Younger Love

Ah young love so sweet an innocent but....this is no ordinary young love. What if i told you the girl was 13 and the boy was 18. That could complicate things. Can Harry and Camille work this out or not?


1. Secret Love

Camille's POV

I was sitting in class next to my best friend Devin. We were in Science class listing to Mr. Al lecture us on how bees pollenate. “How could this get any more boring,” I thought to myself. My thoughts drifted to my favorite band, One Direction. Their music helped through a lot of things.  I had my heart set on Harry Styles one of One Directions band members. He was sweet, cheeky, and just lovely but my thought was interrupted by Devin telling me “Class is over dude.” We went to lunch and talked while we ate our lunch but then I saw my crush walk across the field, Sean, he knew I liked him but he thought I was ugly and horrifying. Devin saw my expression and said “You’re too good for him, he’s not worth it.” I shook my head and looked away and thanked her. She told me that day to day it helped but it just didn’t make the thought of me being ugly going away. After lunch I went to music class the PE. PE, ugh I hated PE not because I had to exercise but it was my only class with Sean thankfully but I always had to stand a few numbers away from him. He gave me butterflies and a warm feeling that made me feel like I was about faint only he did, well with exception of Harry Styles but otherwise no one else did. PE ended and School was over so I said bye to Devin and walked home.

Harry’s POV – The boys and I landed in LA and I was so happy to feel the sun and finally walk around. We had a concert in 2 weeks but Paul flew us to LA early for some vacation and to see the city even though we’ve been here before. “Come on Harry we’ve got to go!” Louis yelled. I got up, stretched and walked into the limo that picked us up from outside. The Boys and I we’re having a laugh until Liam asked “So Haz are you going to find a special girl while we’re here?” All the lads had girls except Niall and me, but Niall had been talking to and old girl he used to hang out with before the X-factor and he seemed pretty loved up. So that just left me, I was single and every girl I fell for only wanted me for the one night stand I had occasionally had but I hadn’t had one in 6 months because I felt I’ll never meet a girl if I keep this up so I stopped but my thought was interrupted by Liam asking that same question waiting for me to answer. “Well I really hope I do.” I replied with a weary tone. “Awe Harry you’ll find girl don’t you worry.” Niall replied with a big smile. I just sighed to myself and said “I hope.” We arrived to the hotel and signed some autographs and went inside. I went up to my room put all my things away and checked my phone, 2:15pm. I remembered this little town I stumbled upon last time came here, Sierra Madre, They had a good coffee shop I liked so I told the boys I would be out for a bit and left. I went to the car we rented and drove off. I got there by 2:30 and ordered my iced coffee and waited for it. The lady that took my order gave me the coffee and walked away. I left the shop and all of a sudden a girl slammed right into me and knocked all of her books and what looked like school papers to the floors and knocked my coffee right out of my hand. “Oh my god im so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that.” She bent down and started to pick up her papers and books. Before I could help her I was mesmerized by her. She had Honey blonde hair that fell longer than her shoulders, she was about 5’3, had light pink lips, and she had on black skinny jeans on with a brown top with a decorative gold studded pocket and had brown boots on that went up past her ankle, she was breathe taking. I bent down to help her and she thanked me and I held a hand out to help her up. “Oh thanks here let me buy you a new coffee.” Her eyes gleamed right at me, Hazel with bright green rims, beautiful. “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly let you do that.” I spoke to her in a soft tone. “No, No I insist I ran into you and made you spill you coffee” She said. I love girls with American accents but the weird thing was she wasn’t screaming and she hadn’t realized who I was yet and I looked down at her wrist and saw she had a One Direction bracelet on so she was bound to recognize me. “Ok” I agreed. She came out later with another coffee and said “Here you go and sorry again” she said. “Oh it’s quite alright, what’s your name by the way” I asked. “Camille, Camille Bent” she said with a chuckle. Camille, a perfect name for a perfect girl. “Well im Harry” I said. “Well it’s very nice to meet you Harry” she said. “Why were you running?” I asked.

Camille’s POV – “Why were you running?” Harry asked. “Well I was trying not be seen by this guy, Sean….he doesn’t like me that much” I almost chocked out. “Well why not? You’re very pretty and you seem very nice and caring” Harry said as he blushed a bit. He looked so familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. He has hazelnut curly brown hair and was very tall, had emerald green eyes. He was wearing a white V-neck t-shirt with a blazer over it and had skinny jeans on with some male styled boots. He smiled and dimples appeared on his face. I had always loved dimples. He was very handsome but looked older than me like 18 or maybe 17. My thought was interrupted by Harry “So where are you off to?” he asked with a British accent. “Well I was off to my mom’s house to get dressed for my dance class” I replied. “Well I would like to get to know you better if that’s alright.” I nodded and we sat down and started to talk and ask questions. Harry was 18, he was from Cheshire, England, had an older sister Gemma; he was in LA for business with his friends and was in a band. “Camille, I want to be honest with you.” I nodded letting him to go on. “Im Harry Styles from One Direction” I knew he was familiar. I just sat there and smiled. He asked me “Well aren’t you going to scream now?” “No, I wouldn’t do that” He was about to say something but I cut him off by saying “Because you probably wouldn’t want to draw attention to yourself and im not that type of girl” He nodded and replied “Well thank you and to return the favor I think I will walk you home”

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