agreement. I thought it was a good idea until I remembered to what she said about her parents and step-mom. I explained the entire thing to the boys. Then they all looked down and thought for minute and then Niall spoke up “How about we visit her after school” “That’s brilliant, I’ll go text her now” I said.

Harry – Hey xx

Camille – Hey

Harry – The lads wan to meet you tomorrow do you want to meet them after you’re done with school?

Camille – Sure I’d love to how about we go to the park down the street from my school

Harry – That sounds great

Camille – Can my friend Devin come I want to totally freak her out

Harry – Of course ;)

Camille – Well I have to go to bed; have to get up for school in the morning see you at 2:45 tomorrow bye

Harry – Night xx

I told the lads the entire plan they nodded in approval and went off to bed and so did I. Tomorrow is going to be a great day I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.


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