Eliana's life is going perfectly. She has perfect grades, a great scholarship to the best law school there is, and a perfect boyfriend. Her plan was to marry him, become a lawyer, and live a happy life with him. That is until it all goes wrong. Her loving parents were killed in a car crash while driving to her graduation ceremony and her boyfriend breaks up with her. As she was about to jump off a bridge, a certain Liam stops her. Has Eliana finally found her happy ending with Liam? Or will she find her happy ending with Niall? Find out in Saved.


5. Chapter 5

****|Liam's POV|****
         I don't know what happened. One second, were talking, and the next second, I am right next to her holding her tight. Which reminds me, I haven't even asked for her name.
       She looked up at me and I can see her beautiful aquamarine eyes. They were wide with fear. I had a strong urge to kiss her, but I restrained myself.
        "Any chance I can know your name?" I asked her. She nodded and I raised an eyebrow expectantly.
        "E-Eliana L-Lopez." She stuttered. Hmmm, Eliana was quite a beautiful name, just like the one who has it. 
        "My name is Liam Payne," I told her," And you are also coming to my hotel with me." Then I heard how wrong that sounded.
"NOT IN THAT WAY!!!!" I said quickly, she just laughed and nodded.
        "Am I going to meet the rest of your band?" She asked, surprising me.
        "Yes you are." I smiled.
****|Eliana's POV|****
        He smiled at me and my heart stopped. 
        "Ummm… can you let go of me?" I asked awkwardly. He blushed, nodded, and let go of me. Then I remembered Haven! She is probably freaking out! I got my phone and called her. She answered on the first ring.
        "Where the hell are you?! You made me feel and act like a freaken schmuck walking into the hospital aski-" I cut her off.
         "Calm down Haven! I am at Ballard Bridge long story by the way, and I need you to come here to pick up my car." I said quickly. "Okay, but where are you going without a car?" She asked. Liam must have been listening because he took my phone and started talking to her and explaining everything. He hung up and filled me in.
        "You are coming with me and you are going to sleep over, and then your friend is coming to get your car and leave it at her place." He said. I nodded to show that I understood, and we waited for Haven to show up."Why were you about to jump off the bridge?" Liam suprised me by asking. I wasn't sure that I should even tell him yet, but I  did anyway.
        "Well, my parents just died in a car crash, and my boyfriend broke up with me, so I'm not ready to date any time soon, and I am an only child, so I have no one to talk to about this." I decided to say. He looked deep in thought. He was about to say something when he saw Haven walking towards us. She looked really mad. I put on a sheepish smile.
       "I'm not even going to say anything, just give me your keys and we'll talk tomorrow." She said to me with a grin and a wave to Liam. I obeideiently gave her my car keys. She then drove off without a word.
       "Is she mad?" Liam asked. 
       "She is so mad, that a charging rhino would cower in fear." I said, while earning a laugh from Liam.
       "Come on, let's get in the car to go to the hotel room." He suggested. I nodded and climbed into his car. I have to say, for someone that makes million of dollars every year, this car seemed almost normal. Just a regular Honda, nothing too extravagant. As we were driving, my favorite song came on the radio.
             "You, with your words like knives and swords and weapons that you used against me,
               Have knocked me off my feet again, got me feeling like I'm nothing."
      I didn't realize that I was singing until Liam stared at me so I had to ask, "What?" He just shook his head, then I realized that I had been singing.
      "Am I really that horrible?" I asked Liam.
       "No, you sang really great, that's why I was staring." He said.

****|Liam's POV|****
      When I was staring at her, it was for 2 reasons, one: she sang like an angel, and two: she looked like she really meant it when she sang. Strange.
        "When you were singing mean, it looked like you meant it, why is that?" I asked Eliana. She hesitated, but then decided to give me an answer. 
        "In high school, I was bullied by this clique of girls. So bad that I tried to kill myself." She said.
       "Why would they do that?" I asked her.
       "Because I was one of the most fattest people in school back then." She smiled weakly. I looked at her tiny form confusedly.She saw me looking.
       "I became anorexic and lost a lot of weight. But don't worry, I'm not still anorexic." She reassured me. I sighed in relief. My sister, Ruth, had anorexia and I knew how bad it can get. We were close to the hotel, so I ended the conversation. 
        We finally turned the last corner to the hotel. I really liked Eliana, but as she said, she wasn't ready to date any time soon. But one of these days, she was going to be my girlfriend, and hopefully, wife.

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