Younger Love

Ah young love so sweet an innocent but....this is no ordinary young love. What if i told you the girl was 13 and the boy was 18. That could complicate things. Can Harry and Camille work this out or not?


5. The Horror

Chapter 4 - Horror

Harry’s POV – *5 months later* I was sitting on my bed re-reading the texts I sent Camille. I missed her so much it was unbearable. I wanted to see those Hazel eyes with a rim of green and her long blonde hair. The next time I saw her was in 2 weeks, I just couldn’t handle not knowing she wasn’t mine at the end of each day then I would tell her  how I felt about her and ask her to be my girlfriend and I would be happy for the rest of my life.  Camille had turned 14 last week and I sent her a really nice gift I had a jeweler make a one of a kind necklace for her it was a paper airplane pendant that matched mine but he modified mine so her’s would click into mine when connected. She loved it; Devin told me she never took it off, ever. “Harry! You might want to see this.” Louis called. “Yeah, Coming!” I yelled back. I walked into the room with a look of horror, the screen said “Teenagers Camille Bent and Devin Uebersetzig gone missing last seen having pizza in Sierra Madre, California”. I was speechless, my mouth when dry. My eyes filled with tears and ran down my face. I couldn’t believe it, the girl I love and her best friend gone missing. My heart shattered. Camille is my whole world; she was my weak spot if she was hurt I was too. I ran to my room and bawled on my bed. Moments later Liam came in and comforted me and said “We called Paul and cancelled the other concerts. We’re going to fly to LA tonight and in the morning go looking for them.” I nodded unable to speak. Few minutes went by and I fell asleep and the last thing that crossed my mind was how much I loved Camille and with that I fell asleep.

Camille’s POV – I woke up with light stinging my eyes and then looked around, all I saw was what looked to be an abandoned theater. Then I remembered what happened. Devin and I were eating pizza, we finished and went to the ally for a short cut but then we both see this gas and were knocked out immediately and we woke up in the back of a van to the laughter of a familiar voice. Jordan. Jordan wanted to meet me last summer but before I could Devin stopped me and he was super pissed about it and he told us he would get us back one day. He almost raped me. The thought just made me shiver but then he dragged us by the hair into the old theater and tied us to the chairs and left us there without a word. Soon after that Devin and I fell asleep. I looked over to her and she was stirring. I kicked her hard enough to wake her up she winced “Shit I thought it was dream” she said angrily. “I guess not” I replied with a sigh. Then Jordan came into the room with a chuckle and said “I told you I would get you back one day.” Just looking at him made me shiver, he was very good looking but his personality just didn’t match. He did have a girlfriend; she was a family friend of mine. Then I remembered; she broke up with him after she found out what he almost did to me. That was the main reason why he wanted to get back at me. “What are going to do to us?” Devin asked with fear yet anger to her tone. “Well I think I would like to get that kiss that I asked for a few months ago” he said looking at me with a wicked smile. “Over my dead body!” I screamed. He just chuckled. “What, do you think your Pop Star boyfriend is going to save you?” he laughed. “He’s not my boyfriend” I mumbled to myself sadly. Just thinking that he wasn’t mine hurt and Jordan knew that. Harry was my weak spot. “Well if he isn’t then you’re mine and if he comes near me I’ll slit his throat and watch him bleed to death.” he said with a sick tone. “You’ll never lay a hand on Harry.” I spat. “Just you wait and see.” “He probably doesn’t even know you’re gone or he just doesn’t care that you’ gone.” He said as he walked over to me. He bent down to my level and tried to kiss me but I turned away so he only kissed my cheek. I was disgusted that he even touched me. He back away and slapped me right across my face. “Don’t be like baby, or you’ll get hurt.” He smirked and then left the room. “I’ll kill you, I swear!” Devin yelled as she struggled to get out of her chair but she gave up.  I finally let the tears spill over and I wept quietly. “He probably doesn’t care that im gone.” I said between sobs. “Are you crazy?! Of course he cares; Camille he’s in love with you.” I stopped sobbing. “How do you know, plus he’s a Mega Pop Star why would he want me, he can have any girl he desires.” I said with sadness knowing he would never love me the way I loved him. “I see the way he looks at you, his eyes are filled with love and desire, desire for you.” She said almost convincing me that he did love me. “But he’s 18 and im 14.” I stated. “It’s just a number Camille.” “He’ll come for us, mostly you.” She said with a smile. All I could do was smile at the thought of seeing him again. Jordan came back into the room with some popcorn and gave us it and left without a word. “I’ll bet you he poisoned it.” I spat “I wouldn’t poison it before I could do something to you.” He yelled from the other room. I just tilted my head back and sighed, I hope Harry would find me.

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