Never thought this would happen (Larry Stylinson fanfic)

Harry is deeply in love with Louis but Harry is too scared too tell Louis.So Harry tries his best too write a good enough song too make Louis like him.


5. 5

Harry P.O.V:

Me and Louis were going on a date too the beach and the movies! I couldn't possibly wait any longer! I put on some jeans and a button up shirt with a little bow tie,just too be casual.Than I rushed in Louis's room too see him with his red pants and a striped shirt.My favorite outfit! Than we went in the car and left.

Louis P.O.V:

It was 6:00 and we were going too the movie's.

"What are we going too watch"?I asked him as he kept his eyes on the road.

"A scary movie,maybe SAW or Chuckie".

I had chills down my spine but I felt better when I remembered that Harry was going too be there.I looked up and saw that we were parked in the parking lot! He rushed out and opened my car door.

"What a gentleman you are",I said as I got out.

He grinned and had his arm around my back as we walked in.No fans were there.Only little kids like 2-5 year old's so it was easy.Than we got are food and went too see Saw.I was terrified and I couldn't even look at the screen but Harry was there snuggling with me as we ate are large popcorn.When the movie was over I walked out a little weak in the knees but finally got up a little and could actually walk.We headed over too the beach when it was about 8:30 and we could actually lay under the stars.We  didn't have are bathing suits so we just laid on the dry soft sand and we snuggled under the stars.

We left and he opened my car but than as I was heading in he grabbed my shoulder and spun me around.He kissed my lips as my arms wrapped around him and I pulled away too catch my breath.I blushed and I got in the car.We drove.

"That was a nice date and a nice kiss"!I said,laughing.

"You know I always kiss the person on the first date",He nudged my shoulder and I started too laugh.I kissed his cheek.


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