The Never Ending Story

Dawn is a young teenage girl who meets pop star Cody Simpson at a Party. She is a bit unsure about him at first but they really start to take an interest in each other. However I am not quite sure if everyone is a fan. There may be some problems with their relationship. But will that stop them?


1. That Party

 It was a late summer night and I had just gotten out of school. For the day not for the summer unfortunately. But I was in the car with my friends Nicole and Ivy. We were on our way to this party everyone has been talking about since 6th grade. You had to be a senior to go though so we obviously waited a long time. We finally got to the place, nothing really happened in the car. Ivy and Nicole just babbled on about the boys they liked and how they couldn’t wait to see them at the party. I didn’t really take an interest in boys. Well at least not after my last abusive relationship. All boys are the same to me, heartless, dirty, douche bags.
 We walked in the party which wrecked of alchole and sweat. It was a very nice place don’t get me wrong but I am the goody goody of the school who doesn’t drink or have sex with every boy in school. I just worked hard at school. Nicole and Ivy found their little man candy and were off in a heartbeat leaving me at the snake table.
 “Well at least some of us are having fun.” I mumbled to myself.
 I stayed for about 5 more minutes until I decided that I shouldn’t be here. Just as I was walking to the door I heard footsteps behind me and then I felt a cold strong hand grab me by my arm. He whipped me around and kissed me forcefully on the lips. He was tall, with dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes but wrecked of alcohol.
 “We are going to have so much fun.” He whispered in my ear.
 I tryed to get away but his grip was just to strong and I let out a whimper of pain. Then he dragged me up the stair and into this bedroom and threw me on the bed like I was some piece of trash. I let out a loud scream hoping someone would hear me, but before I could scream any more he was on top of me kissing me to get me to shut up. He then slowly started to take of my shirt and pants along with his. I kept trying to escape but I couldn’t I kicked and tryed to push him away but it was no use.
 “Why do you have to be like that babe?” he asked me as if I actually knew him.
Just as I was about to respond the door busted open. He was a boy about my age, with sun blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. He looked very fimilar but I couldn’t think of the name.
 “Let her go!” little blondie said as he walked up to him and dragged him off of me with his mucsels.
 “Oh I see so you want her all to yourself? Eh?”
 “Just leave I don’t want any trouble.”
 ”Ha like you would even do anything. But whatever you can have her she wasn’t any good anyway.”
Right when he left the room that is when the name clicked. It was Cody Simpson!
~Let me know what you think :) This is my first time ever writing these so hopefully I get better. Anyway in the next chapter you shall find out this mystery girls name. And what do you think will become of her and Cody? Do you think mr mean man will be back?????? ohhhhhhhhhhhh the suspision!~


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