Younger Love

Ah young love so sweet an innocent but....this is no ordinary young love. What if i told you the girl was 13 and the boy was 18. That could complicate things. Can Harry and Camille work this out or not?


7. Finding

 Harry POV –

I ran off the plane and to the car. The lads followed behind me and were out of breath. We drove to Sierra Madre and I hopped out before Liam turned the car off. I’ll I could think of was Camille being safe and in my arms. I thought of who could have taken her. Then I remembered, Jordan. That prick almost mentally and physically scarred Camille and he swore his revenge on her. He was the only person I could think of that would want to hurt Camille. I told the boys and they agreed that he was the one who took her. “So where do we start looking?” Niall asked. “Well they couldn’t have gone far so they might still be in town.” I stated. We split up into groups Niall and Liam, Louis and Zayn and I would look on my own. With that we split up and started looking for her. I hope she’s ok.

Liam’s POV –

Niall and I looked for her at her school, nothing. We looked at her studio, still nothing. I was beginning to worry that we wouldn’t find her but then I found her One Direction bracelet on the ground in the back of the ally. This must have been where Camille and Devin had been kidnapped. I pulled out my phone and dialed Harry and told him. He told me to keep looking for clues and I hung up. I looked for more clues. I stumbled upon a gas tank; Knock-out gas I thought. That’s how that little prick got them.

Hey guys! I'm so sorry i'm such a horrible person i didn't update when i said would. My step mom shoved all of this studying in my face and i had mid-term i got an A! yay. so i'm going to double update hows that sound?

Love guys to the moon and stars

xx Canolie

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