Eliana's life is going perfectly. She has perfect grades, a great scholarship to the best law school there is, and a perfect boyfriend. Her plan was to marry him, become a lawyer, and live a happy life with him. That is until it all goes wrong. Her loving parents were killed in a car crash while driving to her graduation ceremony and her boyfriend breaks up with her. As she was about to jump off a bridge, a certain Liam stops her. Has Eliana finally found her happy ending with Liam? Or will she find her happy ending with Niall? Find out in Saved.


3. Chapter 3

         As we neared the hospital, the fact that my parents might die finally started to sink in. Without my parents, the future I always dreamed of seemed to disappear. A single tear feel down my cheek and then it turned to more until I could bearly see see the road. Haven noticed right away.

       "Eliana, I'm going to take the wheel so please pull over." She said worriedly. I didn't feel like arguing so I pulled over and let her take the wheel. Now I was free to think about everything. I couldn't help but think that all of this was my fault. It was my graduation that they were driving to! I mean- 

        My thoughts were interrupted by my phone buzzing. I looked at the caller I.D and saw that it was Osvaldo. Osvaldo was my perfect boyfriend. He was also the man that I wanted to marry someday. I picked up.

       "Hey Osvaldo, what's up?" I said, trying to keep my voice under control.

       "Hey babe, I really have to tell you something." He said. I really didn't want any drama right now!

       "Can this wait. Please, I am having a really bad time!" I told him.

       "This can't really wait, I'll say it as fast as possible then." He said to me. I sighed in defeat. "Well, I think that it's better if we break up right now because I'm not really sure about the long distance relationship thing. I'm just saving you from future heartbreak." He said very fast. I couldn't believe my ears. I hung up, I didn't think I can take anymore of this day.

       "Who was it?" Haven asked. I didn't think that I wanted to tell her just yet, but it was impossible to lie to her, it was like trying to lie to my own mother. 

       "Osvaldo." I said as my voice cracked. She totally noticed it.

       "What did he say?" She said with her eyes on the road.

       "He broke up with me!" I wailed. Can this day get any worse?! 

        We finally arrived in the hospital and Haven gave me a look that said "We'll talk later". We walked inside and I asked the receptionist what room my parents were in.

        "They are still in surgery." She said sweetly. I nodded and sat down. My mind went to dark places. As I was about to lose my mind, a doctor that I assumed was Dr. Grey, walked in. Her face was expressionless. 

        "Is there an Eliana Lopez here?" She called. I stood up and walked to her. I saw pity on her face but it was gone so fast that I wasn't even sure I saw it. Haven was right next to me.

        "I'll be at the mall if you need me." She said. I nodded and she walked off towards the mall, since the mall was walking distance from the mall. I looked at Dr. Grey uncertainly. She motioned towards a chair and I sat down.

        "I'm so sorry," she started," But your parents had too many injures and couldn't survive the crash." She said gently. No, no she was lying! My parents are going to walk through those doors and hug me, congratulate me. I shook my head and my eyes welled up in tears,

        "I'll leave you alone." Dr. Grey said. I just sat there with my face in my hands. I was wrong, this day went impossibly worse from that phone call in the car.



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