Eliana's life is going perfectly. She has perfect grades, a great scholarship to the best law school there is, and a perfect boyfriend. Her plan was to marry him, become a lawyer, and live a happy life with him. That is until it all goes wrong. Her loving parents were killed in a car crash while driving to her graduation ceremony and her boyfriend breaks up with her. As she was about to jump off a bridge, a certain Liam stops her. Has Eliana finally found her happy ending with Liam? Or will she find her happy ending with Niall? Find out in Saved.


4. Chapter 4

          After a while of crying, a thought occurred to me. Why not just kill myself and save myself all the future pain and sadness. It's not really like I have anyone to miss me, except for Haven, but she will move on. I got my keys, but I didn't go into my car. I sat down on the bench outside the hospital. I tryed to remember all the happy times me and my parents had. I couldn't. I felt another tear fall down.

        "Excuse me but you look upset, care to explain?" A guy with a thick Irish accent asked. He looked around my age so I didn't freak out. He had blond hair and adorable blue eyes.

        "I kinda like to know the name of the person before I tell them my life story." I said. Something about him seemed familiar. I couldn't put my finger on it. 

        "Sorry. My name is Niall Horan." He said. That explains it, he was part of the boyband One Direction. 

        "Well, my name is Eliana Lopez, what brings you to this hospital?" I asked.

        "I don't really know to tell you the truth, I just started walking and ended up here." He said.

        "It was nice meeting you, but I have a couple things to do." I said. I mean, I'm not going to tell a random stranger that I'm going to commit suicide. Before I left he gave me his number. It's not like I'm going to use it, so I let him put his name on one of my contacts. I got into the car and drove away.


****|Niall's POV|****

         She was beautiful. Eliana Lopez was her name, but ( even though I just met her) I wanted her name to become Eliana Horan. I wasn't going to give up until she is mine.


****|Eliana's POV|****

       As I neared Ballard Bridge, thought about Niall. He was a nice boy, I hope that he didn't get his mind set on me as a girlfriend, since I was about to jump off a bridge. When I got there, I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that nobody was on the bridge. Good, I wanted this to be fast and drama free.


****|Liam's POV|****

        The boys and me were in Seattle for a while because we were on tour. Paul let us go sight seeing, as long as we were back safely. A voice in the back of my head told me to go to Ballard Bridge. I asked Paul if I could go by myself and he agreed. As I headed there, I noticed that there weren't that many people headed to there, that seemed a bit strange, but I didn't think muck about it.

        When I got there, I saw a absolutely beautiful girl standing near the edge. What did she think she was doing? Then it hit me: she was going to jump off and kill herself. I stopped the car and got out. She looked at me in annoyance. I got closer so that I could talk and she can hear me. 

        "What in the bloody hell do you think your doing?!" I asked her. 


****|Eliana's POV|****

          I heard a car get close, then stop. Then I heard a car door close. I looked at the person in annoyance. What did he think he was doing?

         "What in the bloody hell do you think your doing?!" He asked. He was close enought so that I can see him properly. I noticed that he had a British accent and a buzz cut. He was really handsome.

         "What does it look like?!" I asked him. He took another step towards me.

         "Well, it looks like a beautiful girl is about to jump off a bridge." He said.

         "You passed you eye test! Now let's test your hearing skills. Go away!" I said sarcastically. But instead of going away, he took a step closer to me. I took a step closer to the edge.

         "Sorry, I can't do that." He said simply. 

         "Yes you can, and you will!" I said forcefully. He just shook his head and got closer to the edge. What the hell did he think he was doing?!

         "If you jump, I jump in after you." Now he was just being crazy. Something about him though, seemed familiar. He took a step closer to me. Then I remembered. He was in the same boyband that Niall was in. I took an accidental step back, but I found my arms windmilling for my life. Then, I just stopped fighting, and felt myself fall.


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