Younger Love

Ah young love so sweet an innocent but....this is no ordinary young love. What if i told you the girl was 13 and the boy was 18. That could complicate things. Can Harry and Camille work this out or not?


4. Introducing


Camille’s POV – I woke up and remembered yesterday and smiled. I was falling for Harry not because he was Harry Styles from One Direction; I was falling for him because he was Harry a guy from Cheshire, England who loves to sing. I got up and got dressed for school I wanted to look special for Harry so I put on a pair of black skinny jeans with a gray sweater shirt that had a music note on it and I put my black Vans on. I combed my blonde hair and let it fall to my shoulders. I put on a little golden eye shadow on and some clear lip gloss. *Hours later at PE* I was sitting in the cool shade as Devin sat next to me on the grass we just looked at the sky and made shapes with the clouds and the breeze blew my hair softly today was perfect so far but then Sean came up to us. He obviously liked Devin but he wouldn’t admit it. “Hey Devin” he said with a wink and then he looked at me and smiled. I looked away in disgust; I was over him thanks to Harry I smiled to myself at the thought of him. My thought was interrupted by a chuckle I looked up and realized Sean was still there. “I thought you like me Camille why the look?” he asked sarcastically. “Oh but she doesn’t any more you’re an awful creature and she came to her senses and now her heart is taken by someone else.” Devin spat at him. I smirked at the thought of not liking him anymore I was free of his awfulness. I had told Devin about Harry but not telling her his name or anything about him but just how we met. I wanted to surprise her with Harry and the Lads. Sean walked away with a look of….sadness? Oh well my heart was taken by Harry and that was all that mattered, but then I thought he’s 18 and a mega pop star why would he like a nobody from a small town and at the very least 13 year old. I shook the thought from head. Harry and I were going to be best friends and that’s all that mattered. I smiled at the thought and as I did the bell rang. I jumped up with joy that I was going to go see Harry. I tugged Devin along to the park and we got there 5 minutes early but he was already there. I covered Devin’s eyes as we walked over there and I let go. She was speechless, she couldn’t move an inch. While that happened I walked over to Harry and hugged him for a while and we let go and he introduced me to the lads. Finally, I swatted Devin in the back her head and she snapped out of it. She rubbed her head and I introduced her to all of them. We had a great time it was 4:45 and the guys took Devin and I home. Harry walked me up to my door and we hugged for a good few minutes and he was off he waved goodbye as I shut the door. I was over whelmed I wanted him but I knew he didn’t want me. I just wandered to the TV and watched Adventure Time for the rest of the evening.

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