Never thought this would happen (Larry Stylinson fanfic)

Harry is deeply in love with Louis but Harry is too scared too tell Louis.So Harry tries his best too write a good enough song too make Louis like him.


4. 4

Louis P.O.V:

I woke up and looked at my phone.Only 8:00.I felt my head pounding than started too remember last night.I turned too see Harry sleeping so I kissed his cheek as he smiled.I walked out and had too tell the other guy's!I walked up too all of them watching t.v.

I turned it off.

"What are you doing",Liam asked with his serious face.

I told them everything and they gasped.Than we saw Harry walk in!

"What happened"He asked as he scratched his head.

"You guys were having fun"Niall said,smiling.

Harry looked at me and I started too blush.He knew I told them.He walked in the kitchen too make some egg's and toast.I followed behind him and started too get the plates and drinks out.When we were finally done we went back in the living room too watch a movie.Toy story 2.Liam's idea.Me and Harry snuggled as the mates looked at us and started too smile and look back at the t.v.When the movie was over me and Harry were going on are first date!It was going too be at the beach and than the movie theaters!

I hope it goes well!

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