Eliana's life is going perfectly. She has perfect grades, a great scholarship to the best law school there is, and a perfect boyfriend. Her plan was to marry him, become a lawyer, and live a happy life with him. That is until it all goes wrong. Her loving parents were killed in a car crash while driving to her graduation ceremony and her boyfriend breaks up with her. As she was about to jump off a bridge, a certain Liam stops her. Has Eliana finally found her happy ending with Liam? Or will she find her happy ending with Niall? Find out in Saved.


6. Please read!!!!!

    So I don't really want to put any of the boys actual girlfriends (Danielle, Perri,Eleanor) so please put your name, discription, and the guy in the comments if you wanna be in the story and possibly Eliana's BFF (no offense to 1D's actual gfs)!!!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!! :) :) :) <3 <3 

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